Screw Business As Usual

Screw Business As Usual Can we bring meaning to our lives and help change the world at the same time Richard Branson at his brilliant and motivating best reveals how with his exciting new vision for the future It is time t

  • Title: Screw Business As Usual
  • Author: Richard Branson
  • ISBN: 9780753539798
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback
  • Can we bring meaning to our lives and help change the world at the same time Richard Branson, at his brilliant and motivating best, reveals how with his exciting new vision for the future It is time to turn capitalism upside down to shift our values, to switch from a profit focus to caring for people, communities and the planet.With inspiration for everyone, ScrewCan we bring meaning to our lives and help change the world at the same time Richard Branson, at his brilliant and motivating best, reveals how with his exciting new vision for the future It is time to turn capitalism upside down to shift our values, to switch from a profit focus to caring for people, communities and the planet.With inspiration for everyone, Screw Business As Usual shows how easy it is for both businesses and individuals to embark on a whole new way of doing things, solving major problems and turning our work into something we both love and are proud of.

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    Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is an English business magnate, best known for his Virgin brand of over 360 companies Branson s first successful business venture was at age 16, when he published a magazine called Student He then set up a record mail order business in 1970 In 1972, he opened a chain of record stores, Virgin Records, later known as Virgin Megastores and rebranded as zavvi in late 2007 With his flamboyant and competitive style, Branson s Virgin brand grew rapidly during the 1980s as he set up Virgin Atlantic Airways and expanded the Virgin Records music label Richard Branson is the 236th richest person according to Forbes 2008 list of billionaires as he has an estimated net worth of approximately 7.9 billion USD.


  • I'm a big Richard Branson fan-boy, and really liked his first book, Losing My Virginity (which I highly recommend). Since then, I've given a few of his other books a try. I gave Screw Business as Usual a try this week. It was very quick to get through so I thought I'd post a short review. The book is about the idea that capitalism can, in addition to pursuing the goal of making money, attempt to do good. On the plus side, it covers a number of interesting cases, some of which are Virgin enterpri [...]

  • So now comes Sir Richard with a critique of modern business practices that only he could produce. In exhorting readers to "Screw Business as Usual" Branson is calling upon us to reinvent capitalism in a more ethical, more just, and less destructive way. His primary theme here is that Capitalism 24902 (named for the number of miles in our globe's circumference) must serve the world and not deplete it. "Doing good is good for business" he says over and over and then he proves his case. He tells do [...]

  • Excellent!Bravo Richard! It is these type of ideas that truly bring about change. But not just change for the sake of it… Real change and real passion to see a different tomorrow than the one we are experiencing today. The idea of the elders and the business leaders is one who's time has come… And if each of us will take one step, we will all move closer to reality that includes us all. Not just the ones were well-off, and not just the ones who can speak with the loudest voices. This book is [...]

  • This lightweight screed reflects the holistic attitude towards business that Richard Branson supposedly has. Not having had the opportunity to experience Virgin service myself, I can't judge that claim. The supreme irony in the book for me is that Branson inadvertently pops his own bubble more than once with casual references to his private island or to the people who populate his world. It's a breezy read, but don't expect much from it.

  • I love Richard Branson's approach to the world of business. While some bits made me flinch, maybe out of jealousy because I don't own even one island, I learned a lot about how a number of my favourite socially responsible businesses started.

  • i like Richard Branson very much but/ This is the third time i try to finished this book!!! sorry but i cant. this book full with facts about author and his colleagues trying make a better world. But another way this is look like Virgin's ANNUAL REPORT : social activitiesBLAH.BLAHblah lot of nameslot of brands.but just one massage.y to make a better world with your business OKI got itfurther more!

  • This made me very cynical. There's nothing worse than reading about rich white guys extolling business ethics to reach untapped markets, no matter how positive a spin is placed on it.FYI: the fact that you can access a Coca Cola in even the poorest of the poor or third world locations is NOT a marvel, when pharma extort the masses.Capitalism doesn't need turning upside down. It needs honest people running honest business, not rich do-gooders running around exploiting untapped third world markets [...]

  • In the old days, it was enough for entrepreneurs to spend half their life making money and the other half giving it away. But the business game has changed. Now, to succeed, you need to make a profit as you do good.Richard Branson introduces the idea of Capitalism 24902 (the distance in miles of the circumference of the earth) and tells story after story of businesses that have at their heart the concept of doing good. You need to accept the global reality of business and thus the need for leade [...]

  • This book is as inspiring as it is irritating. It's like swimming through thick treacle a lot of the time but there are enough inspirational ideas and case studies to make it worthwhile. Branson mentions how wonderful Virgin is at least three times every page which gets a tad tedious and I would have liked more details about some of the examples from other organisations.However, Branson's enthusiasm comes through like a blazing sun and he has an impressive record of results with organisations th [...]

  • It was very distracting hearing the sound of RB patting himself on the back at every turn of a page. The book is basically a public relations sticker. Yes, I am happy to see a person of his vast wealth involved in so many philanthropic and sustainable business actions. How a bout a little grace and turning down the horn toots a tad. I guess it wasn't what I was looking for. I have been invested in sustainable seeking corporations for decades so Didn't the BeeGees give millions starting way back [...]

