Black Orchid

Black Orchid A New York Times BestsellerBefore introducing the modern version of The Sandman Neil Gaiman wrote this dark tale that reinvented a strange DC Comics super hero in the Vertigo mold Featuring spectacul

  • Title: Black Orchid
  • Author: Neil Gaiman Dave McKean
  • ISBN: 9781401233358
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A New York Times BestsellerBefore introducing the modern version of The Sandman, Neil Gaiman wrote this dark tale that reinvented a strange DC Comics super hero in the Vertigo mold Featuring spectacular art by Gaiman s frequent collaborator, Dave McKean, BLACK ORCHID is now collected in hardcover for the first time.After being viciously murdered, Susan Linden is reborn fuA New York Times BestsellerBefore introducing the modern version of The Sandman, Neil Gaiman wrote this dark tale that reinvented a strange DC Comics super hero in the Vertigo mold Featuring spectacular art by Gaiman s frequent collaborator, Dave McKean, BLACK ORCHID is now collected in hardcover for the first time.After being viciously murdered, Susan Linden is reborn fully grown as the Black Orchid, a hybrid of plant and human, destined to avenge her own death Now, as this demigoddess attempts to reconcile human memory and botanical origins, she must untangle the webs of deception and secrets that led to her death Beginning in the cold streets of a heartless metropolis and ending in the rainforest, this book takes the reader on a journey through secrets, suffering and self rediscovery.

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    • Black Orchid By Neil Gaiman Dave McKean
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    Neil Gaiman Dave McKean Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Black Orchid book, this is one of the most wanted Neil Gaiman Dave McKean author readers around the world.


  • The blooming origin of Black Orchid is here!This TPB edition collects “Black Orchid” #1-3.Creative Team:Writer: Neil GaimanIllustrator: Dave McKeanLetterer: Todd KleinSEEDS OF CREATIONIn the same (very much) sense that Alan Moore (close friend of Neil Gaiman) re-invented The Swamp Thing character when he took the comic book, in this miniseries, Neil Gaiman re-invented Black Orchid, while he had more latitude to work since Black Orchid, while existing since 1973, it was known very little abou [...]

  • FLOWER POWER!!Keep your love beads in your patchouli-reeking denim vest, hippie, this is a super hero comic. Of sorts. Oh, and the pony tail combined with the receding hair line doesn’t do much for you either.Neil Gaiman, the guy who writes comics for real smart people (myself not included) tries to re-invent the titled D-list superhero, and bring her kicking and screaming into the “modern” world of comics.Since Neil Gaiman doesn’t write comics for shallow people like you, does this mean [...]

  • 3.5 starsBlack Orchid is more or less the same kind of thing I've come to expect from Gaiman.In other words, if you love his Don'tNeedToExplainEverything style of storytelling, then this will more than likely be a winner with you.I prefer to be told or shown what the author is trying to convey, and quite often I think Gaimen likes to leave things to the reader's imagination a bit too much for my taste.I'm not saying that this story was particularly confusing or that it leaves you hanging when th [...]

  • I've been meaning to read this for a long time. I've never read a comic by Neil Gaiman before but I wanted to. And Dave McKean, who's the illustrator, has done a marvellous job with several of Gaiman's novels so when I saw the cover of Black Orchid I knew I had to have it.I don't know many details about DC's superheroes but I know Batman and Arkham and Poison Ivy so I was doing fine with the cameos in this comic. Susan / Black Orchid seems to have been fighting crime until her untimely death. Ho [...]

  • This book is beautiful. I mean, you say that sometimes, it's a word that we fling around and use when we can't think of anything else to say. But this book is beautiful.The art is stunning and makes you feel as though you're in a dream. And the story it's certainly no ordinary superhero tale. It is, and I feel safe saying this, entirely its own thing. Neil Gaiman shows off his talent for original and profound story telling, and Dave McKean brings it to life with the most insanely beautiful art. [...]

  • Hands down the most beautiful comic/graphic book I have ever read. The artwork is stunning, and the story is complimentary to it. There are a few familiar characters (Poison Ivy, Swamp Thing, Lex Luthor, Batman etc) but it's is Black Orchid who makes it really worth reading. Though to be honest, the art is so gorgeous I'd probably read it even if the story was crap. Luckily, the story and writing is equal to its illustrations. I'm pretty sure I'm just repeating myself but there isn't really a lo [...]

