The Ultra Mind Solution: Automatically Boost Your Brain Power, Improve Your Mood and Optimize Your Memory

The Ultra Mind Solution Automatically Boost Your Brain Power Improve Your Mood and Optimize Your Memory A hidden epidemic races around the globe we can t see it or touch it which makes it so dangerous The invisible epidemic has led to the suffering of millions who spend billions on drugs only to find

  • Title: The Ultra Mind Solution: Automatically Boost Your Brain Power, Improve Your Mood and Optimize Your Memory
  • Author: Mark Hyman
  • ISBN: 9781416549710
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A hidden epidemic races around the globe we can t see it or touch it, which makes it so dangerous The invisible epidemic has led to the suffering of millions who spend billions on drugs, only to find they don t work This is an epidemic of broken brains Broken brains go by many names depression, anxiety, memory loss, brain fog, attention deficit disorder, autism,A hidden epidemic races around the globe we can t see it or touch it, which makes it so dangerous The invisible epidemic has led to the suffering of millions who spend billions on drugs, only to find they don t work This is an epidemic of broken brains Broken brains go by many names depression, anxiety, memory loss, brain fog, attention deficit disorder, autism, and dementia, to name a few and show up in radically different ways from person to person, making each seem like a separate problem.But the truth is that these diagnoses are all the result of a few basic problems with our biology Pinpoint these biological problems, fix them, and let your body s natural healing intelligence take over to repair your brain Now you can experience an UltraMind one that is highly focused and able to pay attention at will, with a strong, reliable memory and a mood that is calm, confident, in control, and in good spirits.We have all heard of the mind body connection or how our thoughts affect the health of our body But the reverse is far powerful what you do to your body, your basic biology, has a profound effect on your brain.Have you ever experienced instant clarity after exercise Alertness after drinking coffee A mental crash after popping candy Does your brain inexplicably slow down during stress, while multitasking, or when meeting a deadline Each is an example of how what we do to our bodies whether through nutrition, sleep, exercise, or stress has a dramatic effect on our brains.Conventional treatments don t help, or provide only slight benefit, because they just manage symptoms rather than deal with and heal the underlying problem And just as brain problems all stem from the same root causes, they all have the same solution The UltraMind Solution.Our ancient genes interact with our environment to create systemic imbalances that affect our brains Correct those imbalances most caused by nutritional deficiencies, allergens, infections, toxins, and stress and you can achieve optimum mental health without drugs or psychotherapy.The UltraMind Solution is the future of medicine, the culmination of the last twenty years of research on what makes the brain happy, focused, and calm research that has uncovered a few simple factors that explain why things go wrong and how to fix them.Don t wait for this revolution in medicine to trickle into your doctor s office it usually takes research twenty years to move from the lab to the patient The answers are here, right now, in The UltraMind Solution.

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    • The Ultra Mind Solution: Automatically Boost Your Brain Power, Improve Your Mood and Optimize Your Memory : Mark Hyman
      291 Mark Hyman
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      Posted by:Mark Hyman
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    Mark Hyman, M.D is the editor in chief of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, the most prestigious journal in the field of integrative medicine After ten years as co medical director at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires, he is now in private practice in Lenox, Massachusetts He is the coauthor of the New York Times bestseller Ultraprevention His websites are drhyman and ultrametabolism.Learn on Facebook.


  • As I read “The Ultra-mind Solution,” I was continuously reminded of a joke a friend and I used to tell in the 80’s anytime a certain commercial for a Home Remedy book would come on television: “Have cancer? Try a banana!” Only in this author’s case, it’s more like “Have autism? Try a glutten-free diet in combination with eliminating all sugar and caffeine and all food additives, and don’t get within two feet of mercury!” I almost hate to give this book such a low rating, beca [...]

  • This is a one-star review, so right away you know it’s going to be very, very long. If I were giving a five star review, I would of course limit my comments to one or two paragraphs. As I read “The Ultra-mind Solution,” I was continuously reminded of a joke a friend and I used to tell in the 80’s anytime a certain commercial for a Home Remedy book would come on television: “Have cancer? Try a banana!” Only in this author’s case, it’s more like “Have autism? Try a glutten-free d [...]

  • Better brain bull****. Instead of a critique, I present a rough synopsis.Your brain is busted!!!!! You are having trouble reading this review not because it is semi-articulate tripe but because your brain is buss’d!!!! You have stopped paying attention to this review and are thinking about your genitals not because it is a semi-coherent rant but because YOU BRAIN IS BUSS’D!!!! How do you get your brain to work? Simply avoid the following: sea bass, football, white wine, prescription drugs, p [...]

