Summer Sunsets

Summer Sunsets In October Breezes Devin Abbott almost lost the one person who mattered most Skye Williams Following a rape and an abortion she d never counted on she d believed suicide the only answer yet Devin s

  • Title: Summer Sunsets
  • Author: Maria Rachel Hooley
  • ISBN: 2940011963971
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Nook
  • In October Breezes, Devin Abbott almost lost the one person who mattered most Skye Williams Following a rape and an abortion she d never counted on, she d believed suicide the only answer, yet Devin saved her, leaving them both struggling to make sense of a future that included Skye and Devin separating for college Sometimes, however, the past refuses to leave.After collIn October Breezes, Devin Abbott almost lost the one person who mattered most Skye Williams Following a rape and an abortion she d never counted on, she d believed suicide the only answer, yet Devin saved her, leaving them both struggling to make sense of a future that included Skye and Devin separating for college Sometimes, however, the past refuses to leave.After college, the two return home to face fears time has only deepened For Devin, that fear comes in the form of living without Skye, the one woman he s always loved Skye yet feels the tremors of her abortion tremors which have convinced her she s unlovable Time and again, she rejects him, leaving them both hurt, but inasmuch as Skye cannot see beyond her choice and Devin cannot shake his fear, neither anticipates how the past will shape them and how much power love yet has.

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  • I loved it!! It was perfect for the end of this history.It gave the ending Skye deserves and I loved how it was in Devin’s point of view. Great way to see what’s inside his head. Sometimes I screaming to the book cause I was getting annoyed with how Skye was acting.I totally love Devin and his capacity to love Skye despite all the things she did to push him away.

  • oook can anyone please tell me were the guys like Devin are? He is such a cutie! But, even though, I liked the closure given to the first one and is a happy one indeed does not make any better the leisure of trying to care about SkyeOH MY GOD, woman! Yeah, we know you've been trough enough but come on! Poor Devin pouring his soul out and you just give him a you that is not even a pretty version of yourself? It was so difficult to accept that at the end she was the one and only that would make De [...]

  • I'm such a sucker for happy endings! I don't want to give anything away so I'll keep this as spoiler free as possible. This was the sequel to October Breezes and it was told from Devin's point of view. I loved that we got to be inside his head this time and we got to see Skye from a different perspective as well. Devin was such a well written character and he was so protective and loyal to Skye it made me love him that much more. His fierce love and devotion to Skye really made a difference in h [...]

  • Las segundas partes nunca fueron buenas y esta no es la excepción, para haceros un poco a la idea podéis leer la reseña del primer libro aquí.Después de todo lo sucedido en el primer libro, Skye y Devin se reúnen en su pueblo después de terminar la universidad.Devin sigue enamorado de Skye e intenta por todos los medios que ella confié en él para así tener la oportunidad de pedirle matrimonio. A pesar de todos sus esfuerzos, cuando parece que ella comienza a confiar en él y las cosas [...]

  • El primero me hizo sufrir tanto que no supe si leer el segundo, obviamente a esta autora le gusta hacer sufrir a sus personajes, mucho drama, muchas lágrimas, mucha emoción, no sé si estime mucho a la protagonista, Skye, pero Devin merece un premio, es un amor y nunca deja de serlo

  • So I did like this book. I thought it gave Skye the ending she deserves and I loved how it was in Devin's point of view. It definitely put things in a whole new perspective, which may have hurt Skye's character a little.I found her to be annoying throughout the entire book. It's been 5 years since the first book so one would assume that she had somewhat healed from what happened. Well, time and college did nothing to help her, apparently. She still acted like the same broken teenager from the fi [...]

  • I want to smack Skye over her stupid head! I am really angry and disappointed with Summer Sunsets. You would think 5 years after the rape,abortion and suicide attempt her she would somehow move on and forget it ever happened-but NOOO,she kept acting weird(till last 3 chapters). Th only good thing about this book is Devin. He is such a great guy. And he is the only reason Summer Sunsets gets 2 stars rating rather than 1.

  • 6'9/10¡Que preciosidad!Os invito a leer mi reseña de esta joyita tan conmovedora, y que tiene un protagonista del que resulta imposible no enamorarse: DEVIN (LL)yuamoraprimeravista

  • All right! Well, I finished the second book in the October Breezes series and can't say I was disappointed, but that was because I wasn't expecting much. The first book was so good it didn't really require a sequel, and I'm probably being generous with a 3.0 rating. Even though I still loved the story, I felt it took a turn for the worse as characters that I hoped to see grow and develop stayed the same and just ended up looking pathetic. I'm so sorry to say that because I love Skye and Devin! B [...]