  • I can not really be bothered to write a proper review for this thing, but I am just using this space to note that exposing the world to this junk should be considered a violation of human rights.10/10 would read again

  • Very inspirational read. Other reviewers are critical about the fact that he is so well connected, and how easy it is for him to create change compared to the likes of us. However, what Richard Branson does is use his connections, wealth, experience and entrepreneurial spirit to do good. Something we can all do if we find a cause we care about enough. He has made me look at the CSR strategy we created for the company in a different way as he gives many examples and case studies of companies that [...]

  • An easy reading book with easy languange. However, I expected lot more than what Richard tells in this book. It took me a month to finish the book, because it lack of excitement (plus my personal target, to finish what I have started) to drive me to continously read the book.This book is all about stories from people who do social business and how it can bring more benefit for others and improves human's live. It also tells how capitalism will not work long term. I respect a lot on the way Richa [...]

  • Good message, but written as a series of random thoughts of Richard on how to do business more ethically than as a book though.

  • Richard Branson is quite an amazing character in everything he has done. I had never really looked into his life before reading this one and I was quite impressed with how he got started. A simple endeavor that allowed him to voice his opinions but also show the world important causes that needed attention. From a simple student run magazine, he was able to build an entire empire from that.The contents of this book are one that will inspire others to work towards a global good in their companies [...]

  • Spicuiri din recenzia finala care se gaseste pe blogul meuDacă vrei să înveți business din cartea de față, nu-i cazul. Pentru că Branson în Afacerile, pentru oameni nu-și propune să învețe oamenii care nu vor face niciodată vreo afacere cum să facă una, ci mai degrabă să arate care-i trendul pe care oamenii serioși de afaceri îl adoptă în zilele noastre: afaceri făcute de oameni puternici, bogați și cu multă influență în interesul omenirii. Da, sună prea frumos ca s [...]

  • 2.7 stars I'll summarize this book for you, so spoilers I guess:"Capitalism can be the best thing. Doing good for others is actually better for yourself. We at the Virgin group has done a ton of good. And I (Branson) know a lot of good people."That is it. This is the first book by Richard Branson that I've read, and I don't like it. I'm not gonna judge the writer by this book alone because I've read that his other books are way better than this one. This book isn't for everyone. Sure it has a ni [...]

  • That's 2.5 stars actually.Screw ‘Business As Usual’ is the 372 page outcome of the awakened social responsibility in the ever energetic entrepreneur, Richard Branson. Branson emphasizes here on how ‘doing good is good for businesses’. He not only asserts so but also justifies his words by giving many examples. He also warns people who do business solely for profits that they would cease to exist in the long run.In the preface, Branson’s house in his private island was burnt down by Hur [...]

  • Awesome book! I chose the audio book and it was narrated by Richard himself. He has such a great outlook on life which shows in his outlook of business, community and environment. He starts off by talking about how he got started; how he learned at an early age the power of communication. He discusses some specific businesses and business models who have looked at 'community' with as much importance as profit. He has joined with many people - celebrities, politicians, world leaders and business [...]

  • Without doubt, Richard Branson accomplishes to gather business foundations with new ways of doing business more sustainable in a 360 dimension, all this with the demonstration cases of success of entrepreneurs who are pioneering in that way. (Environmental and social) Two quotes that might summary the book: 1) Doing good is good for business 2) Never accept the unacceptableHowever, I enjoyed very much the personality of Branson. He shows to be smooth and courageous person at the same time, perse [...]

  • This is the third book I read that was written by Richard Branson. From the playful title I was expected for his sharing of some interesting while innovative ideas in starting up or running businesses but it turns out I was wrong. Yes, it does talk about business management and operations but not the way I expected.I was slightly disappointed in how the book was written. it is fairly an one side story. Almost all of the cases talked about were related to what have been done in the Virgin Group o [...]

  • "Screw business as usual" (Dutch: "Zo niet, dan toch") is Richard Branson's plea to change what businesses are all about. It should not be about money first. Business should be about doing the right thing, for your employees, for your customers, for the world. The money will follow.It's an interesting read with lots and lots of examples. Ranging from large businesses like Sir Branson's own to small and local businesses. Some will be applicable to your situation others not so much. You should rea [...]

  • It’s not often that the first thought I have on finishing a book it that I have to read it again. When I was in my second year of University, I did a module on global warming. It was the last lecture on a Thursday afternoon and I’d cycle home feeling depressed. The lecturer was a cheerful bouncy young man who was keen to be there. He was easy to listen to and I looked forward to sitting in the lectures genuinely being interested in what I was hearing. The content however was enough to knock [...]

  • An inspirational look at how businesses large and small are coming to realise that it is possible to operate sustainably, ethically, make a healthy profit (in a lot of cases increase profits) while simultaneously protecting and/or improving the environment. It is full of examples of how capitalism and entrepreneurship can create win-win situations and can change / save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. And as many of the examples in the book serve to illustrate, those busin [...]

  • If you are expecting the usual business tips and tricks or step-by-step todos like me, you may be puzzled like I was. Richard told many stories from within Virgin and outside of Virgin. The amazing people he met, how they made a difference to the organisation that they worked for or to the world and how the same people had inspired his business direction and his view of the world. The book contains many awesome stories for a slow read over many lazy Sunday afternoon. The underlying message is th [...]

  • -It focuses on that forgotten area of business: To help others. The constant focus on "profit" had made some business cruel machines of money, forgetting about the world where they exist. -Branson's writing is very fresh, easy to read, enjoyable, and friendly. Through many examples/ stories/anecdotes he makes us see the importance of helping others, no matter how famous, rich, and successful you are. We all get worried about our world and we all have to do something about it. Very down to earth. [...]

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