Aurora Floyd

Aurora Floyd Aurora Floyd and Braddon s earlier novel Lady Audley s Secret established her as one of the ruling triumvirate of the popular and notorious sensation novelists Like Lady Audley Aurora is a bea

  • Title: Aurora Floyd
  • Author: Mary Elizabeth Braddon
  • ISBN: 9780192824028
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aurora Floyd 1862 3 and Braddon s earlier novel Lady Audley s Secret established her as one of the ruling triumvirate of the popular and notorious sensation novelists Like Lady Audley, Aurora is a beautiful young woman bigamously married and threatened with exposure by a blackmailer In this, the only critical edition of a popular sensation novel, P.D Edward s intrAurora Floyd 1862 3 and Braddon s earlier novel Lady Audley s Secret established her as one of the ruling triumvirate of the popular and notorious sensation novelists Like Lady Audley, Aurora is a beautiful young woman bigamously married and threatened with exposure by a blackmailer In this, the only critical edition of a popular sensation novel, P.D Edward s introduction evaluates its leading place among bigamy novels and Braddon s treatment of the power struggle between the sexes, as well as considering the similarities between the author and her heroine.

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    Mary Elizabeth Braddon was a British Victorian era popular novelist She was an extremely prolific writer, producing some 75 novels with very inventive plots The most famous one is her first novel, Lady Audley s Secret 1862 , which won her recognition and fortune as well The novel has been in print ever since, and has been dramatised and filmed several times.Braddon also founded Belgravia Magazine 1866 , which presented readers with serialized sensation novels, poems, travel narratives, and biographies, as well as essays on fashion, history, science She also edited Temple Bar Magazine Braddon s legacy is tied to the Sensation Fiction of the 1860s.She is also the mother of novelist W.B Maxwell.


  • En general me lo he pasado muy bien leyendo esta historia, pero no recomiendo leerla por el misterio en sí, ya que éste es bastante previsible y fácil de averiguar. Recomiendo leerla porque el estilo de la autora es agradable, las descripciones de los ambientes acertadas y atmosféricas y la historia entretenida. También pprque es interesante conocer el estilo de una de la primera escritora de misterio de la época victoriana, admirada por Wilkie Collins y Henry James como exponente de un g [...]

  • I read Lady Audley´s Secret, an earlier book by Braddon, some time ago for another course. So I expected sort of the same when I started reading Aurora Floyd. This novel, however, has a different setup with a nosy narrator interfering every now and then to tell some life´s truth. Although the background and characters are worked out better, it doesn´t have the flow of Lady Audley, nor the dramatic conclusion. It´s a bit tame compared to its dashing predecessor, I´m afraid. I never really go [...]

  • Hasta más o menos la mitad, la historia, aunque lenta, va fluyendo y la lectura atrapa; pero hacia la mitad va decayendo hasta hacerse soporífera. De hecho me salté como 300 páginas y pasé directamente al final y tengo la sensación de que no me he perdido nada. Quiero probar con el otro libro de la autora, porque el estilo victoriano me ha gustado, sin embargo, la trama se me ha hecho pesada y eso que es bastante llamativa en un principio.

  • Aurora Floyd, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon, much like Lady Audley's Secret, is a novel that makes a clear and positive impression on the reader, not so much because they are similar to the big name authors of Victorian literature like Dickens, but because they are dissimilar. Dickens is my favourite author, but it is impossible to find a strong, powerful lead character who is female. Such is not the case with Braddon's Aurora Floyd.Aurora is both a reflection of the proper Victorian heroine as she [...]

  • This book was like a very gentle roller-coaster ride, with a grand finish at the end. The author admits, in several places within the book, that now would seem a good time to end the novel, but yet the story continues. I do like that there was always a little more to the story, but the constant building up for small excitements got a bit old. There was something wonderfully sassy, however, about reading a book which would have been considered risque or scandalous, only 150 or so years ago. I ima [...]

  • Buena novela victoriana de misterio, genialmente editada por D'Epoca y muy bien traducida, como es habitual con esta editorial. Personalmente, disfruté del principio mucho más que del final. Ya sé que el misterio no era nada misterioso para alguien de nuestra época, pero el problema que tuve era que había alguna aparición de personajes por la "manga" y que el intrusismo de la autora, aunque muy bueno en algunos casos, era excesivamente "victoriano" en otros. Quizá es que no acerté con la [...]

