Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life and Achieve Prosperity

Abundance Now Amplify Your Life and Achieve Prosperity A New York Times bestselling author and now the recurring motivational speaking coach on the Steve Harvey Show and the Today Show Lisa Nichols own story is inspirational in and of itself In she

  • Title: Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life and Achieve Prosperity
  • Author: Lisa Nichols Janet Switzer
  • ISBN: 9780062412201
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A New York Times bestselling author and now the recurring motivational speaking coach on the Steve Harvey Show and the Today Show, Lisa Nichols own story is inspirational in and of itself In 1994 she had 10 in her wallet and was living on public assistance Today, through a resolution to break out of the mindset traps, limiting behavior and bad habits that kept her fromA New York Times bestselling author and now the recurring motivational speaking coach on the Steve Harvey Show and the Today Show, Lisa Nichols own story is inspirational in and of itself In 1994 she had 10 in her wallet and was living on public assistance Today, through a resolution to break out of the mindset traps, limiting behavior and bad habits that kept her from enjoying a rich life, Lisa has built the life of her dreams She is now sharing her journey, and her secrets, with readers A beloved icon in the personal transformation space who speaks to hundreds of thousands through events, on line courses, and regular television appearances, Nichols is poised to become a household name with a television show pilot and long form infomercial in the works This book is a key component of Nichols strategy, but also her life s work to help everyone hone in on the four areas of life that must be refined to bring true abundance Her 4 E s Enrichment, Enchantment, Engagement, Endowment are the framework upon which a truly rich life is built Abundance Now offers provocative lessons, actionable plans and real life case studies, Nichols reveals what we must do every day to attract abundance, how to act as if we are already leading abundant lives, and how to open the door to a life of richness in your work, your relationships, your money, and in your view of yourself.

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    Lisa Nichols Janet Switzer Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life and Achieve Prosperity book, this is one of the most wanted Lisa Nichols Janet Switzer author readers around the world.


  • Make it your goal to accomplish at least two things every 90 days that directly affect your bottom line. That is to increase your income or business revenue. You cannot hit a moving target. Unclear goals make producing clear results impossible. p. 15Start with the end in mind. You can only complete a goal if you actually get started. Break your goal down into small achievable tasks and do something towards those goals everyday. Stop making excuses and just do the hard and dirty work to achieve y [...]

  • Lisa Nichols is truly a Godsend. This informative book guides its readers through the steps anyone can take towards living an abundance life. Its main theme of “success is your birthright” is explored on several levels that proves the actions required to living your best life is entirely doable.

  • Interesting but full of repetitions!Written like the author was chatting with you or giving a speech to an audience, at some point you are asking yourself why Lisa Nichols is going, back and forth, with her ideas and advices to motivate you. Why can't you close a chapter and move on to another topics without coming back to the same thoughs being reformulated?Don't get me wrong, the ideas and tips are easy to practice and she is very good with motivation. Ok, there is some cliché and you have al [...]

  • Excellent book! I love her insight on how to remain full of joy and live in peace while transitioning to an abundant lifew!

  • I think the book goes into great detail about what you can do to help yourself get out a rut. It gives solid advice, even though it's sometimes similar to other self help advice. It's really is what works if people would try it. I like that though out the book she actually makes you participate in things and learn, she is informative, positive and motivating! It was well worth the read!

  • Excellent book. Very motivational with tons of quotable lines to post on your wall. Notes: Abundance is your birthright (6). Abundance-privileged circumstances (12).When you're living a life of privileged circumstances, you get to play a bigger game, connect with people who are making things happen, encounter more opportunities for advancement, and, along the way, take pleasure in a lifestyle that would be admired by many. It means you have the freedom to pursue those things you want to do, be, [...]

  • Abundance Now. This book gave me sparks of joy. At the moment I am in transition. I bought the books several months ago. I was needing something to give me life. I pulled the book out because I listen to Lisa on YouTube, I've seen her on Steve Harvey and Oprah, and I watched her on the Secret. I'm glad I started reading. As I reading, I could here her voice. Yes! YES! I was already on a reevaluating journey of my life and what I wanted for my life. This book summed it up. This book broke it down [...]

  • This is actually a fabulous book! The information is strong, current, well explained, and thoughtful. Lisa Nichols uses real examples to prove her points in a clear and understandable manner. She presents many ideas that can be immediately acted upon in order to improve your situations and relationships. I highly recommend READING this bookd that is where my lack of a star comes in to play. I "read" this via audio which is recorded by the author herself. It is highly probable that most people wi [...]

  • In my mind, I picture this as a 5 star book. If you have this book, you already had a free ticket to one of her talks! You just need to buy a book for all your friends who want to go! Obviously, investments in coaching, seminars, and newsletters are all worth it. And hey look?! Nichols just happen to have all these things she's selling at worthwhile prices!Her biography is not too bad as an inspirational talk. However, the advice, while some is worthwhile, is quite spread out and not as integrat [...]

