Isolation Ward

Isolation Ward Straight out of today s hospitals and labs and tomorrow s headlines comes a frightening scalpel sharp thriller from medical insider Joshua Spanogle In an astounding debut Spanogle takes us on an all

  • Title: Isolation Ward
  • Author: Joshua Spanogle
  • ISBN: 9780440242284
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
  • Straight out of today s hospitals and labs and tomorrow s headlines comes a frightening, scalpel sharp thriller from medical insider Joshua Spanogle In an astounding debut, Spanogle takes us on an all too real race against time as a young doctor enters the dark side of scientific research, desperate to stop a terrifying epidemic before it is too late.In Balti s St RStraight out of today s hospitals and labs and tomorrow s headlines comes a frightening, scalpel sharp thriller from medical insider Joshua Spanogle In an astounding debut, Spanogle takes us on an all too real race against time as a young doctor enters the dark side of scientific research, desperate to stop a terrifying epidemic before it is too late.In Balti s St Raphael s Hospital, three newly admitted patients are among society s most helpless citizens female residents of Balti s group homes for the mentally impaired, their bodies racked by a virus the likes of which no one at St Raphael s has ever seen.Dr Nathaniel McCormick is one of the first on the scene A young investigator from the Centers for Disease Control, Nate is paid to explore the bizarre, the exotic, and the baffling from superviruses to bioterrorism But as soon as Nate begins to investigate the lives and habits of the victims, he knows something is terribly wrong Using all his skills as a medical detective, Nate soon zeroes in on the vector the one person who had sexual contact with the first victims And when that suspect is found murdered, Nate fears that the disease he s chasing may not be an act of nature, but of man.With his brash style angering his superiors and fellow investigators alike, Nate turns to an old colleague and former lover, Dr Brooke Michaels, for help Together the two investigators follow a twisting trail of clues to a discovery that is at once groundbreaking and unspeakable And as a circle of treachery tightens around him, Nate is about to confront the most chilling revelation of all and a past Nate himself has been trying to escape.At once a taut medical thriller and a riveting psychological portrait of a young doctor on the edge, Isolation Ward is a tale of runaway tension with a brilliant what if premise that is harrowing heartbreaking and impossible to wrench from your imagination.From the Hardcover edition.

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  • I wanted to jump in and review this book even before finishing. I can't begin to tell you how hard it is for a book to capture my interest right from the very start and keep it all through to the end. This was fascinating. Definitely for those who love medical stories with tons of terminology. It was a nail biter for sure. I have to admit I didn't like the main character and the ending a bit long, but other than that, this was an exceptionally well written book. I have already recommended it to [...]

  • This book is a medical thriller that will pull you in and make you forget to do all the stuff you should be doing such as going to bed at a decent hour!!! Although some of the happenings were a bit far fetched, it was very entertaining so four stars for that. It had the same issue that I see in a lot of books where the "bad guy" explains everything just before killing the main character who defying all odds, manages to escape not once but multiple times. The medical testing that was the basis fo [...]

  • Loved this medical thriller novel. The writing was great witty. The main character, Dr Nate McCormick, bantered so muchwith himself and the other characters that I found myself chuckling during situations that shouldn't have been funny. The storyline was fascinating and quick moving with science, medical, and action throughout the book. I quickly ordered the next book about Dr McCormick written in 2007. I'm sad to see that there are no more books by the author after that year.

  • Ha ha after my last discourse on only finishing books I really like here is a 2 star rating. It was okay. It was exciting enough that I wanted to finish it but I didn't really care about the characters and Robin Cook does it better anyway. Besides, the older I get the less I want to read books set in hospitals wherein doctors/nurses/orderlies/researchers are sinister and don't have my best interests at heart. Yikes!

  • I'm not sure I've read too many medical mystery books, but this one was very interesting. It wasn't too weighed down with medical jargon, and what there was of it was relatively easy to follow. Despite being a medical mystery, it had all the things you want a good mystery to have. Danger, excitement, heroes and villains and even a twist or two.

  • I really enjoyed this medical thriller. It's the usual plot line of unethical doctors and medical companies, plotting for profit - this one deals with xenotransplantation which I found interesting. There were a couple graphic scenes that should have been left out (they added nothing) but otherwise a good, tense storyline and well-developed characters. Recommended 4.25/5 stars.

