Whom the Gods Would Destroy

Whom the Gods Would Destroy For Damien growing up was all about being an outsider in his own home His mother and brother shared an unfathomable bond that left him excluded from their lives Yet his earliest fragmentary memory o

  • Title: Whom the Gods Would Destroy
  • Author: Brian Hodge
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For Damien, growing up was all about being an outsider in his own home His mother and brother shared an unfathomable bond that left him excluded from their lives Yet his earliest, fragmentary memory of them was so nightmarish, their lives were something he ran from as soon as he could.Now an astronomy graduate student in Seattle, Damien is happy with his place as a speckFor Damien, growing up was all about being an outsider in his own home His mother and brother shared an unfathomable bond that left him excluded from their lives Yet his earliest, fragmentary memory of them was so nightmarish, their lives were something he ran from as soon as he could.Now an astronomy graduate student in Seattle, Damien is happy with his place as a speck in a cosmos vast beyond comprehension Until his brother turns up after 13 years, to make amends and seek his expertise on a discovery that may not be of this Earth The the world expands to admit the possibilities of a universe stranger than even Damien has imagined, the greater is his urgency to resist being reclaimed by a past that never seemed to want him until now.Like a collision of galaxies between H.P Lovecraft and Carl Sagan, Whom the Gods Would Destroy looks to the night skies as the source of our greatest wonder, and finds them swarming with our worst fears.

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    Brian Hodge, called a writer of spectacularly unflinching gifts by Peter Straub, is the award winning author of ten novels of horror and crime noir He s also written well over 100 short stories, novelettes, and novellas, and four full length collections His first collection, The Convulsion Factory, was ranked by critic Stanley Wiater as among the 113 best books of modern horror.He lives in Colorado, where he also dabbles in music and photography loves everything about organic gardening except the thieving squirrels and trains in Krav Maga, grappling, and kickboxing, which are of no use at all against the squirrels.


  • For most of his childhood, Damien was shunned by his sinister mother in favor of his older half-brother. Decades later, Cameron shows up, wanting help. Will Damien help him?When I read the blurb saying this was HP Lovecraft meets Carl Sagan, I jumped on it since that's a pretty clever-sounding elevator pitch. Plus, I've loved some of Brian Hodge's short stories so I was itching to see what he'd do with a novella. He did pretty well.Damien is an astronomy student with mother who was a little too [...]

  • "I tried to believe that my place in the world remained unchanged—or at least unchanged until further notice—and that I still had contributions to make that would help the world know itself and its place in the cosmos a little better, even though all the evidence showed that most people were content to muddle through each day in willful ignorance, choosing to believe in a god that took sides in the Super Bowl and a devil who’d hidden dinosaur bones in 6000-year-old rocks to test the faithf [...]

  • 4.5 stars!WOW! That was my first thought. Let's see if I can elaborate on that. This story begins with Damien relating his first memories, and what horrible memories they were. Memories of a mother who neglected and mentally abused him. A mother who favored Damien's half brother Cameron over him. A mother that chains her son to the steering wheel and takes off for hours at a time.After a start like that, the reader is already invested in Damien and is hoping that he will one day gain the love an [...]

  • This is the first book I have read by Brian since Without Purpose, Without Pity. The story starts out with Damien thinking about his early memories of how badly he was treated by his mother. And how much better his half brother Cameron was treated. He leaves his family at a early age and then the story moves to him as a grad student with a girlfriend named Ashleigh. Then one day Cameron shows up and tells him he needs help and he has to show him something. This is where the story takes off. He l [...]

  • Damien’s Mother didn’t invest one little shred into his childhood, in fact she tied him to the steering wheel of her car while she went with his brother off into the countryside. That’s his earliest memory of his Mother, in fact he ends up being taken in by his best friend’s family and an end to his so called family. Years later he’s an astronomy student when his brother shows up wanting to repair their relationship and with amazing tales of the unbelievable. Soon Damien is off searchi [...]

  • 4.5 starsBrian Hodge has a terrific horror/sci-fi blended novella in WHOM THE GODS WOULD DESTROY. The story begins with our first person narrator, Damien, exploring his first real memory. Right from the beginning, you begin to feel for this person who was ostrasized by his own mother--who only felt that her older son, Cameron, was worth anything. To break away from his sorrowful upbringing, Damien takes to studying the stars and other galaxies in order to "feel" as far away from his own as possi [...]