  • An important example of the re-creation and reimagining of comics by British authors during the mid eighties, Black Orchid combines Gaiman's mythology with McKean's powerful artistic visions in the series which made their careers.Like Moore's 'Swamp Thing' or Morrison's 'Animal Man', Gaiman was given the opportunity to place his stamp on a pre-existing hero; and like the others, by betraying cliche and embracing a suitably mystic sense of realism, succeeds admirably. (as an aside, Watchmen was s [...]

  • I was prepared not to like this, as I happened to see a reviewer I immensely respect, Sam Quixote, give it two stars (though I also know he dislikes Gaiman, and Gaiman's mentor Alan Moore, though does seem to like another superstar compadre of sorts, Grant Morrison). I see this book, which I had never read, as part of the whole rethinking comics project I associate with Moore in Watchmen, Millers' Dark Knight, and part of this opportunity many took to rethink earlier comic heroes like Moore with [...]

  • It's hard for me to review comic books and graphic novels because I don't know all the lingo even though I've been reading both on and off for years (Thor comics specifically since at least by my preteen years). My boyfriend knows the shit out of comic books and puts everyone to shame - he knows the lingo, he knows the people, he's collaborated himself with others and done some of his own solo work. He's in the know. I, on the other hand, can converse as far as "This was pretty" and "That was ba [...]

  • Esta es mi segunda historia que leo de Neil Gaiman y me encontré a Una heroína muy diferente y original, situaciones sombrías muy al estilo de este autor y una critica hacia la violencia, muy bien argumentada. ¿Para qué leer Black Orchid?1. Para descubrir el mundo DC desde la perspectiva oscura y original de Neil Gaiman. 2. Como sabemos, en esta historia vamos a ver mujeres plantas con poderes muy originales. 3. Vamos a ver a personas ruines y crueles, pero también grandes corazones. 4. El [...]

  • I am trying to appreciate graphic novels, but I don't think my visual artistic intelligence works well in combination with my literary intelligence. For one thing, my visual artistic intelligence is severely limited.I liked the concept of the Black Orchid, like Poison Ivy, one of the familiar DC Comics characters that appeared (as did Batman, Harvey Dent, the Mad Hatter, etc.). However, I think the story was on a deeper level (or trying to be), that I could not appreciate. (How did it all of a s [...]

  • Malo sam razočaran ovom grafičkom novelom. Očigledno su moja očekivanja bila prevelika - Gaiman, likovi, A na kraju se svelo na osrednju priču koja teče veoma sporo I sama Orhideja deluje kao jednodimenzionalna paćenica koja ni sama ne zna šta hoće. Ono što je dobro jesu epizodne uloge Betmena, Džokera, a celu stvar iz mulja vadi odlična grafika.Kada sve sumiram sve se svodi na neku osrednju trojčicu

  • Kada god sam se susrela sa nekim Gejmenovim delom, uvek je bila prisutna neka magična atmosfera, kao da joj čujem melodiju sve vreme dok čitam. Takav je bio slučaj i sa Crnom orhidejom. Ona odudara od nekih ustaljenih i očekivanih okvira, što po stilu crteža, što po samom građenju priče i ličnosti glavne junakinje. Ona počinje stereotipno, kao superheroj koji se bori protiv zla, i onda BUM, biva ubijena bez ikakve nade za spasenjem, ovoga puta, u suprotnosti sa svim stereotipima. Zat [...]

  • Crna Orhideja se prvi put pojavila u univerzumu DC-ijevih superheroja 1973. godine, ali je kultni status obezbedila tek 15 godina kasnije, kada su scenarista Nil Gejman i crtač Dejv Mekin uradili trodelni strip koji je nosio njeno ime. Crna Orhideja je, kako u uvodniku tačno primećuje Mikel Gilmor, strip koji je pomerio granice superherojskog žanra. Novine su brojne. Elegični ton i nemogućnost da se predvidi dalji tok događaja su zbunili mnoge poklonike stripa. Iako u Crnoj Orhideji gostu [...]

  • It's kind of adorable to read this because I didn't think it was that great. If I'd started out with this book instead of Sandman, I would've taken some convincing to continue with Gaiman's oeuvre. It's not that I didn't like the story; in fact, I really like how he weaves Batman & Lex Luthor & Swamp Thing & all of that together. It was just a little too vague, a little too much moping by Black Orchid. Too much f-a-all-ll-ing - seriously, once would've been enough for that page layou [...]

