No Justice

No Justice How far would you go to right a wrong For Michael Sykora killing started as blind rage Then it became something he s good at To most of those who know him Michael is a software designer a smart but

  • Title: No Justice
  • Author: Darcia Helle
  • ISBN: 2940011899799
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Nook
  • How far would you go to right a wrong For Michael Sykora, killing started as blind rage Then it became something he s good at To most of those who know him, Michael is a software designer, a smart but average guy with a workaholic nature To a chosen few, Michael is a part time hit man whose specialty is eliminating hard core criminals Michael has managed to keep his tHow far would you go to right a wrong For Michael Sykora, killing started as blind rage Then it became something he s good at To most of those who know him, Michael is a software designer, a smart but average guy with a workaholic nature To a chosen few, Michael is a part time hit man whose specialty is eliminating hard core criminals Michael has managed to keep his two personas separate Until now When Nicki, a close friend, gets into trouble, Michael steps in to help Having lost his fiance to a brutal crime, Michael will do whatever necessary to keep from losing another woman in his life

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    I write because the characters trespassing through my mind leave me no alternative.Words are my addiction I love to read fiction, nonfiction, cereal boxes, ingredient labels If it has words, I ll read it I am originally from Massachusetts and now live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida My husband and I live in a home ruled by 3 spoiled dogs, 1 dictator cat, and an occasional dust bunny As well as finding me here, you can also find me on my website and My Blog QuietFuryBooksFacebook personal page facebook darcia.helleFacebook Author Page facebook QuietFuryBooksTwitter twitter darciahelle


  • Leaving Las Vegas Meets DexterIn No Justice, Darcia Helle creates a gritty world reminiscent of the movie Leaving Las Vegas. Instead of alcoholic Nicholas Cage turning to prostitute Elizabeth Shue for solace, this time it’s hit man Michael Sykora falling for prostitute Nicki. Similar to the TV show Dexter, Michael kills bad men — like the one who murdered his wife.From the first line…Let him laugh. One more hour and he’d be dead.…it’s clear a dark ride awaits. Somehow Darcia manages [...]

  • Would you take justice into your own hands to protect those you love? Would you kill to save them?In No Justice, software designer, Michael Sykora, does just that. Known only to a few, he’s also a killer for hire, a part-time hit man who takes scum off the streets. Driven by his own tragedy, Sykora steps in where the justice system fails.The pace is quick, the characters believable. Sykora wastes no time eliminating his targets. His love for his friends and his concern for the vulnerable is cl [...]

  • No JusticeBefore I read this novel, featuring hit man, Michael Sykora, as the main character, I had only read a few of Darcia Helle’s short stories. I had immediately “taken to” her style of writing and imaginative storylines, but wondered how this would translate to a longer work. Well, let me say, immediately, that No Justice: A Michael Sykora Novel, the first in a series, did not disappoint in the slightest!Michael Sykora, a software designer to most people, is in fact a hit man…but o [...]

  • "No variety"I imagine the main drawback with being a hit man is the similarity of method used. The police might term this a 'signature'. Early in this book, Michael Sykora explains that he used a knife once, but found it too messy. From then on it was a bullet or two to the head. And there you have it. The story features a series of contract killings, all using the same violent method, linked together with random conversations with friends and work colleagues. It was clear what the end game was [...]

  • I believe that this novel is between 4 & 5 stars so I rate it 4 1/2 stars.Michael Sykora felt that he had lost everything when his Christina was raped and strangled. The killer was a steroid abuser with a history of sexual assaults. Michael needed closure so after his associate, Sean, found the murderer, Michael killed him and began a new career of a part time hit man persuing those who take advantage of the weaker public.After dealing with a rapist Michael got a call from an old friend, Nic [...]

  • I'm already a big fan of Darcia Helle's writing. I've read most of her stand alone novels, and short stories. I've been wanting to read this series of books for ages. I finally found a bit of time and am so glad I did! This is a fast-paced action packed thriller that is so well written you feel as if you know all the characters and that they're real people. I actually read the fourth book in the series before this one as I was lucky enough to receive a pre-publication copy, and I have to say, th [...]

  • Michael Skyora, a software designer, only wanted revenge on the man that took his precious Christine from him, and meeting Sean started him on his side business that not even his friend Issac, a police officer, knew about. He was in a bad place, hurting for the love of his life when he met a prostitute named Nikki. Nikki gave him what he needed at the time in their no-stings affair, but he couldn't get Christine out of his mind and he eased away from Nikki only months later she called and asked [...]

