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The Library This is a funny heartwarming story about a quirky woman who has an obsession with books Her collection expands until she cannot fit one volume into her house But a splendid solution is discovered

  • Title: The Library
  • Author: Sarah Stewart David Small
  • ISBN: 9781845074944
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is a funny, heartwarming story about a quirky woman who has an obsession with books Her collection expands until she cannot fit one volume into her house But a splendid solution is discovered.

    • The Library - Sarah Stewart David Small
      166 Sarah Stewart David Small
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    Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.Wife of famed illustrator, David Small, Sarah Stewart has written a number of children s books She grew up in Texas, and lives in Michigan with her husbandcmillan author sarahs


  • sorry, balmer, this book is charm city. everything about this book is wonderful. usually, i am not a fan of books in rhyme, but this one is not cloying at all, and i love love love the illustrations. especially this one:i am someone with plenty of injuries from multi-tasking. this is a story about a woman who has "too many" books, but honestly, if you can still vacuum, you do not have too many books. the crazyperson in me looks at all the unused space in that drawing and thinks - "nahhh, you're [...]

  • This is me. Although I did take the time to marry and raise an amazing family, I am as nuts as Elizabeth Brown about books. “Attending only to her book, she’d walk into a door.” Yep.“Books were piled on top of chairsAnd spread across the floor. Her shelves began to fall apart,As she read more and more.” 😊Excellent story! Mr. H loves it and says, “Look Gran! That’s you!” 🤣

  • With a fun and flowingly rhythmic rhyme scheme, Sarah Stewart's engaging and evocative The Library (whose lyrical text is graced with and by her life partner David Small's bright and immensely suitable descriptive and at times almost outrageous accompanying illustrations) tells the story of the ultimate bibliophile and book lover/hoarder (Elizabeth Brown is a person after my own heart and in many ways, a mirror image of me, as I also tend to love books more than anything and often think that my [...]

  • The cosy, old school hand-painted illustration of a book-cluttered hall in karen's review together with the title The Library enticed me to grab this, appropriately, from my local library. I'm so glad I did! Yes, I'll grudgingly admit I'm not a child anymore, but I'm well aware of these new soulless block-colour, crisp-lined, computer-generated illustrations which frankly offend my senses, that seeing something lovingly created the old fashioned way warms my heart and fills me with child-like gl [...]

  • A sweet, humorous poetic tribute to the love of books! The illustrations are marvelous with lots of charming, amusing touches. Stewart's poem flows smoothly (for the most part) and makes a cohesive, interesting and touching story without succumbing to the "gimmicks" of many tales told through rhyme. I did find that the portrayal of Elizabeth was a bit stereotypical--book-lover who has no interest in dating, like to sip tea surrounded by kitty-cats, ends her days a spinster, etc. However, I did f [...]

  • This is an utterly charming book. The illustrations and story are both wonderful and work so well together. This book is created by a wife (story) and husband (illustrations) team, and I was captivated.I probably identify too much with the main character (who seems to be based on a real person) and who accumulates way too many books but finds a creative solution to her predicament. Maybe someday…

  • Elizabeth Brown is the ultimate bookworm. She doesn't play with dolls, dance, or go on dates. Instead she reads, buys books, and reads. Eventually Elizabeth Brown is faced with the dilemma that has stumped many book loverswhat do you do when your house is so full of books that you cannot fit one more?Stewart shares the story of Elizabeth Brown in verse. Her poetic lines are complimented by softly hued, engaging water-colored illustrations, as well as, smaller black and white pencil drawings clos [...]

  • This is one of my all-time favorite books. My favorite little independent bookstore when I was in high school was called The Paper Bag Princess, and one time my mom went in without me and the owner called her over. "This book reminds me of your daughter," she said. "You have to get it for her!"(I had a big poofy perm and glasses at the time.)My mom did get it for me, and it became my favorite thing in the world. I would read it over and over, until I had it memorized, because this was me! I want [...]

  • Read this aloud to my siblings last night and remembered just how much I adore it. If you love books AT ALL, you should totally read this because it probably describes you perfectly. ; )

  • A nice tribute to Mary Elizabeth Brown. Written in verse, Elizabeth Brown is a reader. A voracious reader and book collector. I enjoyed the story and most of the illustrations, however, I was overwhelmed by one page with an illustration that showed her home covered in piles of books ("When volumes climbed the parlor walls/And blocked the big front door/She had to face the awful fact/She could not have one more.") My grandmother was a hoarder and I found this quite disturbing. I don't know that i [...]

