Crashing Down

Crashing Down Straight A student Kathryn Lane is all work and no play She s determined to keep her scholarship and that means no distractionsuntil she takes a summer internship at Stone Cliff Resort and meets bad

  • Title: Crashing Down
  • Author: Cathryn Fox
  • ISBN: 9781928056010
  • Page: 500
  • Format: ebook
  • Straight A student Kathryn Lane is all work and no play She s determined to keep her scholarship, and that means no distractionsuntil she takes a summer internship at Stone Cliff Resort and meets bad boy Noah Ryan She knows she should keep her distance after all he s not the kind of guy she can bring home to daddy but his disarming smile and dangerous ways are entirelStraight A student Kathryn Lane is all work and no play She s determined to keep her scholarship, and that means no distractionsuntil she takes a summer internship at Stone Cliff Resort and meets bad boy Noah Ryan She knows she should keep her distance after all he s not the kind of guy she can bring home to daddy but his disarming smile and dangerous ways are entirely too tempting College dropout, Noah Ryan takes one look at Kathryn and instantly knows her type ambitious, driven and determined, just like he used to be, before the accident that derailed his life and left him an emotional wreck He vows to avoid her, but when a co worker backs him into a bet he can t refuse, everything he s been running from is challenged and he s forced to confront his demons.Soon, Kathryn and Noah are lost to everything except each other As their lives become entwined, their passion is reckless, their heat all consuming but when hurtful truths spill out, can Noah prove himself worthy of the one girl who can heal his wounded heart, or will the fire they ignited turn to ash when it all comes crashing down

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    New York Times and USA today Best selling author, Cathryn is a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend She loves dogs, sunny weather, anything chocolate she never says no to a brownie pizza and red wine She has two teenagers who keep her busy with their never ending activities, and a husband who is convinced he can turn her into a mixed martial arts fan Cathryn can never find balance in her life, is always trying to find time to go to the gym, can never keep up with emails, Facebook or Twitter and tries to write page turning books that her readers will love.


  • (ARC provided via NetGalley for an honest review.)I give this book a standing ovation, I really do. After the last two books I read from NetGalley turned out to be huge disappointments I was really starting to lose my faith in the site but now this book has redeemed it. I am once again a believer and I will continue to use NetGalley, perhaps I will just be a bit pickier when choosing what books to request. Now let me tell you why this book was phenomenal. In one word- EVERYTHING. That’s right. [...]

  • Noah, at times I thought the boy was seriously bi-polar, "a moment later his playful side returned. "So, uhhave you changed your mind on me jumping you?" He sometimes is in a hurry, "I need you naked," he murmured. Giving her no reprieve, he ripped at her t-shirt, pushing it upward." The times that I loved Noah the most was when he was vulnerable, "I want you. I want to be with you so effing bad." He gripped a handful of his hair, and tugged on it. "Please, let me be with you again. I'll do it r [...]

  • Noah Ryan, Crashing Down's hero, captured my heart from page one. He's 21, tough, damaged and has a heart of gold. Once driven to succeed, he blames himself for his best friend's death--no spoilers here. You'll have to read this awesome book to find out why. Now, Noah works at Stone Cliff Resort as a ski instructor in the winter and white water guide in the summer and spends his free time restoring a motorcycle that holds a very special meaning to him. The first chapter is all Noah. He opens the [...]

  • I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I have to say, I had never read Cathryn Fox prior to this, but you can bet I will be reading her from here on out! I completely fell in love with this! This story is so sweet, romantic, sexy, intriguing, and endearing. I could not put it down! I was completely drawn in by these characters and the journey they embark on over the course of the book; the fundamental changes they bring about in each other as a result of their [...]

  • 4-4.5 LIVE YOUR LIFE STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This is definitely a book you should read if you just want a feel good book that is romantic and sweet but also hot and shmexy. This book was really good! Every few pages all I kept thinking was how much I liked the plot or how much I liked a certain character or how well the book was written or how vivid my imagination was becoming while reading. Total escape, and I am already having Noah and Kat withdrawals.I was worried about the direction th [...]