  • I really didn't know what to expect when I first started reading "No Justice." Author Darcia Helle does a fascinating job in writing and presenting an intense story of a software designer by day and a professional killer for hire at night.Michael Sykora is known as the Ghost and is a part-time hit man whose specialty is eliminating hard-core criminals, pedophiles, rapist, drug dealers, and murders.The story captures the reader's attention and is able to envision every scene as if you were with t [...]

  • No Justiceby Darcia HelleReview by Joe PrentisAs a longtime fan of suspense novels, I have become increasingly disappointed with this genre over the last few years. In many recent books, the authors have tried to dazzling us with the latest electronic gadgets at the expense of the story. It is refreshing to find an author like Darcia Helle who understands what it takes to hold everyone’s attention, while the plot sweeps us along to a logical and satisfying conclusion.This book gets off to a go [...]

  • I kept thinking that I could not decide between 4 or 5 stars review for the book. Finally, I decided on 5 stars, because the only ones better would have been the absolute masters of the mystery like Agatha Christie, early Robert B. Parker, M.Connoly and etc. "No Justice" brings to life a complicated character who is a software designer by day and a killer for hire at night. Only he does not kill everyone, he gets rid of the worst criminals justice system seems to overlook or punish with a slap o [...]

  • REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; JANUARY 24, 2017Narrator: Eric MedlerThis was nothing like I expected it to be. Instead of a serious story with a tortured or, at least, a complex protagonist, I got saddled with a Disney version of a hitman, a vigilante with the heart of goldanied by his prostitute-with-a-heart-of-gold love interest. I could not find a bookful of more cliched characters.The plot, if there was one, is very straightforward. No thinking required. Michael accepts contract killings if the target [...]

  • No Justice (Darcia Helle). Fantastic read.Michael Sykora is an average guy. He has his own software design business and a beautiful home. But he is not what everyone thinks he is. He is emotionally scarred by the brutal death of his girlfriend, and desires vengeance and justice. Not many know that he is also a hit-man, taking out the pestilence of society, rapists, pedophiles and perverts, he is known as The Ghost.When his close friend Nicki, ex prostitute, now social worker calls him in dire ne [...]

  • Imagine that a good friend of yours wrote her first novel and asked you to read it. You read it, and while it's nothing like a novel written by a professional, it's way better than what you could write. That's this book. I'm honestly shocked by the rating that this book has. I suspect that it's been swayed by friends of the author or that the premise of the novel struck a chord with women who have had a bad experience with a man.The characters are a bit shallow and stupid, and occasionally painf [...]

  • Darcia Helle has done it again by creating A Michael Sykora Novel that I could not put down.Michael Sykora ia a software engineer by day, and a hit-man by night. He gets rid of the worst criminals the justice system seems to overlook.When his close friend Nicki, ex prostitute, now social worker calls him in need, Michael is there for her. Nicki gets into a situation, more than she has bargained for and Michael is the only one who can help. Soon it becomes a race for time, as Nicki's life is thre [...]

  • No Justice is an action-packed thriller with excellent pacing. Michael Sykora is a software engineer by day, and seeker of justice (for hire) by night. Helle does a great job of shading in the backstory between high tension scenes. But action is clearly the autor's area of expertise. The obstacles Sykora encounters are very realistic. The scenes are depicted with a light brush stroke, never detracting from the momentum of building tension. Even though we've seen the protagonist in action several [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The question of "What would you do to protect someone you love" is something my husband and I have discussed as a ethical issue. This book asks a different question "How far would you go to avenge a loved one?". The book is well written and good thriller. It is one of my favorite genres and this book reminded me of how much I enjoy reading mysteries and thrillers. I will definitely order the sequel to this book.

  • Michael is a software designer a smart likeable guy . To a chosen few he is a part time hitman . whose specialty is getting rid of hard core crimimals. Having lost his fiance to a brutal crime. He has decided to help keep other women from losing their lifes like his fiance did. he is a viglante against rapists and other criminals

  • An assassin that only kills bad guys and a reformed prostitute – only in fiction. Yet, the author carried it off, getting me to like both of them. Although the plot follows the usual structure and the good guys win at the end, the writer’s strength is in her characterizations. All of her characters came alive and were believable. Dialogue was spot on. And, I did not see a single typo or grammatical error. I heartily recommend.