  • I was listening to this on CD. I made it to disc 9 out of 10 and just couldn't do it any more. She is funny and writes as though you are friends just sitting down for a chat. However the book is very repetitive and not only does she quote herself a lot but she has some of the quotes read in a mans voice on the book on CD version. It's a great rags to riches story, but this book makes it sound so much easier than it truly is. I'm sure this is very inspirational to many people out there, but it di [...]

  • I don't usually read this type of book (it was for a book club at work) and I am generally amazed that some people manage to get paid for writing things that are just common sense, but this book did make a few good points.

  • A great read from Lisa NicholsSome fantastic nuggets of wisdom, and a lot of common sense (which isn't always so common anymore), and packed with actionable steps you can take right now to shift your thinking and your life. Definitely a book I'll recommend to others.

  • Very motivational review of how the author changed her life. She introduces concepts that can help readers do the same through the principles of enrichment, enchanment, engagement, and endowment. This is truly inspirational. It is even better when hear her personally narrate it (audio book).

  • "Energy grows where energy flows"Very few books you keep referring back to for a lifetime. I have a feeling Abundance Now will be one of those books for me.

  • GreatIt's helped me define and create my goals for the next year. I've been able to work out where I've been going wrong. Definitely recommend.

  • Nothing new really. A few good ideas, but for the most part it just screams out 'Join the cult!'Self help is just not my cup of tea.

  • Some meaningful insights, a lot of encouragement, but I agree with reviews that say it's a bit repetitive. I read the first half, then skimmed the second.

  • I've read many personal development, productivity improvement and prosperity books over the years now. And because of this, I was reluctant to really give this book a chance. And it's not because I didn't believe that Ms. Nichols was authentic but because I thought that upon first glance, that her book was very similar to other books I've already read. Also because a few of the people who recommended her books to me were still struggling with a lot of the concepts presented here in their own liv [...]

  • I don't even know where to begin!!! I have been a long time follower of Lisa Nichols. Without saying too much and giving the book away, let me tell you how you need to use this manual. I say manual and not a book because Nichols provides so much information you have to take notes along with your highlights to guide you on living an abundant life. THIS IS NOT A BOOK THAT CAN BE READ THROUGH quickly, if you do, you will miss so much. There is so much in the manual that Nichols gives & so much [...]

  • I am with other reviews - the book is a little repetitive.Sprinkled with a little self-aggrandizement. The author quotes herself in the book. What a pet peeve. I understand that she is an expert and why not quote her self. but who needs:text text text text text text text text text text "deep words here" Lisa Nichols.text text text text text text.How meta, the book IS her quote. A Lisa Nichols quote in between the page of her own book was facetious and grandstanding. Considering she's a Steve Har [...]

  • This is a great read for someone starting to learn about Abundance Mentality. And, it might help to be an extrovert (the number of mentors/friends/other categories left my introvert head spinning :) ).There's a lot of really great information here and worth the read for those. Don't not read a section just because you think you already "get" that part. It just means you're ready for a new level to that lesson. There are lots of gems along the way.

  • Found this book very motivating and full of helpful ideas to help me work towards my goals. I'm not typically one for wishy washy woo woo books, but I enjoyed this book. Found the religious parts a bit irrelevant to me, but they were easy enough to gloss over and sub in my own agnostic beliefs. This is great for entrepreneurs to read because it speaks to us, however, not sure how valuable it would be to anyone not living that lifestyle.

  • The Power of Doing!I highly recommend Ms Nichols's book. She adds an important reality aspects to the frequent motivation and goal setting guides: Getting clear to what one does, visualization et al are all good to do Yet, the most important thing is then actually getting up and starting to work! And work hard.Lisa shares experience from her building her business up to going public. The fact she reads it herself is a value added.Go, Lisa - You Are Appreciated!

  • I have followed Lisa Nichols since Chicken Soup for the African American Woman's Soul. She is a mentor, coach, and real inspiration. I listened to Abundance Now through audio. The book packed with a bounty of life lessons and golden nuggets serves as a guide that one can apply to reach their personal and career goals.

  • I was somewhat disappointed in that the book did not hold my interest. I liked that it offered many examples and several plans or steps to improve your outlook on life. The author had me wanting to read this book after listening to her in an interview on the radio. I think young people starting their careers will benefit most by reading this book.

  • I love Lisa Nichols. I think it was gate that I found myself a copy of Abundance now and not ,, No matter what". She said it herself it's her most powerful piece of work. I really needed inspiration from this book and I can't wait to see what my abundance has in store for me.

  • Lisa's story and her outlook on life is so damn inspiring! This book is not only filled with her incredible story, but the stories of others, and all of her success principles. She provides practical ways for us to implement them right away. Add this book to your life's resume.

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