  • From the introduction by Jennifer Uglow, Canterbury 1983: When sensation novels burst upon a quiescent England these novels became immediate best sellers, surpassing all previous book sales records. However, high brow critics writing in academic journals of the day decried the phenomenon and criticized its practitioners (and readers) in the harshest terms. The added noriety derived from reading the novels probably served only to contribute to their popularity.Wanda has prompted me to find and re [...]

  • I'd have expected an eponymous heroine to be more interesting than what was presented. Rather drab and meh/'tevs, sort of like the late-in-the-game murder mystery that was 1) lame, and 2) screamingly obvious. Kinda average, but not wholly dull. I only got through it because I was held captive on a bus and plane. Not a ringing endorsement, but there it is. :P

  • If I'm honest, I liked 'Lady Audley's Secret' better.At times, the narrator tends to get intrusive, pausing the narrative to reflect on human nature and such, which is interesting the first few times around, but tends to feel lecturish after a while. Also, the ending had a distinct lack of tempo because of the time it took to find Conyer's murderer. Although it is made clear there is some pressure behind the whole affair, as the suspicion of Aurora in the neighbourhood increases, Aurora has alre [...]

  • Aurora Floyd is the wealthy, dark-eyed daughter of banker Archibald Floyd. Her mother, Eliza Floyd, died when she was very young. Aurora is enthusiastic about the horse races, and lives with her father in a large country house, in Feldon Woods. First propositioned by Talbot Bulstrode, then John Mellish, Aurora finds herself in a pinch when a secret from very long ago threatens to ruin her relationships with her local county, and indeed, all of England. This is an excellently written book. Braddo [...]

  • Published right after Lady Audley's Secret, Aurora Floyd was almost as popular. Aurora Floyd is a newlywed with a deadly secret, and although (like Lady Audley's) Aurora's secret is fairly easy to guess early on, that doesn't slow down the fast pace and drama of the novel. Braddon's novels are being heralded recently as challenges to the Victorian notion of ideal ladyhood, but in the other books of hers I've read, those unusual women receive suitable punishments for their violations of femininit [...]

  • Potentially I'm becoming more lenient with my ratings as this doesn't quite compare to some of the amazing books I've read in the four star category, but I found this novel really interesting, enjoying and beautifully written, and didn't want it stored in the same category as a bunch of mundane novels.This book was really enjoyable. Parts of it were slightly dull but overall it had so much going on; romance, love triangles, rejection, scandal, secrets, a transgressive woman, a murder mystery, an [...]

  • Good book for those who enjoy this sort of thing. It's a very interesting plot yet with lots and lots of asides and descriptions of human thought and behavior which could throw a modern reader off. Once again, the beautiful truth of Redemption, which is drawn out in Prodigal Son style, a satisfaction for my heart. The plot caught me up with its mystery and intrigue as I hurried through the pages to see how "things" would turn out. I felt a little disappointed in that the sewing up of the story c [...]

  • M.E. Braddon was an exceptionally successful writer of "sensation" fiction in the 19th century, but her legacy has been unduly minimized. Aurora Floyd is an excellent companion thriller to Lady Audley's Secret. The scandalous reputation of the author and her books lends this a bit of credibility for social criticism it's surface tone belies. Braddon may not evince the artistry or wisdom of someone like George Eliot, but this entertaining novel does it's humble part to expose and confront the inj [...]

  • Lo bueno: El concepto de la novela, la narración descriptiva de Braddon, el tipo de protagonista, la cual no es perfecta pero tampoco se hace odiosa y el desarrollo de personajes secundarios, en particular Sir Talbot Bulstrode.Lo malo: El final precipitado, la pérdida de protagonismo del personaje homónimo en los últimos capítulos, la aparición de personajes de la nada y a veces sin ninguna explicación y sobre todo, el tipo de narradora. De haber sido una con menos conocimiento de la tram [...]

  • This is a much more subdued affair than Lady Audley's Secret, Braddon's best known work, and certainly more than The Trail of the Serpent (which might well claim the crown of the most ludicrously melodramatic novel I have ever read). The mysteries and crises are not the 'Now I shall remove the evidence by burning down this house' kind, and more of the scandalous (the more for being class-based) suggestions of bigamy that surround the heroine. To the modern reader, inured to the likes of the Jere [...]

