Teleny Teleny foi escrito por um escritor an nimo mas atribu do a Oscar Wilde considerado um dos primeiros romances er ticos da literatura inglesa Conta a hist ria de amor entre Ren Teleny e Camille des Gri

  • Title: Teleny
  • Author: Oscar Wilde Eduardo Saló
  • ISBN: 9789722516129
  • Page: 282
  • Format: None
  • Teleny foi escrito por um escritor an nimo, mas atribu do a Oscar Wilde considerado um dos primeiros romances er ticos da literatura inglesa Conta a hist ria de amor entre Ren Teleny e Camille des Grie, for osamente condenada a acabar em sofimento, tratando se de amor proibido, homossexual.

    Les citations clbres de Oscar Wilde mon poeme Quel est l homme qui ne serait pas flatt de la passion qu il inspire une jeune femme, belle et riche, qui oublie les serments faits l poux pour jouir sur le c ur de l amant de quelques moments d ivresse Welcome to the Dutton Vocalion website Dutton Vocalion website marks the eighteenth year of the Vocalion label s existence, during which time we ve gone from strength to strength. Gay Comix Hey Kids Comics Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Gay Comix also spelled Gay Comics was an underground comics series published from Created by Howard Cruse, Gay Comix featured the work of gay, lesbian, and transsexual artists Much of the early content was autobiographical, but diverse themes were explored in later editions Autobiographical themes include falling in love, coming out, repression and sex. Antinos Wikipdia Peu de choses sont connues d Antinos avant sa rencontre avec Hadrien Il nat en Bithynie province d Asie Mineure Mantinium, un bourg de la cit de Bithynium Claudiopolis actuelle Bolu .Sa date de naissance ne peut tre dtermine que par rfrence celle, relativement bien connue, de sa mort Antinos meurt en octobre , alors qu il est encore jeune homme. Les meilleures citations de Oscar Wilde mon poeme Il n y a plus beaucoup de parents, de nos jours, qui accordent un tant soit peu d importance ce que disent leurs enfants le traditionnel respect envers les jeunes est en train de se perdre. La Musardine Librairie rotique, BD rotique, Roman rotique La Musardine, librairie rotique spcialise dans la BD rotique, le roman rotique, l histoire rotique, les sex toy, DVD X et Film x Beautiful New Wallpapers from OS X Mountain Lion Jun , Beautiful New Wallpapers from OS X Mountain Lion Lovely pictures don t automatically turn into good wallpapers Those are great pictures, but poor wallpapers. Sexually Explicit Books Released Online By British Library The British Library has kept a trove of sexually explicit books locked away for than a century Now, the Private Case of obscene writings is available online. Oscar Wilde libros y biografa autor lecturalia La desconocida novela gay de Oscar Wilde Teleny y Des Grieux son dos obras erticas muy poco conocidas Se vincula a Wilde en su elaboracin, aunque podran ser obra de varios autores. The biggest gay scandals the Data Lounge Jan , What have been the biggest gay scandals I used to think the Oscar Wilde trial was the top of the heap But now I tend to think it was the s Cleveland Street Scandal which almost brought down the UK government and made headlines around the globe.

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    Oscar Fingal O Flahertie Wills Wilde was an Irish playwright, poet and author of numerous short stories and one novel Known for his biting wit, and a plentitude of aphorisms, he became one of the most successful playwrights of the late Victorian era in London, and one of the greatest celebrities of his day Several of his plays continue to be widely performed, especially The Importance of Being Earnest As the result of a widely covered series of trials, Wilde suffered a dramatic downfall and was imprisoned for two years hard labour after being convicted of gross indecency with other men After Wilde was released from prison he set sail for Dieppe by the night ferry He never returned to Ireland or Britain, and died in poverty.


  • An autobiographical work. Not only are the characters well developed, but the story also offers a poignant cultural testimony to the stigmatization of homosexuality and the resulting mental and emotional suffering. It is also written in a very sophisticated and very refined way. Just a minor detail (or major, as you prefer): the language used was too subversive, that is, rebellious enough. It was a fact of much importance to rate the book as I do.

  • I really wanted to rate this book highly. The language is beautiful. It has a more-or-less coherent story arc. Both qualities are not what one expects in porn. Four stars for style.Four stars for covering the bases, i.e. the basics of queer erotic life. He covers rape fantasies, masochism, voyeurism, and many more I'm sure I'm forgetting. Four stars for capturing the essence of love in the Decadent style.Minus MANY MANY stars for the horrendous, and to me inexplicable description of the rape of [...]

  • Yep. I did it.I bought a Victorian gay porn book. With my own money. It came in the mail today and the cover has a Warhol-esque quadriptych of colourful butts and Oscar Wilde portraits. It is garish and fantastic and I regret nothing.I'd read that it was rare and purported to have been written, at least in part, by Wilde, and when I found it on thriftbooks for $4 (it was the last copy in stock) there was no stopping me.So here I've got a porno book from 1893 that I can never in good conscience r [...]