  • Read this book only if you like snarky, smart-ass doctors who use the word "retarded" constantly, and have no respect for nursesor anyone else, for that matter. Oh, and there is dog mutilation too. This book is just a winner all around. ::Please note my sarcasm::

  • I listened to this on CD in the car over several days. The narrator is not a very charming character and gets a bit tiresome. I really got tired of this story and was glad for it to end.

  • Eh. It's hard. I mean, there are definitely good and bad things about this. The first thing that one should take note is the use of first person in this novel. I don't particularly fancy this style but I didn't take long to get used to it. The reason why spanogle probably preferred this method was to showcase the protagonist's massive overload of internal dialogue and witty self-remarks to justify the jackass behaviour his character actually says out loud.It's not necessarily a bad thing, for th [...]

  • Isolation Ward follows the story of Dr. Nathaniel McCormick, a cranky CDC investigator on the track of a sexually-transmitted hemorrhagic fever. The trail leads back to corrupt scientists, evil companies, and violence, violence, violence. Spanogle weaves a fast-paced medical thriller that is a bit more Robert Ludlum than Robin Cook, but it has its share of medical jargon. The violence gets a bit over the top by the end, but it's believable for the most part. I particularly enjoyed Spanogle's reg [...]

  • Isolation Ward, by Joshua Spanogle, A-minus, narrated by Scott Brick, produced by Books on Tape, downloaded from audible.In his debut novel, Spanogle takes us on an all-too-real race against time as a young doctor enters the dark side of scientific research, desperateto stop a terrifying epidemic before it is too late. In Baltimore's St. Raphael's Hospital, three newly admitted patients are among society's most helplesscitizens: female residents of Baltimore's group homes for the mentally impair [...]

  • A mysterious illness has appeared in several women living in group homes for the moderately mentally impaired and as the disease continues to ravage the women's bodies the doctors in the Baltimore hospital in which they have been admitted realize they have a deadly comminicable biological threat on their hands. Immediately the women are placed in isolation and Dr. Nate McCormick from the CDC is called in to investigate. Nate comes upon some alarming facts that show the disease is spread by sexua [...]

  • I picked this book out on audio looking for a quick and engaging read, and was pleased to get just that. "Isolation Ward" is told from the point of view of Dr. Nathaniel McCormick, a CDC officer with an attitude equal to his brain power, both of which have a tendency to get him into trouble. I enjoyed his snarky side comments and disaffected viewpoint on the medical establishment throughout the book. If you read this on audio, all the better, because narrator Scott Brick embodies the character q [...]

  • Dr Nate McCormick werkt bij het CDC en wordt naar Baltimore gestuurd om er de besmetting van enkele verstandelijke gehandicapten te onderzoeken. Ze vertonen hemoragische verschijnselen zoals Ebola maar niet zo uitgesproken, wel even dodelijk. Hij gaat op zoek naar de eerste persoon, de vector, terwijl het ziekenhuis waar de vrouwen behandeld worden in quarantaine gaat, evenals, na lang aandringen de woongemeenschap. De stijl van Nate McCormick maakt dat hij iedereen tegen zich in het harnas jaag [...]

  • Lot's of problems 1. Too long at 516 pages.2. Immature characters, including protagonist. Juvenile sub-plot: the "romance."3. Significant use of profanity -- which also seems to be unnaturally dropped (edited) in. The use seems forced, perhaps even after-the-fact. Almost as if an exec-level publ. editor-in-charge went thru the author's draft and thought gotta add more Hollywood-style immature/juvenile sensationalism e.g more f-words, etc. that'll sell these paperbacks. I actually started cou [...]

  • Dr. Nate McCormick works for the CDC. He is called to a nearby hospital by a friend, Dr. Verlach, to examine a patient admitted with a strange hemorrhagic condition. He immediately runs into interference from other hospital physicians. Nate has a humorous personality that some interpret as brash and disrespectful. The hsopital has sequested the patient and 2 others in a isolation unit. All patients are from a group home for the mentally challenged. When Nate investigates further, he finds severa [...]

  • The protagonist, Nathaniel, is a loose cannon, a flawed character in many ways, which is one of those delightful slices of reality in Isolation Ward. As a Centers for Disease (CDC) doctor with a shady past, including getting tossed out of medical school, Nathaniel is a man with an attitude, obsessed with the pursuit of a possibly virulent pathogen.This unabridged version of Isolation Ward is just over sixteen hours long, read by Scott Brick. Although not a prolific author, Spanogle‚Äôs books hav [...]

