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  • Title: What Happened To Trevor
  • Author: Lauren Kate
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  • Page: 422
  • Format: ebook
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    Lauren Kate grew up in Dallas, went to school in Atlanta, and started writing in New York She is the author of the Fallen novels, the Teardrop novels, and The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove She lives in Laurel Canyon with her family.


  • -Spoiler alert-I don't understand why people are confused about what exactly happened to Trevor. Unless you guys skidded through the books and weren't paying attention to the actual story and facts. Remember in the first story Luce explains that the cabin bursts into flames once the shadows appeared and interrupted their moment. Those shadows are the announcers and because of her actually being an Angel it would explain why he spotted a bright light when she got undressed. Which normally humans [...]

  • firstly, she changed trevors hair color from a sandy blonde to a dark brown like his eyescondly, her conversation with joe got so much longer this time around. hahabut the part i really loved was the fact that he craved exactly what happens to her, because her past lives know what love really is. so she expects this amazing thing to happen with trevor and it just doesnt. becuase its not trevor, its daniel. i thought that was really clever and really awesome.

  • I'm just as confused as everyone else. I'm sorry but I didn't understand why Trevor died. It wasn't very well-explained or detailedmmh oh and I didn't expect Luce to be into old cars or ride bikes for that matter : I felt like I was reading about a whole different character. And what is Trevor's hair colour exactly ? He's described as having sandy blond hair at first and then dark brown the nextThanks anyway to whoever happened to post the link of those extra scenes.

  • Luce seemed to me the exact opposite of herself in before the fire, she has absolutely no personality and lets herself be controlled by a stupid crush that led to a disaster.And i have no idea what really happened to Trevor , it's not clear at all.

  • This was a nice update of background info about what happened to Trevor. It was nice to see what made Luce have to go to reform school.

  • This piece was a bit unnecessary. We don't get to know that much more about what really happened to Trevor the night of the fire. Actually, it was more confusing than the details given in previous books. What I did find amusing was how naïve and ignorant Luce was before to how she's come to grow now. But my favourite part must have been: "Nothing to be afraid of. See?"Trevor started to turn her around, but Luce tugged on his hand. Followed later by:"What was that?""What was what?" Trevor said, [...]

  • I had such high hopes from this book but it was nothing but disappointment.Since the moment i finished reading Fallen, i was curious about Trevor. I wanted to know about how he died and i think every reader must have wanted that. I wished that Kate had explained about him or at least mentioned something about the incident in Fallen. But then i was elated to find out about this book but now it feels like it's of no use, because the "before and after" results are the same for me. I STILL DON'T KNO [...]

  • So Luce went to the party her friend, Callie, invited her to. She had a crush on Trevor, this hot guy who was on & off with his girlfriend, Rachel. Trevor takes her to this cabin where they start making out and he takes off her shirt & it doesn't feel right to Luce and then the cabin's on fire and she's outside. Trevor's still inside and Rachel is screaming at her and she's scared of the shadows that follow her & stuff. Idk if Trevor's dead, but i hope he's alive.

  • This was a little story about something that I have been wondering about for a long long time. Those last moments of peaceful life that Luce has with Trevor before everything starts to fall apart. Although I kinda felt like there was a hole in the story it was still enjoyable to read and it is a nice addition to what I have already read about Luce.

  • Whoa!!! What is Luce? Human? Angel? Demon? Did she spontaneously combust?! Did Trevor die inside the burning cabin or was he obliterated just after he said that it was to bright and before the started 'really' messing aroundThis novella got my attention back!!!

  • What happened to Trevor really? I was lost on that part. The story about Trevor and Luce started real good but after that thing happened to them i got confused. I wanted more! What happen to Trevor was not clear and left me hanging!

  • A cute little Fallen short. So glad I can still read a little more about this book even though the series ended a while ago. This truly is one of my favorite series.

  • I still can only theorize what happened to Trevor. it doesn't tell anything new, though, this story. but it was executed well so yeah.

  • Fallen has so many short stories, it's kind of ridiculous but awesome. Nice to get insight into someone else's POV.

  • To be read straight after 'Before the Fire'. Much more interesting than the short before this. Review will be added soon

  • This one was better than the first one, but it still reveals nothing about how the fire started?? Interesting still. Again these are waaay too short!

  • I still don't completely understand what happened to Trevor D: Was it a side-effect of Luce and Daniel's curse? Was Luce only allowed to be with Daniel?

  • This ebook explains what really happened to Trevor when Luce went out on a date with him. I definitely recommend it to any fan of the fallen book series.

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