The Follower

The Follower SHE D DO ANYTHING FOR HER HUSBAND Julie has the perfect life A kind boyfriend loving parents and good grades She has everything ahead of her Cora s life is a nightmare A psychopath for a husband a v

  • Title: The Follower
  • Author: Koethi Zan
  • ISBN: 9781473523852
  • Page: 252
  • Format: ebook
  • SHE D DO ANYTHING FOR HER HUSBAND.Julie has the perfect life.A kind boyfriend, loving parents and good grades She has everything ahead of her.Cora s life is a nightmare.A psychopath for a husband, a violent father and a terrible secret There s no way out.But one night, their worlds collide Locked in an isolated house together, they must work out what has happened andSHE D DO ANYTHING FOR HER HUSBAND.Julie has the perfect life.A kind boyfriend, loving parents and good grades She has everything ahead of her.Cora s life is a nightmare.A psychopath for a husband, a violent father and a terrible secret There s no way out.But one night, their worlds collide Locked in an isolated house together, they must work out what has happened and who they can trust to set them free.From the bestselling author of The Never List, this is a breath taking new thriller about the wife of a kidnapper and her relationship with his last victim.Praise for Koethi Zan Psychological thriller writing at its best Jeffery Deaver Should be on every mystery reader s must read list Tess Gerritsen

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    When Koethi Zan was born in the sleepy farming town of Opp, Alabama, the City of Opportunity, her mother was Valedictorian of the local public high school and her father the star of its football team Her parents named her after the homecoming queen of Lurleen B Wallace Junior College, perhaps hopeful that some of that glory would rub off on her But Koethi would never be a homecoming queen In fact, she spent most of her youth in her room, reading, listening to Morrissey, and avoiding everything connected to high school football not an easy task in those parts After graduation, Koethi put herself through Birmingham Southern College with scholarships and a small cow fund courtesy of Molly, the Charolais heifer she d received as her third birthday present She used the money wisely, travelling to New Orleans on the weekends to hit the club scene, almost always in silver sequined costume, surrounded by transvestites, Goth kids and her gay male entourage Perhaps, in some roundabout way, she had fulfilled her homecoming queen destiny after all Then, in what may have been a misguided fit of pique, Koethi threw away her all black daywear and her thrift store evening gowns, and went to Yale Law School, with some vague idea of becoming a film producer Afterwards, however, she unexpectedly found herself twenty eight stories up in the Manhattan offices of Davis Polk Wardwell, a prestigious white shoe law firm that represented mostly investment banks She regularly pulled all nighters working on secured financings and revolving credit facilities She tended to wear demure black pantsuits, with her hair up It didn t take her long to realize corporate life wasn t for her, and Koethi spent the next fifteen years practicing entertainment law both in private practice at Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton Garrison and, later, Schreck Rose Dapello and in house business and legal affairs positions for the film producer, Ed Pressman, and, most recently, at MTV , with a slight detour along the way to study cinema at NYU s Tisch School of the Arts As an entertainment lawyer, Koethi attended glamorous premieres and openings, international film festivals and celebrity filled parties She dealt with gritty production issues as varied as suicide threats, drug overdoses and sex tape allegations She warred with Hollywood agents and befriended reality stars Then, while Senior Vice President Deputy General Counsel at MTV, she decided to fulfill a lifelong dream on the side, and in the early mornings she wrote a crime novel, The Never List Now, coming full circle in a way, Koethi, her husband, Stephen Metcalf, and their two daughters, live in an old farmhouse in a rural community in upstate New York Her husband occasionally watches a football game on television But her daughters have never even heard of homecoming queens.


  • NYU student Julie Brockman is abducted. She spends captivity in a small cell growing weaker by the day but still determined to find freedom once more. I liked some parts of this book more than others and it took getting to the halfway point for me to fall into a steady rhythm with this story. (view spoiler)[I would've skipped this book altogether had I known about the religious fanaticism layered into the story. (hide spoiler)] The ending was a disappointment.

  • Ah, the dreaded second book! Half of me didn’t even want to read this because I was so worried that I would compare it to The Never List which I recently put in a list of my top 20 books of the last few years. But I tried to put those feelings to the side and read this on its own merits. And while it didn’t live up to, for me personally anyway, her hugely successful and gripping first novel, The Follower was…okay! For anyone unfamiliar with The Never List then I’m sure they will love thi [...]