  • I seriously took my time before actually reviewing this on purpose. I just had to think about what on Earth I just read.So lets go by parts:- I was recommended this book because I was looking for gay characters to read about. As a straight guy with no gay-friends (at least not that I know of) I have little to no idea how exactly homosexual relationships work. However, for a story, I needed to add a gay character so off to research I went. The last books I remember to read with gay characters in [...]

  • Esta novela puede o no haber sido escrita por Oscar Wilde. Parece ser que esta es una obra colectiva, llevada a cabo por un grupo de pupilos, bajo el tutelaje wildeano. Lo que me apasiona de Wilde, esa frescura y escándalo, wit verbal de sus obras de teatro, aquí no aparece. La riqueza de las descripciones sí me recuerdan a su poesía y sus cuentos infantiles. Esto es una novela-fresco, donde la firma final ahora la atribuimos a un maestro. Lo que encuentro llamativo es su carácter colectivo [...]

  • I have to admit that I AM a prude. I found this book a little embarrassing to read in public, but once I started, I really couldn't stop. It is an erotic novel, but it is extremely well-written. The book isn't quite in Oscar Wilde's style, but that can be attributed to the fact that he supposedly wrote this with several others. The characters were well-developed, and I found the main character, Camille Des Grieux, extremely sweet. It seemed to me in the beginning like the two characters had been [...]

  • Did Oscar Wilde write it? Who cares? You don't read this book because you want to check another title off your "I've read everything Oscar Wilde wrote" list. You read this book because it's a product of the times Oscar was living in. This is Victorian erotica/porn/literature! You'll learn just as much about the period from this book as anything written at that time, and along with the education, you'll get a few smiles and a few sniffles.

  • Camille de Grieux apaixona-se por René Teleny, um pianista com quem estabelece uma relação quase metafísica quando o ouve pela primeira vez num concerto de beneficência. Tenta resistir à paixão que o assola, mas não consegue, e cai nos braços do pianista, com o qual tem sessões prolongadas de sexo tórrido. Mas não sente vergonha ou aversão por se ter apaixonado por outro homem: "Sentia-me alegre, contente, feliz. Teleny era meu amante e eu dele. Longe de sentir vergonha pelo meu cri [...]

  • There is no evidence that Oscar Wilde had any part in the writing of this novel. It appears to be the work of several authors. In parts it's a homosexual love story in others it's low grade Victorian porn. Seems to have been influenced in part by Dorian Gray and The Marquis De Sade. Really it is only significant is as a literary curio.

  • “Teleny” é um clássico da literatura erótica, publicado pela primeira vez em 1893, e cuja autoria é atribuida a Oscar Wilde. Conta a história de amor entre o jovem Camille De Grieux e um pianista hungaro, René Teleny. É um livro de uma grande beleza e riqueza literária.No entanto, e porque se trata de um romance erótico de natureza homossexual, para poder ser devidamente apreciado é necessário ter “ligeireza” de mente. Gostei muito!

  • Χωρίς να είναι σίγουρη η πατρότητα του έργου και το ποιος ηταν ο συγγραφέας

  • Un libro diferente a sus demás obras, pero no por ello de menor calidad, te describe la pasión, el amor, el deseo , la naturaleza humana sin tapujos. Se tiene que leer con mente abierta, entiendo que no es para todos.Es un libro completamente erótico pero con historia y no puede faltar, haciendo un retrato y juzgando a sociedad de su época, que un es aplicable." si bien la sociedad no exige a sus miembros ser intrínsecamente virtuosos, sí les exige, en cambio, guardar las apariencias, y po [...]

  • Of disputed authorship (some theories are perhaps as intersting than the book itself), if nothing else it is certainly well written. For its time it must have been quite shocking, possibly having a limited readership among a select group. The story follows the explicit love affair between the narrator and a concert pianist, although there are quite a few erotic diversions involving various combinations of the sexes.While it reads well, and as erotic literature goes is way above much of today's o [...]

  • I read Teleny for my Finnish assignment for controversial literature. I had been intrigued to read it before, and this was a good chance to kill two birds, even if it meant I had to read the translated version. I read some of the original on the side as well but I have to say that this was one of the rare occasions where the narrative actually benefittd from the translation – albeit it made the dialogue a little corny, but I don't count that because it's mainly due to cultural differences and [...]

  • Sigue sin gustarme la posibilidad de Wilde haya realmente escrito esto. No niego que podría haber colaborado en algunas partes de la historia, pero el producto final es tan divisible, cambiante, incompleto e imperfecto, que no pareciera siquiera que él haya podido estructurar una historia así. Ya dije la otra vez que ni siquiera El retrato de Dorian Gray tiene una buena historia ―en cuanto al ǵenero novelístico respecta―, y que, lo que siempre atrae a cualquiera, son los diálogos en lo [...]