  • Sarah Stewartin kirjoittama ja David Smallin kuvittama "The Library" on kuvakirja punahiuksisesta Elizabeth Brownista, joka putoaa eräänä päivänä taivaalta laihana, likinäköisenä ja ujona. Elizabeth pitää lukemisesta: hän lukee vuoteessa, käydessään ostoksilla ja jopa harrastaessaan päälläseisontaa. Deittailukaan ei vedä vertoja lukemiselle.Elizabethin eteen tulee lopulta perustavaa laatua oleva ongelma: kirjat täyttävät kaiken tilan. Mikä neuvoksi? Kirjaston perustaminen, [...]

  • I liked The Library. I liked Elizabeth Brown and I liked that she liked to read, read, read. I also liked all the books that she had. I would tell my classmates to read The Library. I would say, "Please read it! It's good, good, good."I give The Library five stars and only one poot.

  • 1. We are all Elizabeth Brown.2. She basically ends up in a house like the one in The Aristocats, and that's my life goal. House of books and cats.3. There were cats all over this book. 4. I love this book.

  • The sadly unanswered question is "What about the real Mary Elizabeth Brown, to the memory of whom the book is dedicated?" Is this based on a true story?

  • Read this book YEARS ago. It has a treasured place in our family library. We may need a new copy soon :)

  • Apparently, I am Elizabeth Brown.She didn't want potato chips,She didn't want new clothes.She went straight to the bookstore."May I have one of *those*?"

  • Very cute rhyming story with adorable illustrations that show an early 20th-century setting. I like how the illustrator uses small animals, pets and stuffed animals to create cuteness and a cozy feeling to the book.

  • Read this with my 8 year old, we both really enjoyed it and read it twice in one sitting! We loved the illustrations.

  • A gem of a children's book. Beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated. I am the girl in this story, I wish.Toast

  • The Library is a story about a girl named Elizabeth who from a very young age has a great love of reading and books. From day to night she has her nose in a book and loves becoming engulfed in the stories. As Elizabeth grows, so does her love for reading. As she moves and collects more books, she gains a collection that is too large for her to keep herself, so she donates them to her town for all people to be able to read. I absolutely love this book. I think it tells a fun story about one perso [...]

  • Books, cats, a library, a reclusive, obsessive reader - this sounds like my house. It's terrific!In all seriousness, if you love books, reading, and/or libraries, this is a picture book that will win your heart over with its memorable illustrations and great rhyming storyline. A School Library Journal Top 100 picture book.

  • Inspired by a librarian, this is a fun story for all true bibliophiles. It's also a bit of warning of a sort, because the habit of collecting books can become quite an addicting habit, one that drove Elizabeth Brown out of her own house (this hoarding topic is one for another book, Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things.) I find that I can help control my urge to collect books by just borrowing them from the library. Any that I happen to pick up along the way, I try to make a pract [...]

  • This book has been mentioned numerous times in the past days, and I am lucky to have found it at my library! It tells the story of a young girl named Elizabeth Brown who reads and reads, in fact she grows up doing the same thing, reading! David Small's illustrations are delightful, filling the pages with Elizabeth's books so much that one thinks there can't be any more on the page! Too many books can be a problem, as so many of us know, and this story solves that dilemma quite happily. I can't w [...]

  • Read this book in about 30 seconds What a charming, lovely book. Written in verse, it's about a child who loves books and accumulates so many that her entire house is full of books! At the end she makes the perfect decision as to what to do w/them all. The illustrations are beautiful, w/whimsical cats here and there, running away from piles of falling books and such.

  • This beautifully illustrated children's book tells a true story in rhyme. The story is based on Elizabeth's Brown's life, which revolved around books and reading. SPOILER ALERT: In the stunning ending, we learn that in old age, Elizabeth donated her home and lifetime collection of books to her town to create a town library. Inspiring!

  • Another good one by this author and illustrator. With this book, the format is a rhyming poem and has humor in its words. Pictures are humorous, too. I just can't help wondering exactly WHAT is being said about avid readers?

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