  • This novel is very character driven. There are three characters (Julie, Cora and Adam) who are the main focus but there was actually one that I felt this novel was really most about and – here’s a surprise – it wasn’t the girl kept captive. Don’t get me wrong, I felt for Julie, the girl that got abducted and locked up in a room with boarded up windows. Her ordeal was horrific and although nothing graphic is mentioned, it doesn’t take much to feel the impact of her situation. Fact is, [...]

  • When Julie is kidnapped and taken to somewhere remote.e meets CoraBut Cora isn't like Julie.Zan's second novel is creepy, intriguing and I really liked it. The characters are well developed and there is an actual story.Unlike many books of this genre I was interested in the lives of the people and the reasons behind Julie's captivity.Although quite samey in places The Follower is gripping and rather scary, Julie's ordeal is twisted. Adam was the one who interested me more. An ex-cop, his young s [...]

  • I liked the author's previous title, The Never list, although the characters weren't perfect, it suprised me with it's unexpected twists and turns. I hoped that she would have ironed out the character issues in her second book, but unfortunately this was only okay for me. Although it was suspenseful at times, I never connected with the characters, especially Adam. 2017 seems to be the year of thrillers, and there was nothing in this story that made it stand out. I am sure there are many suspense [...]

  • The tricky second novelAs she is making her way back to university one evening, Julie is abducted. She is kept in a locked room and gradually learns a little about her captors. The man, James, is a fanatic who has created his own distorted religion and for a time had a small group of followers. All have since deserted him except for his wife Cora – a woman he has abused to the point where she is entirely submissive to him. Julie begins to wonder if somehow she can win Cora over, so that she wi [...]

  • I'm reviewing The Follower by Koethi Zan. Kidnapped and taken to an isolated house, Julie meets Cora - a disturbing and evil woman who is keeping Julie captive. This is an Vine Review of a free book. Here are my thoughts: ^^ I'd heard (but not read) a lot of great things about Koethi Zan's previous book The Never List, so I was keen to read The Follower. Sadly, I struggled to get any real enjoyment from this story. The beginning started off really exciting and promising, but then quickly dulled [...]

  • Thank you to netgalley and the publishers for allowing me to read an arc of this book. I loved The Never List and recommend it to everyone so when I saw this I was really excited to read it. The rest of my TBR was instantly ignored. Right from the start a creepy tone was set and I was swept up in the disturbing story unable to tear myself away. I did not love the ending but up until then this book was brilliant and definitely another I will be recommending. Kept me on the edge of my seat.

  • I would have given more stars if it wasn't for the ending. I was really shocked when I turned the page and found the booked had just abrubtly ended. There were too many loose ends still. Apart from that it was a very good read. Julie is abducted one evening late, at a train station. When they get to the abductor's house, there is another woman and Julie thought she will help her. But this is Cora, the wife. And she will do anything for her husband. Then Julie's nightmare begins, but she never gi [...]

  • All my reviews are published here:ahavenforbooklovers.wordpressThe Follower by Koethi Zan is a fast-paced thriller about two women brought together by a leader of a cult. One woman was a willing follower while the other one had been abducted. The story begins with this abduction. Julie is a regular girl enjoying her life when she is suddenly kidnapped and locked in a room by a sort of religious, demented couple.The story focuses more on the two women than on the leader. Julie’s narrations are [...]

  • Julie Brockman hat das perfekte Leben: Ein tolles Studium, einen unfassbar attraktiven Freund und ein reiches Elternhaus. Doch das alles nützt ihr nichts, als sie eines Nachts entführt wird. Benommen wacht sie in einem kleinen Zimmer im Nirgendwo auf. Sie weiß nicht, wer ihre Entführer sind und setzt ihre Hoffnung in die Ehefrau des Mannes, der sie gekidnappt hat. Jedoch kennt das Böse kein Geschlecht"Nur das Böse" ist der zweite Thriller von Koethi Zan und hat mich enttäuscht. Das Debüt [...]

  • Originally reviewed on Hummingbird Reviews. The Follower is a dark and obsessive tale by Koethi Zan, which follows the abduction of Julie, and the frightening days of captivity that follow that terrifying moment where she is snatched, thrown into the back of a van and driven away to the place that will become her prison. Unsuspecting and oblivious to the danger that lurks, Julie has no idea of where she is and why she is being kept there. All she knows is that it will be near impossible f [...]