  • I was given an ARC of this story by author Cathryn Fox for an honest review.Part of the Summer Lovin, NA romance series, this novella starts off with some action. You meet Noah, a cocky bad boy that's always seems to find trouble. And sometimes he can even be a jerk. So why is he attracted to straight-laced, focused good girl Kathryn? Cathryn Fox does a wonderful job of showing you the great guy Noah is underneath his layer of pain. And she makes you care for him. He is only 21, so his actions r [...]

  • Really enjoyed the story. it's about hot noah and kathryn:)I was really into the book thanks to the author who could create such characters that keep you reading.Noah Ryan is the type of boy we were always warned to stay away from. He projects the image of a very bad boy but with a good heart who has to conquer his demons of the past.Kathryn Lane is a woman who lives the life that her father has chosen for her. She loves art and works hard to get good grades and top her class in order to please [...]

  • I absolutely loved this book. I could not put this book down!!Kat is a girl who has worked her butt of to be where she is, she is determined and smart and has no room to have fun Until she meets Noah OMG Noah He is a motorcycling, hard-body, every girls walking fantasy, living for the trill A typical man every women wants to tame. SwoonI want my own Noah!!These two will change each others world, for the good. But will past circumstances break them apart. This was the perfect romance to watch unf [...]

  • I gotta say WOW! a "new adult" book I like!! Kat is a fantastic heroine, smart enough to keep her sense about her but brave enough to start to venture out of her prescribed life and experience new thingswithout being whiny about itYES! Noah, what can I say, a hot bad boy with a brain and a heartn't get any better than that! Hot and well written this story is totally worth the read!!

  • Losing someone you love is always so hard but believing that you were at fault is devastating. You can’t take ownership of their actions because then you will never live your life.I’m so happy that I agreed to read Crashing Down and write a review. I read the synopsis and I knew that I was going to like it but after reading the story I totally loved it. It had everything that I love in a story, it was captivating, emotional and it seemed so real. I love especially when a story has a good mor [...]

  • Slick‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewCrashing Down by Cathryn Fox is the first book in the Summer Lovin’ New Adult series presented by several authors and it appears this will be a really interesting series. We all know it is so hard to resist the bad boy especially when he sets his sights on you and Kathryn (Kat) Lane is no exception. Against her better judgment and a few choice warnings she can’t seem to stay away from Noah [...]

  • bookworm221.tumblrFirst of all I would like to thank Cathryn Fox and the New Adult Book Club for the amazing opportunity of reading this book.In this book we meet Kat, a scholarship business student that come to do a summer internship at a resort. And Noah a guy who works at the resort and who at first glance may seem carefree and happy but when we look closer we see that he has some demons chasing him.The way their relationship started felt a bit cliché, luckily I love clichés so I was happy [...]

  • I'm just going to keep this review short and sweet. Crashing Down was a super quick, and easy read for me. It was a fun summer read. I enjoyed the friendship between Amy and Kathryn. I really felt like Amy helped pull Kathryn out of her shell and showed her how to live. Noah was a great bad boy, but there was more to him than meets the eye. My issue with Noah was that yes he was a bad boy, but I felt like he never changed. Ok, Maybe some small changes here or there, but nothing really significan [...]

  • I received this as an ARC book from Cathryn Fox for my opinion of the book. Thank you Cathryn Fox to giving me the opportunity to read this in advance. I am very happy to say that I really enjoyed this book and with her being a new author to me I would read more of her books. I fell in love immediately with Logan - he is the bad boy type with a secret he is keeping. He comes across as the real tough guy and tells everyone that he is an ass. I tried to dislike him but I just could not. I liked Ka [...]

  • I received ARC of this book from the author. Thank you, Cathryn, for giving me the opportunity to review this delightful read.As per synopsis, the story is about Noah (the bad boy) and Kathryn (the good girl) met on the job. Both have burden of their own. Would they be good for each other? Can they heal each other? it's interesting to see how the story unfolds.what I like about this book is that the lenght and pace is just right for me. There are enough tantalising scene to keep the page turning [...]

  • This is the first book I've read by Cathryn Fox and after having finished Crashing Down, I'm looking forward to reading more. I fell in love with the characters of Noah and Kat. Noah is trying to run as far away from his demons as possible by living life on the edge. Kat tries to be the perfect daughter and make her father proud, stifling her own wants. These two characters are both fragmented and it's together when they begin to mend. Noah finds someone to free him from his past and Kat finds s [...]

