Alinor She Lived In The Sweet Restless Torture Of A Smouldering Love A woman alone trapped in a maze of treacherous power plays and volatile liaisons Alinor Lamagne is irresistibly swept into an intoxicat

  • Title: Alinor
  • Author: Roberta Gellis
  • ISBN: 9780872164680
  • Page: 204
  • Format: None
  • She Lived In The Sweet, Restless Torture Of A Smouldering Love.A woman alone, trapped in a maze of treacherous power plays and volatile liaisons, Alinor Lamagne is irresistibly swept into an intoxicating, breathless passion for the darkly sensual man whose forbidden love promises only pain and peril.Swirling from the bloody battlegrounds of France and England to the rich pShe Lived In The Sweet, Restless Torture Of A Smouldering Love.A woman alone, trapped in a maze of treacherous power plays and volatile liaisons, Alinor Lamagne is irresistibly swept into an intoxicating, breathless passion for the darkly sensual man whose forbidden love promises only pain and peril.Swirling from the bloody battlegrounds of France and England to the rich pageantry of the king s court, Alinor s passionate adventures weave a breathtaking tale of danger and desire and a beautiful woman s desperate quest for love.

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    Roberta Gellis has been one of the most successful writers of historical fiction of the last few decades, having published about 25 meticulously researched historical novels since 1964 She was married to her husband Charles for over 50 years and they lived together in Lafayette, Indiana with a lively Lakeland terrier called Taffy She has one child called Mark.Her page at the Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase


  • Overall I enjoyed this book but there were a lot of details about Medieval English and European politics which made my head spin at times. On to the next one!

  • I was taken with the historical accuracy and characters in Gellis's Magdalene la Batarde mystery series, so I thought I'd try one of her straight romances. Big mistake. Her attention to period detail is as meticulous as ever, but she takes pretty big liberties with some historical personages, especially King John. It's a big leap from "imposed oppressive taxation; slept with his barons' wives" to "conspired to murder his vassals; tortured and killed whores in his spare time." More to the point, [...]

  • This was a very nice follow up to Roselynde, with Alinor mourning the loss of her beloved (and much older) Simon, who for protection against King John marries Simon's former Squire Ian, who always loved Alinor from afar. There are many (almost too many) misunderstandings between the two as are afraid to admit their true feelings for another, but some WONDERFUL arguments as well! Oh, the names they call each other and then make up. I did think the characterization of the evil King John a bit over [...]

  • This was the first Roberta Gellis novel I read back in the 80's - I loved this series then. I should reread it now.

  • Reading 'Alinor' again after some ten years reminds me how very good Roberta Gellis's work can be.'Alinor' is the second book in Gellis's medieval 'The Roselynde Chronicles.' Recently widowed, Alinor, Lady of Roselynde is besieged by problems on all sides, not least of which is King John's lethal enmity. Ian Lord Vipont, Simon's former squire, now a power in the land, offers Alinor a solution: marry him. Each believes the other is marrying for expediency. Can they discover their love for each ot [...]

  • This is the second novel in the Roselynde series by Roberta Gellis. If you are a fan of historical fiction don't let the fact that this book was published by Harlequin scare you off. This is a well written work of historical fiction. If you haven't already read 'Roselynde' this review may have *.*.*.*SpOiLeRs*.*.*. Gellis reunites us with the headstrong Lady Alinor Lemange, recently widowed by the passing of her husband Simon. Alone Lady Alinor finds herself once again vulnerable to the avaricio [...]

  • Alinor by Roberta Gellis is a unique view of the courts and life in England during the rule of the infamous King John, Lackland. While this book is promoted as a passionate romance, I believe it should be seen more as an historical novel with some romance woven into it. This in no way detracts from the tale of the Lady Alinor and Sir Ian. However, Alinor is more the story of the English courts and politics during the rule of King John, Lackland.In Roberta Gellis’ novel, the premise is taken th [...]

  • This author's writing is very similar to that of Bertrice Small. In fact, I often forget I'm *not* reading a book by Small when reading the Roselynde books. That's not necessarily a bad thing. It's just a little weird.I liked this book better than Roselynde. I'm still not entirely sure I like Alinor, but at least in this book, she showed some jealousy, although she still has the attitude that sex is just like any other bodily function, so she doesn't care if her man has sex with someone else as [...]

  • I think that Roberta Gellis who has Masters Degrees in both BIO-CHEMISTRY and MEDIEVAL LITURATURE has done a remarkable job on Alinor.e ONLY thing I can say that drove me a bit to distraction with this book was her portrayal of Isabelle De Clare Marshal (The GREAT William Marshal, earl of Pembroke's wife) I don't understand why she would but she wrote her up as a religious fanatic of sorts, a timid wife and woman who blindly follows her husband without a word.e wrote the lead character Alinor as [...]

  • I had great expectations from this book. The premise is that the heroine is marrying for the second time and because the husband was the hero of the prequel she must have loved him truly. So could she find the same happiness with the second man? I am sorry to say that the book fell short of the expectations. The heroine's concept that the sex is in the same category as eating or drinking begins to grate on your nerves after a while because she continuously harps on it. My major gripe is that the [...]

  • Love the historical details in this book and Gellis' attempt to capture the medieval mindset. And I still love Alinor. I was as saddened by Simon's loss during this REREAD as I was the first time around. The romance between Alinor and Ian is plagued by one too many misunderstandings and lack of real communication. There is a heavy contrast here between Ian's youth and Simon's maturity. Regardless, this is my second favorite book of the Roselynde Chronicles.

  • Overall an enjoyable read. I also liked the historical note at the end because it explains why King John has been historically reviled. Although this is probably me speaking as a modern woman, I wonder how many women, even in that time period, considered sex a biological need like eating. Perhaps that was merely meant to display sense on the part of Alinor. I do wish that the children had more of a presence throughout the book considering what a big deal they make out of Ian liking them though.

  • This book has everything I don't like in a romance: lack of communication and trust, seething hurt, too much description of things that should be private, and I truly can't read things like "upstanding member" without just cringing. Somehow, that feels dirtier than just giving the body part its proper name.

  • This was a vacation read and I truly enjoyed it. Its really not a romance because that is secondary to the plot, its more historical fiction. I enjoy reading a well researched historical fiction and its makes you think about King John. This book portrays him as a decent King, but a lousy person and I tend to feel that history supports this portrayal.

  • I got the new Nook edition of a old favorite, and re-read it. Over the past few years I have returned to old favorites only to find that they fail to stand up. This is so not the case with Roberta Gellis. Alinor not only stands up but shines. No wonder she has inspired so many of the novelists that I enjoy today. I love that these books will be available for another generation of readers.

  • Loved the first book in the series, Lady of Roselynde, but this one was boring. Gellis spent way too much time on jousting, tourneys, beseiging castles and not enough time on building the relationships in this story the way she did in the first one.

  • Alinor continues from the first book in the series with another worthy hero. The history is absolutely fascinating.

  • Gellis' writing style improves with her second book, but still just a readable, not a memorable, book. Book 2 covers Alinor's second marriage to Ian at the time of King John.

  • Second time I've read this and it was not as I remembered. It is too slow to get going and not as good as the first.

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