  • Damn, but this was one hell of a read. Whom the Gods Would Destroy is relatively short, coming in at under a hundred pages, but it starts creeping you out from page one and completely intrigues you by the end of that first chapter. Brian Hodge successfully manages to blow your mind around the halfway point, and then holds your interest beyond, with a climax that delivers on just about every level.On the surface, this is the oddest mix of genres, but deep down it really works. Hodge dips his lite [...]

  • I'm not sure how Brian Hodge managed to squeeze an abusive childhood, a strained sibling relationship, elements of the science of astronomy, and a whole lot of cosmic horror into one 85 page novella, but I know he did it and did it extremely well.Taking the first person POV of Damien, a young man who never knew his father and only escaped his critical and neglectful mother as soon as he was able, Whom the Gods Would Destroy details his search for answers when his half-brother shows up on his doo [...]

  • Brian Hodge has long been one of my favorites, ever since Nightlife from the now defunct Dell Abyss line, and for those who haven't read him, you really should. Quite simply, Hodge is a master craftsmen with words, and one of horror fiction's brightest dark stars.This novella from Darkfuse deals with an astronomy grad student, Damien, and his dysfunctional family, who he'd thought he long left behinduntil his half brother, Cameron, shows up inexplicably, with the promise of something big and vas [...]

  • This story starts out with young Damien's first memory: being handcuffed to the steering wheel of a car while his mother and brother go off to do something. Worried about their safety, he escapes and chases them only to find something horrifying. Fast forward 13 years and his brother shows up wanting his assistance with something. Something that he has to see to believe. Little did Damien know, it isn't just his brother that needs help; it's the entire human race. I have heard several times abou [...]

  • A beautiful mix of horror and sci-fi with a nice dose of superstition/anthropology thrown in for good measure. Does one make sacrifices to alien invaders? One does if they are indistinguishable from gods. It is in our nature, I suppose. You won’t just breeze through this one. Or at least you shouldn’t. There is too much depth to this story. Too many moments when you pause and just think about what you just read. While clearly horror, with the usual suspension of disbelief required, at its co [...]

  • This was a very thought provoking read that masterfully mixes science fiction and horror. Damien is the central character in the tale and the author does a great job in fleshing him out, creating a sympathetic but flawed man and one who is still trying to make peace with his turbulent upbringing.The writing was beautiful, the pace was steady but still drew you in to the story although at times the science descriptions got very detailed. I think the author also wanted readers to really think abou [...]

  • A complex, disturbing and original take on cosmic horror. The more Hodge I read, the more I like him. 5 stars.(It also just clicked that Hodge authored perhaps my favorite, certainly top 5, New-Lovecraftian story of the last few years -- "The Same Cold Waters as You.")

  • He fumbled with his keys at the building's steel back door. "You must know the Arthur C. Clarke quotation about technology and magic. Don't you?" I did:Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. "Well," he said, and had to steady one hand with the other to get the key in the lock. "There's at least one good variation of it that was waiting to be coined. Any sufficiently advanced intelligence is indistinguishable from godhood."Fantastic cosmic horror. I am a big fan of [...]

  • I liked this book - good character development throughout, story was interesting, and the cover art was superb. Mr. Hodge is definitely a gifted wordsmith. Believe it or not, his style reminds me a lot of Bradbury, although no one quite measures up to the master. The weird part for me was the middle, where things kind of switch gears. I wish there could have been a little more description about what happened to the brother - it was a little confusing. I thought the ending was cool - doesn't leav [...]

  • Have you ever looked up at the stars and felt inspired? Awed? Terrified? This one gets pretty deep and makes you think about what lies beyond the realms of our universe. Damien studies astronomy and has always been fascinated by other galaxies. Perhaps his head is in the stars because he is running from his past. Unfortunately for Damien, severing family ties will not erase the painful past and he may just find out that he is a bigger part of the cosmos than he ever could have bargained for. Ver [...]

  • 4.5 starsThanks to Charlene for recommending this wonderful story about the cosmos and mankind's fate and place in it all. This story touches on many of my favorite things in a horror/sci-fi story. I will be on the lookout for more of this author's books.