  • Absolutely LOVED this book! This is the second book I have read by this author and both were simply fantastic! Sometimes in this day and age we have a tendency to think that we have become so depraved as compared to "the good old days", but Mary Elizabeth Braddon shows us that this is not the case. People have always been the way they are now, there are just more of us on the planet now so that means that are just more examples now than there were then.Braddon also has, as woman of the 19th cent [...]

  • Siempre que sale un libro de dÉpoca lo compro, conozca al autor o no, ya que es éxito asegurado. A Branddon la conocía pero muy poco, y desgraciadamente no había leído nada suyo. Así que gracias a una amiga que empezó a leerlo, me piqué y he conseguido disfrutar de una auténtica novela de misterio victoriana. He disfrutado muchísimo con los personajes: para mí el mejor ha sido Talbot, aunque al principio me pareció un poco estirado. Pero es que los victorianos eran un poco así, no? [...]

  • El personaje principal (Aurora), me ha parecido muy transgresor para la época, muy interesante y bien dibujado, aunque se le podría haber dado mucho más peso en la trama. El ritmo general de la novela lo considero desequilibrado, con un final demasiado precipitado y diversos fragmentos de larga duración durante los que la novela no avanza, a mi entender. Coincido con alguno de mis compañeros al considerar la figura de la narradora demasiado presente, en varias ocasiones me ha parecido que l [...]

  • A good read but not my favourite Braddon. It centres around the mystery in Aurora Floyd's past. As always with Braddon, it's not hard to figure out what the mystery is. The enjoyment comes from watching the story play out. However, while some of her other books have multiple story threads, this one is flatter and the characters more two-dimensional. I suspect it's one of her more famous novels simply because most of the others are not well known and were out of print for a very long time. The he [...]

  • I enjoyed the book; I can see where Braddon's coming from, but Aurora and her husband were annoying. I suppose it's the reinforcement for the Victorian audience of the virtues of these characters so that their situation was not condemned. I enjoyed the murder mystery, although we knew who did it from the beginning. But I don't think that was the point. I liked Talbot Bulstrode. He felt real to me, but he would have done better marrying someone with more than the personality of a wet cabbage leaf [...]

  • This is another Mary Elizabeth Braddon book. She tends to be long winded but I really couldn't put this one down! She did a fantastic job of weaving some mystery through the book. I am mad at the edition that I read because they spoiled the mystery through the footnotes!! She makes so many historical references it's hard to keep up with what she is talking about so I rely on the footnotes to explain some and one of them totally gave it away! (I won't though, don't worry) This one reminds me of a [...]

  • Un misterio de época que despierta intriga desde el principio, que nos relata dos historias amorosas y cuenta como los personajes deben enfrentarse a estas para que su relación funcione y por último, se nos propone un final escandaloso para el tiempo en el que la novela fue escrita.Un libro que me gustó y que me parece atrevido para su tiempo, así como su protagonista fuera de lo común, la cual me hubiera gustado llegar a conocer mejor ya que sentí que en cuanto a personajes, ella y su ma [...]

  • I didn't enjoy this quite as much as Lady Audley's Secretrhaps the frisson was missing as Aurora really wasn't bad at allbut still an exciting finish, and lots of building tensione men behaved surprisingly well for Victorians, I would have expected at least on of her friend, her father or her husband to have found her sexuality too threatening to deal withIt's a refreshing change that they all forgave her for being human!

  • The narrative voice earns this novel five stars, more than making up for a few too many pages An example to love: "if she had been faultless, she could not have been the heroine of this story." The characters are richly drawn, the narration witty and tongue-in-cheek during the highest moments of melodrama. This is my second Braddon and although most of her works are out of print, I'm determined to read another!

  • Free download available at Aurora Floyd, Vol. I (of 3) - Project Gutenberg.Free download available at Aurora Floyd, Vol. II (of 3) - Project Gutenberg.Free download available at Aurora Floyd, Vol. III (of 3) - Project Gutenberg.

  • I read this book after "Lady Audley's Secret". If you do so, you will prefer Lady Audley. That book is more mysterious and surprising. Still this is a good read and worth reading. Braddon has been added to my list of authors to watch.

  • Pretty decent sensation novel. Braddon isn't interested in surprising you (you can guess what will happen fairly quickly), but rather in playing up the emotional suspense. This is the other of her pair of bigamy novels and was published shortly after Lady Audley's Secret.

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