  • ¡¿QUÉ CON ESE FINAL?!Tengo muchas cosas que decir sobre este libro pero me guardaré los comentarios porque en este momento estoy muy perturbada con el final junto con otros aspectos como el morboso acercamiento detallado hacia una violación y muchos otros temas de carácter excesivamente oscuro abarcados en este escrito.La exploración a profundidad de la sexualidad, la concepción del sexo cargado de controversia y su percepción moralmente inaceptable desde la época victoriana hacen de e [...]

  • Si han leído un libro sin saber de qué va a tratar me entenderán. Cuando encontré este libro me atreví a leerlo porque no había leído más cosas de Oscar Wilde y le di oportunidad al libro.Comencé la lectura y me topé con muchísimas metáforas (cosa que me encanta) y con una relación homosexual. Sí, de eso va el libro. En las sociedades antiguas los enamorados del mismo sexo debían, por sobre todas las cosas, ocultar su amor ante los demás. Hoy en día estas relaciones son más ace [...]

  • The result of a Round Robin writing effort (which may or may not have included Oscar Wilde, but I highly doubt it because Wilde can actually write), Teleny makes for a very uneven read. It's highly repetitive, but I suppose that is the nature of erotica (though I must commend these characters for their stamina). The book is interesting as a cultural document, not so interesting as a novel. Whoever wrote the last section deserves to be slapped for inserting, in such a heavy handed manner, so many [...]

  • Overall I enjoyed the book. It was very graphic, and so not for the faint of heart. And by graphic I don't mean necessarily in the gaudy macabre way that a gorefest movie is graphic, but in the more sophisticated late 19th century way, where sexual or violent acts exist in sharp contrast to heightened language and luxurious prose style ment to mimic the surroundings of the leisure classes during that period. However, my initial impression of the book was unfavorable, because the author (supposed [...]

  • Homosexual tragic love tale. it´s full of emotions, deep ones. I´m sure he was crucified by this book, even though all and all it is just a love story that had everything to go right but tragically, it went wrong. The main character is madly in love with Teleny and they share a beautiful love story.

  • One of the only erotic novels I will ever read over and over again. It is as tragic as it is spellbinding. Perfectly placed descriptions and gruesome detail in the best and worst places. One of my top 5 favourite books ever written.

  • Creo que fue un error haber leído este libro pues ahora tardará mucho en que exista uno que sea tan bueno como para superarlo y dejarme satisfecho como éste lo hizo.

  • La mejor ficción erótica de la historia (si no es la mejor, al menos está entre las cinco mejores) . Perdí la cuenta de cuántas veces le releí.

  • Okay, so since hates me and wouldn't save the two reviews I wrote for this already because I refuse to put it on my read shelf when I wasn't able to finish it & also won't add a dnf shelf just for this one book, I'm just going to copy the tumblr post I made in addition to the two lost reviews on here into this:I just honestly love how noone, no summary of this book, no review, nothing I personally saw before I went into this & until now, thought it important to mention the numerous and [...]

  • 4.5«Las resoluciones de los enamorados son como lluvia de Abril, y en el último minuto, bajo el menor pretexto, acababa cambiando siempre de opinión»Oscar Wilde en esta ocasión nos trae una obra Homoerótica, de la que se dice es autobiográfica. Teleny nos narra la historia de Camille, un joven que se enamora de un pianista llamado Teleny, el cual en un principio no puede comprender el enamoramiento, lo ve como algo diferente y nuevo para él, lo que empieza siendo un enamoramiento dirigid [...]

  • Calling this book pornographic is inaccurate--it is largely a love story, and a tragic one at that, that just happens to acknowledge that sex and sexuality is sometimes part of love and romance. The narrator's love for Teleny is about his music and his personality and his body. Though the sex scenes that do exist are explicit and detailed, most of the book doesn't include sex scenes. If you're looking for nineteenth century queer literary pornography, you'd be better off with "The Sins of the Ci [...]

  • I have no doubt Oscar Wilde worked on this book.It was my first erotic book and I just read because this novel is attributed to my favorite writer. I am so glad I did. :)It is very interesting, not only the story in this book but also how it was conceived and published.It was certainly very brave to write this kind of work in the Victorian time and shows how poor of LGBT literature we were (we still are). I confess I don't like the ending, but I enjoyed most of the book. And the erotic parts are [...]

  • No esperaba menos de Oscar Wild.Es un libro muy erótico, sobretodo homosexual, pero lo que más me ha gustado es la manera en que se reflejan los pensamientos de la época a cerca de la homosexualidad contrastados con los del autor (a través del protagonista). En cuanto a la trama es simple pero me gusto mucho el romance entre los protagonistas.Sin olvidar que la manera de escribir del autor me parece una maravilla.

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