  • I'm pretty picky about first person narrative. I find that the author takes a real risk writing in that voice because if you don't like how the character, then you don't go along for the ride. I chose this book simply because I'm currently on a virus kick ( I've read tons recently) and I hadn't read this yet. I did like the viewpoints of the main character Dr. McCormick, but again, not a huge fan of just seeing things through his eyes the whole time. And I did become frustrated with his attitude [...]

  • I believe this was Joshua's break out novel. REALLY GOOD. I love medical thrillers and this one does not disappoint, I was thoroughly entertained. Joshua wrote this novel while in medical shoo!, which makes the book more amazing! You get a great mixture of a difficult physician who has excellent clinical skills (Sherlock Holmesesgue), throw in the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and Medical/Ethical issues and voila! You get ISOLATION WARD. I didn't figure out the ending, I expected something di [...]

  • I cannot believe that I read this book again after reading it more than a year or so ago. I totally forgot that I had read it. I knew that I had read it before shortly after starting it, but kept on going since I couldn't remember how it ended.Anyway, now I have a record of it, so I won't be reading it again anytime soon!It was a fun read. I love anything along the lines of medical thrillers, so this was right up my alley even a second time. Bioterrorists, super-viruses and all, it was a thrill [...]

  • Three newly admitted patients from a group home for the mentally disabled have a virus that cannot be identified. Dr. Nathaniel McCormick from the CDC is sent to identify the virus and find the source. Nate investigates the lives of each of the victims and is led discovers a single contact which leads him to San Francisco and a researcher with whom he formerly worked. Using his skills as medical detective, Nate must follow the trail of people who are willing to sacrifice anyone who gets in their [...]

  • A thriller about a potential epidemic with a new virus. It starts out fine but ends up being more of a detective tale than one about an epidemic. The main protagonist is a maverick of a doctor with serious authority issues. Of course, he solves the problem in the end but he is so obnoxious throughout that it is hard to root for him.Based on the very accurate character description, I suspect this maverick may be more than a touch autobiographical for the author. At the time of writing, the author [...]

  • Wow this was a huge undertaking of a novel! This was a very intense story with a whopping 102 chapters! I really enjoyed the story though, and it started intense pretty much right off the start. This subject matter hits a little close to home with me working for a girl who is turning 18 who will soon be placed in a group home and we always fear the worst case scenario in these types of environments. Also the whole topic of disease warfare is a scary subject so this was definitely an intense read [...]

  • Got about half way through the book, and exasperated, just had to quit. The plot potential was huge, and i really liked the premise and was excited initially, but it just took SO LONG for anything to develop. It's like it was always on the verge of "something is about to happen!" then it didn't. Taking forever to describe things that didn't really contribute to the situation, and lacking in what you actually do want to know about. Maybe it picks up later, but I felt like I couldn't waste anymore [...]

  • I'm giving this book two stars, because while it was kind of interesting and I'm curious about the disease, I just can't force myself through the book anymore. The first person was a little odd, but my biggest problem was the plot development. Things just came out of nowhere. Without spoiling anything, halfway through the book the main character's circumstances change and all of a sudden, the plot is centered around things that were only just introduced. It does not make for a cohesive reading e [...]

  • Written by one of my husband's med school class mates. Al liked it very much and I'm looking forward to reading it.I have finally started it and I must say, it gets off to a quick start. It's got a "Hot Zone" kind of infectious disease topic that is gripping. Finished and it was an engaging page-turner. I got a little tired of the protagonist's self absorption and girl trouble.And some of his action sequences lacked credibility, but if you want an exciting read, this is fun and light. Good for e [...]

  • Ok - first I will say that I really enjoyed the suspense in this book - it kept me hooked. But, I have to admit there was a few times I wished they'd just get on with it. Also, I did have to skip over some rather graphic details of ripping flesh and snapping bones at one point - ugh! But, if you can handle that (or skip over it like I did) - then it's a good suspenseful story. Now I'm listening to Flawless, which kinda picks up where this story ends with the two main characters.

  • I borrowed this book from the library, started reading it, and then returned it because it was due with a plan to just check it out again. Well, when I went to find it just a few days later, it no longer existed, at least it wasn't in the library's catalog any more. I wonder why they suddenly go rid of it? It wasn't in bad condition or anything. Either way, the book was just OK. If I get a hold of it again, I may finish it but it wasn't good enough to go out and buy it.

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