  • Quick, light read!I really enjoyed this little book that packed a lot of story in such a short reading time. Kat and Noah balance each other out, and the clever author has you hoping the whole time for their happily ever after. It's a sweet, sexy romance perfect for when you want something to finish in a couple hours' time.I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • I was intrigued when I read the description of this book it had me wondering what is this that happened to him that changed him from a devoted, driven, hard working student to now the Bad Boy persona he has taken on. This was a book that drove me to finish it the day I started it. I was driven like she was and like he used to be. Crashing Down is a book that I can't ever imagine never reading because if I had never read it I would have never known the things I know now.

  • Another great book by Cathryn Fox!! A great love story about a girl who has her head on straight and a bad boy who makes her loose her head.Noah makes her realize she's living her father's dream and not her own. You wouldn't think a little time working at a resort would change the life of a girl with an overbearing fatherbut Noah is the catalyst she needs!Another must read! I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

  • I really loved this book, easy to read, great characters, a heartwarming plot. Will recommend to others and look for more by this author.

  • Note: This ebook was provided by Season Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Crashing Down by bestselling author Cathryn Fox is the first book in the multi-author Summer Lovin' series. Each book in the series appears to be a standalone though they are all set at the fictional Stone Cliff Resort in Canada and the characters are part of the staff and/or are guests. If this first book sets the tone for the rest of the series, then it did one heck of an excellent job because thi [...]

  • The first scene with Noah was cringeworthy, I didn't need to read about his encounter with a slut. I also don't think it was important to show a sex scene with a random girl as an outlet to forget his pain but if it was absolutely necessary the author could have shown the before and after which would have been just as effective if not more.Kathryn although likeable, I found her character to be slightly overdone in the beginning and middle. The whole I don't do breaking the rules scene seemed fak [...]

  • I received this book in return for my honest review. This is the first time I recieved a copy of a book for a review and I didn’t know what to expect, but I have to say that I was a pleasantly surprised!The book is very sweet and very well written.The characters are real, each one of them has his own flaws and the great thing is that the way they act is realistic.The book tells the story of two people who are apparently very different,but as the story goes on, they begin to know each other, di [...]

  • Overall Rating: 4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆Crashing Down is Cathryn Fox's newest novel. It's a summer romance with a heart-felt twist. The author created an incredible connection between all of the characters as well as the depth and feelings for each personality. I was deeply submerged in the story from the delicately written script this author constructed. Noah Ryan has many demons. He dropped out of college after a fatal accident that left him questioning himself, his work ethics, and life. [...]

  • I received a copy of this to review and I am ashamed at how long it actually took me to do so. I sincerely apologize to the author. I guess nursing school got away from me. I should start off by saying this isn’t my usual read. While I enjoy erotica, I cannot stand the bad boy tamed by good girl trope. Even as someone who has tamed her own bad boy who I sincerely believe loves me as no other could, I just don’t enjoy reading about it. Endless pages of talking about demons and behaving stupid [...]

  • This is the story of Noah and Kathyrn. Noah has a reputation as a hard living, easy going guy who doesn't take life seriously. Kathryn is a scholarship student working at the same resort as Noah for the summer. Two complete opposites whose attraction leads to a relationship - but will it all crash and burn by the end of the summer?Note: this review contains spoilers - read at your discretion! I love summer romances and I had high hopes for this story, but unfortunately they didn't quite live up [...]

  • This book starts with Noah hooking up with yet another nameless girl at a party after getting into a fight. This is the life he has made for himselfter a tragedy several years ago,Noah blames himself and won't allow him to have anything more. Then, he spots Kathryn on her first day at the resort and he knows she is everything he wants but can't have.When one of his buddies bets him he can't get her to fall for him over the summer, Noah is forced to take the bet. But the more time he spends with [...]

  • I received a copy of this book for an honest review.3.5 stars! This is my first review so please bear with me. Two seemingly opposites attract and find out that they were actually more alike than either of them thought. Kat was all work no play where Noah seemed to only play with no work. Although after taking a bet Noah gets to know Kat better and develops deep feelings for her even if he didn't think he deserved her. Kat usually doesn't waste her time with boy and distractions but Noah is diff [...]

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