  • There is a measure of safety in blindness, but you can’t find happiness in safety, no matter how much you want to.Appena chiuso “October breezes” e scoperto che esisteva un sequel pubblicato all’inizio di quest’anno, mi sono detta che dovevo procurarmelo e leggerlo immediatamente. Detto fatto. E mi sono letteralmente innamorata di “Summer sunsets”. Stupendo. E soprattutto ho adorato la copertina semplicemente favolosa. Quel ragazzo è meraviglioso. XDSono passati cinque anni dalla [...]

  • I absolutely love this series the main care is "she has a mother who is always on the verge of them nervous breakdown and she has a thing for her birthday brother's best friend this is a lighthearted and funny cute chick flick both the first and second

  • Link: holedupinabook/2This series was one of those where I have extremely mixed feelings about. Mainly because I found the books to be pretty much a pity party for Skye and extremely desperate from Devin yet at the same time, somewhat romantic because of the sheer amount of patience that Devin exuded. If it wasn’t for that, I would have given up this book a long time ago.The first thing that irked me about the book was Skye because she was so oblivious to everything around her and somehow guys [...]

  • it was such a pretty book considering it being from Devin's point of view this time :)Summer Sunsets by Maria Rachel Hooley is the sequel to October Breeze and is set 5 years after the events that happened in the first book .Skye and Devin had parted ways to go to college and now they're back to the same old town where they faced things which literally rocked their world upside down .Skye has still not been able to cope up with the past . the rape and Abortion had smashed her soul and things hav [...]

  • Click here to read more YA book reviews at READING, EATING AND DREAMINGOctober Breezes was the BOMB (Pun intended). Summer Sunsets is the AFTERMATH.Summer Sunets, the sequel to October Breezes by Maria Rachel Hooley, continues the story of Skye Williams and Devin Abbott. This story, told in Devin’s perspective, picks up years later after Skye and Devin have graduated from separate colleges. In October Breezes Skye battles through many life-altering obstacles, almost losing herself in the proce [...]

  • This book was only slightly better than the first book. It's set about 7 years after Skye was raped, had an abortion and then attempted suicide.I definitely preferred Devin's POV to Skye's.But, that said, Skye is still too self involved for my liking. She's still so defensive that she is unlikable. Never once does is occur to her to address the stress Devin faced after he found her following her suicide attempt. The focus is still all about protecting Skye and that's not realistic. Despite the t [...]

  • This book was not as good as the first one. Don't get me wrong, I still sat down and devoured it and pretty much loved every single second of it. However, there were some things that bothered me about it that just made it not quite as good as the first one. I really enjoyed that it was told from Devin's perspective rather than Skye's. The few issues (and they are really minor) were that some of the book seemed not realistic. There were some phrases that Devin said that in today's world, a 23 or [...]

  • ~ 3 stars ~I really enjoyed this book and it was the perfect ending for Skye and Devin. I love how Devin relentlessly pursues Skye to make her understand his love for her. He won't give up and I love that's he's always trying and is always there for her when she pushed him away time and time again.In this final book of the series, we can really see how Skye is trying to work through all of her problems but is terrified to act on her feelings for Devin as she feels like she's damaged goods and sh [...]

  • wow. i couldn't put this book down. even those the grammatical errors got me again but besides that it was great reading a book in a guys POV. great way to see what's inside his head. sometimes i was just screaming to the book cause i was getting annoyed with how Skye was acting like everyone is out to get her while all Devin wanted to do is love her and spend his life with her. i really wished the whole time they were in high school he professed his love to her and i kind of wanted Kellin to be [...]

  • So, I'm not entirely sure how I felt about this one. It definitely had a bit of the same preachy feel the first book did. And while I did like finding out how things worked out for Devin and Skye, I kind of felt like this book wasn't completely necessary either. It felt like even though there was a lot that happened, nothing actually really happened (does that make sense?).(view spoiler)[I think one of my big problems is how easily Skye and Devin's problems seemed to be all ok once Skye got preg [...]