  • Bullet Review:This was a really really crazy read. Gorgeous art and some really pretty fairytale-ish writing, but it ended up being something completely different than I expected. I didn't realize that Black Orchid was a DC superhero, nor did I expect so many DC superheroes and villains to appear. I mostly checked it out because of Neil Gaiman. Neil Gaiman did a good job, but the writing at times was so esoteric and elusive, that I got lost trying to figure it out.But the drawings were purty!

  • Já tinha ouvido falar desta história antes, num canal do booktube brasileiro, e tinha-me despertado alguma curiosidade. Fiquei muito, muito contente quando a editora mo enviou. Obrigada mais uma vez pela vossa disponibilidade fantástica! Este é daqueles livros que tem tudo para dar certo. Adoro o autor, o Neil Gaiman, a arte é absolutamente maravilhosa (nem há palavras para dizer quão linda é) e a história fala-nos de uma super-heroina. Surpresa maior ainda quando a uma dada altura apar [...]

  • Do NOT read the introduction before the story, it contains spoilers! Stupid introduction writers, why do they keep doing that?

  • Here's a little anecdote to indicate just how marginal a character Black Orchid was (and remains): when Neil Gaiman was first getting involved with DC, they offered him characters from their stable for him to resurrect (as was popular at the time). Gaiman already had an idea, but when British he told American DC editors, they misheard his accent and thought he said 'Blackhawk Kid.' The misunderstanding was sorted, and the relevant book was produced, but it's important to note that not only did t [...]

  • Gaiman is very hit or miss for me. This one was a miss.There's just too much of a leap when it comes to the plot - there's not enough explained. I end up having so many questions that I justn't care about finding the answers. One minute they're in the city, the next in the rainforest. Despite all the hopping, this still feels like a slow story. Not one I'll read again.

  • I'm thinking this would have gone down a lot better when it was a current publication. That's not to say it's without merits. It's very nice artwork by McKean, and the writing by Neil Gaiman is interesting, but as with many late 80s graphic novels, it doesn't feel like it has aged well. Not to say it's bad, because it's not, it just didn't do a heck of a lot for me. I enjoyed Alan Moore's Swamp Thing more. That being said, it was cool to see the inclusion of some DC folk, such as Batman, Arkham, [...]

  • I'm a huge Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean fan so it's a little surprising it took me this long to get around to reading this. I had never heard of Black Orchid before picking it up but it's a dreamy, mythic story that's perfectly suited to their talents. Also: the artwork is just jaw-droppingly gorgeous. If you haven't read it yet, the art alone would make it worth picking up. Full review here: aeither/?p=3012

  • Gaiman and McKean make a wonderful team, and never has that come through as clearly as in this book. There is a poetic style to both the writing and the visuals, in which transitions and metaphor play a heavy part. It's one of the most beautifully illustrated comic books I've ever seen, and the dialogue is touching and believable. The plot is so thoroughly unexpected, too, and it's a great ride. I took a little more time reading this comic than I normally take, because I wanted to pore over ever [...]

  • Astonishingly, breath-takingly, soul-squeezingly beautiful. This is an early work of Gaiman's, pre-dating his (justly) much-lauded Sandman series; so one could forgive it for being a little clumsy, underdeveloped, as even great authors' first books often are. One can, in such cases, appreciate the writer's first stumbling steps toward what they will later become, and graciously overlook the flaws. These early works are the delight of biographers and purists, treasured like embarrassing middle-sc [...]

  • Borrowed from the library. The art is pretty good (which is why it gets two stars rather than one), but the plot is retarded. The eponymous character is killed in the opening pages and the rest of the book follows two copies of her (she's a plant a la Swamp Thing) as they go to the rainforest. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor's henchmen try to get them (for no discernible reason) and when they finally find them in Brazil, they just change their minds and go home.If you value my opinion so little that you a [...]

  • Maybe my expectations were a little high, since this are Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean - but I was a little disappointed. Everything is very artsy and beautiful and the dialogue flows, as always in Gaiman's writing, but the story felt very incomplete to me, and the characters were not as well rounded as I've come to expect in Gaiman's work. Compared to how much work it was to get through Black Orchid - I haven't struggled as much with a graphic novel since From Hell - I found it surprisingly littl [...]

  • No doubt that the art is stunning and makes you feel as though you're in a dream, but the story to me was a let down. I didn't enjoy that much. Nevertheless it was good to see a comic superhero turned into a psycological adventure instead of the usual action. Quite good. It was nice to see Lex Luthor. In the end it was not my favourite comic book, and I was at a loss with the second of three chapters, and I was a bit dissapointed.

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