The Balance Within: The Science Connecting Health and Emotions

The Balance Within The Science Connecting Health and Emotions Since ancient times humans have felt intuitively that emotions and health are linked and recently there has been much popular speculation about this notion But until now without compelling evidence

  • Title: The Balance Within: The Science Connecting Health and Emotions
  • Author: Esther M. Sternberg
  • ISBN: 9780716744450
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
  • Since ancient times humans have felt intuitively that emotions and health are linked, and recently there has been much popular speculation about this notion But until now, without compelling evidence, it has been impossible to say for sure that such a connection really exists and especially how it works.Now, that evidence has been discovered.A thrilling scientific detectiSince ancient times humans have felt intuitively that emotions and health are linked, and recently there has been much popular speculation about this notion But until now, without compelling evidence, it has been impossible to say for sure that such a connection really exists and especially how it works.Now, that evidence has been discovered.A thrilling scientific detective story, The Balance Within tells how researchers finally uncovered the elusive mind body connection and what it means for our health In this beautifully written book, Dr Esther Sternberg, whose discoveries were pivotal in helping to solve this mystery, provides first hand accounts of the breakthrough experiments that revealed the physical mechanisms the nerves, cells, and hormones used by the brain and immune system to communicate with each other She describes just how stress can make us susceptible to all types of illnesses, and how the immune system can alter our moods Finally, she explains how our understanding of these connections in scientific terms is helping to answer such crucial questions as Does stress make you sick Is a positive outlook the key to better health and How do our personal relationships, work, and other aspects of our lives affect our health A fascinating, elegantly written portrait of this rapidly emerging field with enormous potential for finding new ways to treat disease and cope with stress, The Balance Within is essential reading for anyone interested in making their body and mind whole again.

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    • The Balance Within: The Science Connecting Health and Emotions By Esther M. Sternberg
      423 Esther M. Sternberg
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    Esther M. Sternberg Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Balance Within: The Science Connecting Health and Emotions book, this is one of the most wanted Esther M. Sternberg author readers around the world.


  • Fascinating. Looking at the way stress can overcome the immune system and explaining the process based on actual scientific results had me turning the pages faster than usual. I usually get stuck in medical tomes, as the scientific names overwhelm my limitations, but the subject matter here was different.a rich and varied fabric of positive relationships can be the strongest net to save us in our times of deepest need.The book is written almost as a court case would be designed, in that each ide [...]

  • The book has been a good read, but I felt that it was touching the same topics that probably so many other articles. But having liked the style of writing I am pleased to recommend this book to someone who is new to the field.

  • Fascinating look at the history behind the discoveries that the immune system, endocrine system and the brain are all intertwined. Very specific medical information and basic science about the mind-brain interaction and the many ways stress affects us.

  • This book is probably better than the rating I've given it. I've read the material elsewhere. But the content is good stuff. The relationship between stress and health is undeniable.

  • Sternberg does well to ground the reader as she weaves geographical and architectural introductions into many chapters, before blowing your head off with some science, and overall she manages to convey the fascinating depths of the scientific best working-model understanding of emotion-immune system interplay.I'd recommend this to anyone seeking to understand more about stress, and emotional impacts on health, but not to vaguely interested parties. Though the author manages in many places to pul [...]

  • I wanted to like this book, and kept plodding along until I'd finished it, but I honestly didn't get much from it. To be fair, it is very complex subject matter. The level of detail was uneven, in many places giving specific citations for research studies on immune responses, but in others stating vague (and to me, unconvincing) generalities. For instance, the subject of dominance hierarchies was invoked with some hand-waving and simplistic statements (pretty clearly not in the author's wheelhou [...]

  • Es pura ciencia, lo que no es malo en absoluto pero sí algo decepcionante si esperas algo que todavía no somos capaces de comprender.

  • The mind and immune system are intertwined from birth, yet modern medical science has until recently considered them as entirely separate entities. In The Balance Within, Dr. Sternberg attempts an explanation of the complex interactions between the two systems, and why medical science took so long to uncover them. The story and content of this research is the epicentre of this book. Her message is simple, yet confounding to many doctors: a holistic approach is necessary to truly understand how t [...]

  • Fascinating! I admit my eyes glazed over a bit reading about receptors on cells, interleukins, lymphocytes, and such, but much of the text was related in an easy to explain manner. Sternberg used metaphors and explained the order of events clearly so that even non-medical readers could get the gyst of the experiments she describes.It's not at all a 'woo-woo' book, even the chapters that talk about the possible effects of belief at the end. I enjoyed learning about the body's stress response, its [...]

  • I was really excited to hear about this book - can't say no to something that plugs my own research interests. Unfortunately I didn't get as much out of it as I'd hoped - when I picked it up I hadn't realized that the book is now more than 10 years old (most of the research cited is from the mid to late '90s), and the field has moved forward since then. I also felt that, in some places, the writing style was a bit florid Nevertheless, this is a good introduction to Health Psychology-related idea [...]

  • Great book. It helped me to remember that being a health care worker isn't just about helping to ease the disease or illness. Being a health care worker is about helping the patient as a whole, physically and spiritually. As we care for the spirit the body can also be cared for. Sometimes the patient can become healthier while their spirit is being nourished. Being happy is contagious and we need to remember that everyone is a child of God.

  • the second half of this book is really where it picked up for me. going beyond human biology, the exploration of health and human really was of interest, however, it still lacked the *emotional* part, including where psychology/counseling fits into it all. (as if doctors are the only ones who can provide emotional support, huh?!)

  • Using historical and contemporary science, this expert traces, and connects, through molecules, brain-immune connections and the numerous physiological responses that tie emotions and health. Which I have known for many years, and am grateful it receives wider analysis with in the medical community.

  • The book is a bit dated, of course (2000), but it is an interesting layman's introduction to the subject. The criticisms on the "traditional" science are often a bit too much straw man arguments, but the message is valid: get out of your specialty and look at the broader picture.

  • Great read. I assign this book and a paper on it every time I teach Health Psychology. Something anyone interested in how their health care is determined (and how it might/should be changing)should read.

  • (recommended by Karin)This is just what the title says, and very well written. Good science.Click here for the full article on: Health and Nutrition

  • This is a well written popular science book with lots of good details about how the immune and nervous systems are connected. There is not a huge amount of difficult jargon and provides a good introduction to different areas of the brain and how hormone signals cause immune response.

  • bject matter is interesting, and her NPR interviews were enjoyable, but the text is dry and not terribly revelatory to my personal world view of the symbiosis of personal mental & physical healthill, there are worse reads out there

  • I am learning so much about the science of why stress makes us vulnerable to short term & chronic illness. it's all coming together hooray!

  • Well done description of science developing re connection between brain and pituitary, hypothalmus, adrenal in regard to inflammatory diseases and mental health

  • Great information on hormonal stress, the immune system, emotions, and how the body is affected and changed by all three.

  • I was not expecting this book to be quite so high-level when it came to the physiological intricacies of health and emotion. It could not keep my interest for long.

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