  • A compelling four-hour read. Do NOT choose this as bedtime reading if you must be up on time next day. Short chapters so (in theory) one COULD set it down, but the story moves so swiftly one keeps thinking, "I need to see what happens in these next three pages, next four pages, next page".I received this book as a gift and this voluntary review is my own opinion.

  • All in a day's workI really like the main character who is good and evil, treading lightly between the two with firm purpose. I also like being in his thought process as he navigates each day. Really intense ending.

  • A knight in shining armor. Michael is like Batman or Superman, a hidden identity. There was no sex but it was alluded to. I didn't care for the language but I would read another. It kept you on the edge of your seat.

  • This was an interesting, fully fleshed out character but not all were. It was a good story line with suspenseful moments. I danced around the room after I finished it because I was so glad it was over. I feel like the author was paid by the word and this book is drowning in superfluous words and numbing tedium. If one took 30% out of it, I think the pace would match the tense story line. Won't read 2 & 3.I finished the book because that's the deal when you get a free book. You must review it [...]

  • No Justice: A top-notch modern vigilante thriller'Let him laugh. One more hour and he'd be dead.'The explosive start to Darcia Helle's "No Justice" immediately hooked me. Almost before I knew it, I was deep in the world of Michael Sykora - software designer by day and a killer for hire at night.Only Michael doesn't kill just anyone. Instead he targets the lowest of low-lifes - rapists, murderers, child abusers, woman-beaters, child porn pimps - who manage to weasel their way through the justice [...]

  • To some, he is a software programmer who designs games to teach children how to read. To Ruby, he is a workaholic and her boss - and she still mothers him like she used to when he was little boy abandoned by his mother and left with a drunken, absent daddy who went on frequent benders.To Isaac, he is a beer-drinking, pool-playing, lifetime friend - and the only man who understands the anguish he carries in his soul from having loved-ones brutally ripped from their lives.To Nikki, he is a former [...]

  • You might think it would be difficult to like a protagonist who kills when he believes justice is needed, but protagonist Michael Sykora has a way about him that makes it easy to picture him twisting his toe in the sand and going, “Ah, gee whiz.” Or at least handing money to a street-corner entrepreneur so he/she can "eat or sleep good" for a change. Author Darcia Helle asks the question, metaphorically speaking, if readers have ever wanted to either “get even” or “take the law into th [...]

  • The first paragraph hooked me. Michael, a software programmer, has added a side job to his life, he is also an expensive, compassionate, yet careful hired hit man - his targets, the low life scum of the world. His first kill, his fiancé and best friends’ wife and unborn child’s KILLER. Michael hired Sean to do the job, BUT realized he want to kill him himself. Honestly who wouldn't want to!Michael realizes he's good at it, and soon becomes known as the ghost. The only one who knows about hi [...]

  • Get ready to root for the 'bad guy'!If you like 'Payback' and 'Taken', this is the book for you. Yeah Michael kills dirtbags, but they deserve it. And no matter how much you want to believe that the law should handle all these situations, you can't help but get sucked into the way it goes down. Darcia did a great job at making Michael believable and likable.I also loved how Ms. Helle reserved the majority of the foul language for the 'bad guys'. I'm not a fan of foul language, but I know it'd so [...]

  • Justice Served: No Justice by Darcia HelleThere's two sides to Michael Sykora, a software designer by day, a man doing justice at night. He began his night time justice after his fiancé was killed at the hands of a dirtbag, he found he was good at it. It's not about the money for Michael, it's getting the dirtbags off the streets before they strike again. The way he felt when he took out the low life that killed Christina, he wanted that for other families who need the same feeling. He had a ro [...]

  • I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I loved that the book was written from the perspective of the killer. I found myself rooting for the main character, Michael Sykora. I would have never imagined that I would support someone killing but I found myself hoping that Michael would get all the "bad guys."The level of suspense and tension was perfect throughout the book. You never got bored or bogged down with too much detail. The story moved quickly and kept you on your toes.I thought the chara [...]

  • I wish I had six stars! Wow! I just finished "No Justice", and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Darcia Helle is a fabulous writer. The pace of the book is quick. The scenes and characters are well developed. The dialogue is realistic. This is an excellent book. I enjoyed the Michael Sykora character very much. He seems quite likeable for a hit man! I've always been a fan of vigilante type stories, so this one was right up my alley. Darcia has pulled off the difficult feat of getting the audience to root [...]

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