  • Not saying too much about this as i think i should have read the first one first but my daughter bought this for me.i must say i quite enjoyed it though, it was a good story but i couldn't get to grips with the ex cop who was after Cora (to save her), i think he was a bit weak, and i didn't like the ending

  • It was always going to be a challenge with the 'difficult' second book, there is a challenge in not just meeting the success of 'The Never List' but building on it to establish the audience.So does 'The Follower' succeed? On the surface it looks similar, girl is kidnapped by an outsider, with a split narrative between the kidnapped girl and the kidnappers accomplice, and a detective who is looking for patterns in missing girl cases.None of them are entirely likeable, but that is where the streng [...]

  • Julie's perfect life is shattered after she is abducted while waiting for the last train one night. The kidnapper brought her back to his house, which he lives with his wife, Cora. Bound and locked in a room, Julie hopes to find some bit of sanity through some exchanges with Cora but the latter is cold and isn't willing to hear her. Still, Julie didn't give up in trying and her persistence has finally paid off seeing Cora starting to open up just a bit. Cora, on the other hand, isn't who we thin [...]

  • Are we born monsters, or do we became ones? The Follower plays with the psychology of the abduction and circumstances and - IF - they can lead into the twist of the character towards evil. Julie is a beautiful and smart student, abducted on her way home. There is never a ransom request or any contact from the abductor/s. Cora is a housewife in her late thirties - and more, as she is a part of the abductor "team". And her personal story is the strongest here, as she was once an abductee, too.Adam [...]

  • A priveleged young woman called Julie is kidnapped but her hopes of rescue are dashed when the strange woman who comes out of the farmhouse they've parked infront of looks at the kidnapper with utter adoration - for the woman is Cora Jenkins and she's the kidnapper's wife and much worse than he is!Cora is twisted beyond redemption thanks to her own traumatic past where her own Hell just got deeper and deeper until she thought she'd found salvation and acceptance at long last and she religiously [...]

  • anaslair.wordpress/2017/0Ah, this book It had such an interesting premise. A victim and two perpetrators. Can she get out of the situation? Sadly, it didn't work for me.As we accompany Julie through the time of her confinement, the narrative is interspersed with snippets of Cora's life as she grow up, so it became clear early on that this was as much about Julie's resilience as it was trying to figure out how someone like Cora becomes who she is. That was all well and good.However, I found it co [...]

  • The Follower by Koethi ZanI did find this book hard to get into and found it slow in places. However, I am glad that I stuck it out.Julie has led, what some might consider a privileged life, who is popular and well liked. Until whilst waiting for a train late one night she is abducted. She is forced into a sound proof van and driven for miles to a remote farm house, where a reasonable looking woman Cora/Laura is waiting for a split-second Julie’s hopes are raised, however those hopes are soon [...]

  • Julie Brookman is abducted late at night , and held captive by a couple whose religious beliefs lead them to think she is the chosen one. James & Cora are her abductors, he is a violent psychopath, and she will do anything to keep him happy. We learn about Cora's troubled childhood with a drunk , violent father , and a secret she needs kept hidden. Secondary to the main storyline we have Adam, an ex cop whose sister was abducted many years before. He has never given up looking for her, and b [...]

  • 3.5 stars. Julie has the perfect life. A boyfriend, loving parents and good grades. Cora's life is a nightmare. Her husband is a psychopath, her fathers violent and has a terrible secret. There's no way out. Then one night their worlds collide. They are locked in an isolated house together. They need to work out what has happened and who they can trust to set them free.Julie's life is devastating when she's being kept prisoner. It's gripping, scary and a little twisted. A well written decent rea [...]

  • If you don’t mind stories with a religious/cult storyline then you’ll enjoy this book. Unfortunately for me, I don’t enjoy these sorts of storylines, so as soon as I started getting hints that there was some religion/cult bits going on, I struggled to even want to pick this book up. But I’m not one to give up on a book so I persevered. The storyline itself was good enough, but for me, I just couldn’t get past the religion/cult part. I wish that before I bought it I’d have known more [...]

  • Not for the faint hearted, but a fantastic study on crime and its consequences for all involved. No one is immune here.Nicely told from various viewpoints, you even feel sympathy for the worst of the worst.

  • Not quite as good as Koethi Zan's The Never List (that was remarkable) but this is still a consistently compelling crime thriller. Though not for those with a fear of spiders.

  • I really enjoyed this and found both the relationship between the two women and the wife's backstory compelling. Well worth a read.

  • I loved it, but did not entirely understand whether Cora and Abigail are the same person. I did not understand the end, either. How was Cora going to get away with all the police and firemen around?!

  • Was okNot impressed with the ending, bit of a let down. Rest of the book was ok, took me a while to read as it didn't capture my imagination.

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