  • I won this book, the tiniest HC signed edition, from a live author event. My previous experience with Hodge was limited to his absolutely terrific short story collection Picking The Bones. This book was every ounce as good as Hodge's short stories have prepared me for. Original, interesting, wild, fascinating premise, perfectly realized (especially for such a small book) characters combined with sparse yet very moving emotionally honest writing created for a dark, unsettling and pretty terrifyin [...]

  • This well-crafted bit of cosmic horror is a fine example of why the novella is an ideal length for the dark stuff. There’s no flab here to get in the way of Brian Hodge’s storytelling, though there is – and needs to be – a considerable amount of scientific information and theoretical speculation. (Have you ever heard of a von Neumann probe? I hadn’t, either.)Although I wouldn’t call this story strictly Lovecraftian (it names no Names, & certainly doesn’t commit pastiche), I cau [...]

  • Brian Hodge has done a damn near perfect job of depicting the unknowable dread of "cosmic horror," a subgenre most often connected to HP Lovecraft. In this book, the protagonist struggles to understand why he was neglected and abandoned by his psychotic mother, only to discover the she was dabbling in something not of this world, something most human minds couldn't comprehend. At one point, after the hero discovers the implications of what he's unearthed, he muses:"The guilt only got bad when I [...]

  • I picked this one up on a recommendation and really stepped outside of my reading comfort zone in doing so. I am glad I did.Whom the Gods Would Destroy is a sci-fi story with a slight horror element.Damien, a graduate student studying astronomy, gets a surprise visit from his older brother after a 13 year absence. What his brother tells him and shows him changes his entire perception of his past and ultimately his idea of what his future holds as well as the future of humanity as a whole.5 STARS [...]

  • Whom the Gods Would Destroy is the first work of Brian Hodge that I have read. If this work is any indication, then I have been missing a significant talent. WTGWD is a work steeped in astronomy, physics, and philosophy – along with elements of science fiction-based horror. The story is quite complex with discourses on our existence within this vast cosmos dovetailing with a plot that is solidly grounded in the uncanny. Damien is a young man in his mid-twenties who is visited by his estranged [...]

  • Utterly magnificent. One of those stories that keeps you on the edge of your seat in suspense, then delivers. One that you go back and re-read a couple of times to see all the things you missed in the first run through, then go back again to study the structure of the tale itself.When he was barely more than a child, Damien escaped the toxic family of his twisted mother and half-brother by an unknown father best not spoken of. Since then, he has become an astronomy student in Seattle, sharing hi [...]

  • Damien grew up a stranger in his own family, useless baggage in the eyes of his mother and older brother. Beyond just feeling unwanted, his earliest memory is of nightmarish events involving his mother and brother. And so as soon as he can, while barely into his teens, he quietly joins a far more normal, supportive family, and cuts all contact with the family that has no interest in him anyway. Thirteen years later, he's a happy astronomy student, studying the universe and valuing the experience [...]

  • 4 AND 1/2 STARSBrian Hodge has been a highly respected author for a very long time. And while he does not have a huge body of work in terms of novels, what he has is an extremely high caliber of writing and originality in whatever he writes. Whom The Gods Would Destroy is no exception. With this small story on an epic scale, you will find yourself contemplating many thought provoking ideas and concepts Hodge has brought into play. Mixing science fiction with horror, the author manages to tie tog [...]

  • This is the story of Damien. Rejected by his mother and brother growing - he is now an astronomy graduate at University. Content with his life, he is stunned when his brother turns up after 13 years with news of their mother, and a discovery he has made that will change all of their lives forever.This was an interesting story, I really liked the originality of it but for me a lot of the 'sci-fi' bits went right over my head. I didn't understand much of the terminology and that spoiled the story [...]

  • All I can say is wow! I don't read a lot of modern homage to Lovecraft, although, you'll find in just a few pages it's as much a love letter to Arthur C. Clarke and Carl Sagan as Lovecraft. But this is cosmic horror done exactly right! Every page of Whom the Gods Would Destroy was close to perfect. I read this one in a single sitting and I'd encourage you to do the same if you have time. It's just THAT GOOD!

  • $0.99 on amazon today or $1.24 if you live in the land that finally seems to be getting summere SUN is here!!!!

  • I think someone must have paid these people to write these 4 and 5 star reviews. This was overwrought rubbish.

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