  • Summer sunsets is told five years after October Breezes and is told in Devin's P.O.V which I loved as hearing a story told my a boy was a nice change from what i normaly read. Devin and Skye are still trying to come to terms with all that happened five years ago and how they have both changed. Devin is still totaly in love with Skye even tho she dosen't think she deserve's his love because of the choices she made in Octomber Breezes I loved how he still waited for Skye to love him even tho she k [...]

  • Ok i had so much time this book for read and I accept that I read because I love the first one "October Breezes" and yeah the first one was more interesting this is the related for Devin and well I always reads books when who talk is the girl I guess that is a bad habit for me. Anyway i had to read this book and well I like it but was a litlle bured for me because was the same and the same I mean Devin want be to Skye and she isn't because She's scare and I understand her totally because all to [...]

  • I loved this book!!!! it was perfect for the end of this history, i cried with them, they overcame all the problems, Devin is a really good guy, his love is loyal and impossible to find in our present, the most interesting of the book is that is from Devin´s perspective, he tells us his part of the history. All the book is really touching, Skye is a really hurted person and she thinks that don't deserves be happy, but Devin it's always there for her, he is the only one that can save her from he [...]

  • Okayy there's pretty much lots of reasons why i didn't exceptionally love this book. I was so excited to read it. But all seem to do to me is resent Skye. Its like she didn't really give much on the book. It was all Devin. I know is from Devin's pov but hello? i little bit from Skye wouldn't hurt. It was all about how Devin knows everything about Skye. Its like before Skye breathes, Devin knows it already at first it was okay because he kinda sounded sweet, but no way in hell did i expect that u [...]

  • refreshing book! 5 stars!!i really loved the struggles devin had to encounter before skye destroys her wall completely well not actually destroy you get the point. ;) in the end, this book would be highly recommended for coming of age and other teenagers who have , might have, already have experienced this kind of encounter. either way, i salute all of you out there. :) as for ma'am hooley, her exceptional skills in expressing a POV of a person who has clearly been through a lot in the first boo [...]

  • I was so excited when I reached the end of October Breezes and saw that it had a sequel. I think this book would have done better alternating Devin and Skye's perspectives because Skye is a much more complex character than Devin is and it was a little limiting not knowing what was going on in her head. It was also frustrating because she'd do something and there wouldn't be that incite into her head we had in the first book. In the first book I was dying for a look into Devin's head because I co [...]

  • I was impressed at how well Maria captured the male perspective. I know not all males would make the decisions or behave as Devin was portrayed, but I know there were many times while reading this book that I reflected on my youth. I could identify with Devin's desperation and frustration. There were times that I wanted to reach into the book and smack him in the head, and there were times where I wanted to smack Skye as well. Decisions made in emotional times are seldom the best, and I think th [...]

  • Primero que nadael cover book es HERMOSO. Realmente puedo ver a Devin y Skyey Devin besandole la frente como lo hizo en todo el libro. *sigh*Me gusto mucho. No fue tan bueno como el primero, aunque sinceramente,para mi, no era necesario una sequel, pero de todas maneras me engancho, ame, devore. Y al ser de Devin mucho mas.El pov de Devin era algo que queria desde el libro anterior y aca esta y prueba que es THE PERFECT GUY.Donde hay mas chicos como el? Necesito urgente. lol3 stars.

  • I would recommend this to anyone that has read October Breezes. This book takes place many years after (Devin & Skye are just out of college). I liked this book mainly as a follow-up to the first book. If you enjoyed October Breezes, you will like this book.Again, Skye did a bit to irritate me again. I think Devin is a saint, and way too perfect. I can't tell you know many times I sighed in aggravation at Skye. The end gave me closure and I hope that they finally have their happy ever after. [...]

  • A nice conclusion to the previous book. I enjoyed that this one is told from Devin's point of view and I love the flashbacks to the previous book from his POV.I felt the characters were better developed in this story, more believable than the prior. The only issue I had is sometimes they did not talk like "young adults" which can be something an adult author can struggle with when writing younger characters. It wasn't often or totally off putting, but I definitely stopped on occasion and thought [...]

  • I LOVED IT!!!!I went straight on to this after reading October breezes and just WOW!!It was good!I have to say since ive never been in the situation i dont know how i would dealSo i cant make assumptions about Skye taking so long and to accept that she could be lovedI ABSOLUATELY LOVED Devin!!!.I WANT a Devin!!It was a Great ending and seemed to give Closure to not just the characters but the reader as well!!This is not a stand alone book so PlZ read October Breezes Before reading this understan [...]

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