  • One of my guiding principles has always been: Never read a book that has the word "ultra" in the title. However, interesting perspectives on diet & health intrigue me, & when I saw endorsements from such respected doctors as Dean Ornish, Christiane Northrup & Mehmet Oz, I decided to break my rule and plunge into The UltraMind Solution. I'm glad I did, for this book is an engaging read that's full of cutting edge science & practical advice. Dr. Mark Hyman has been on a mission to [...]

  • I cannot put into words how incredible this book is.I plan on buying a copy for every single person I care about in life.You can't not know this stuff. It's essential to every single person alive.It's information that has been hidden from the majority for far too long.Say goodbye to disease as we modernly know it!

  • Eat right, exercise, get the appropriate amount of sleep, eliminate caffeine, alcohol, sugar, white flour, gluten and hydrogenated fats from your diet. . . . stop me if you've heard this one before.

  • A very up-to-the-point, solution oriented book. I've read a couple of others on the subject an this one impressed me with offering clear explanations, easy action steps and an overall sense of achievability:) I listened to this and I liked the author's narration.

  • Despite its hyperbolic title, this is one of best medical resource books I've found for dealing with chronic ailments. Having suffered for a number of years from chronic problems that conventional doctors have been incapable of explaining (something that unfortunately is occurring more and more frequently in our modern society), I'm heartened by the extensive information and recommendations provided by Dr. Hyman. The focus of the book is on what has, until recently, been unfortunately completely [...]

  • Dr. Hyman uses the latest scientific discoveries to re-affirm the influence of environmental toxins and the food we eat on our health. He specifically details the direct pathways affecting our health at the cellular level in the nervous, digestive and immune system. It can be frightening to some but ultimately at the end of the book, one understands that health is at one's fingertips, i.e. self-care, and Dr. Hyman gives the 6 week program to cleanse and detoxify one's body. Of course, I already [...]

  • For anyone who is battling with a child with autism, This book seems like it can be a benefit for you to read. There are suggestions on what you can do to help and possibly reverse autism. It is helpful for those of us that want to prevent any health issues or just to be healthier. The book gets you thinking about how our society is slowly killing us. It took me a while to get through this one. At times it was very dry reading, but I stuck with it and it gave me some things to consider. I might [...]

  • The book is very controversial, so Dr. Hyman is either a genius or a nut job, I am leaning toward genius.Just finished it, and it has given me a lot of great information and ideas. Definitely worth a 6-week trial to see if these techniques work as well as predicted (most topics I have heard for years, just never had the motivation to execute on them).

  • Finally! A book that tells you WHY your body doesn't need white flour, suger and dairy; and how much it DOES need fruits, veggies, whole grains, fish oil and vitamins--and what happens when you do or don't take them. A very fascinating read, and one I want to have as a reference book.

  • This book was basically interesting in a challenging sort of way. It describes a diet/way of life/vitamin program that essentially cleanses the system of toxins and helps with brain chemical imbalances. Hyman also describes many of the chemical processes which occur in the brain as a result of normal/healthy/unhealthy eating and living practices. These process are desribed in "laymans" terms, but are difficult to follow. I skipped through most of these described process even though I have a very [...]

  • A great book discussing what everyday eating habits can do for or against your overall health. I learned a LOT, and I come from a family of health care workers.Even if you choose not to go for the full plan, making the overall changes suggested will help you feel much better. My husband and I have been sleeping better, not crashing at the end of the day, and seen other improvements in our health (not "major" things, since doctors would already say we were healthy, but small changes, such as redu [...]

  • A terrific book for anyone with allergies, food issues, etc. I read it in one sitting, which is unusual for a book like this. We started following advice and so far I have lost 18 pounds, my husband has lost 12, taking the supplements, avoiding certain foods, etc. We feel like different people. Or at least the same people in different bodies. I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in an alternative to Big Pharmas, etc.

  • The strategies and principles in this book work! Since incorporating them a year ago, I have lost 15 pounds and my complexion is clearer. I plan to continue a gluten-free and dairy-free lifestyle and limit my sugars and grains indefinitely.

  • I couldn't recommend this book now as i haven't finished the program mentioned in this book. But I've started and looks like it's kind of fantastic. I'll update status as only i finish the program.I think this will be interesting for everybody who'd like to live healthy life )

  • Three weeks on my way to UltraWellness and I'm seeing noticeable improvements in my brain power and mood. Maybe I will have more to say in another three weeks.

  • UGH. This book is not only terrible but dangerous. A blogger I like recommended it, and I was hoping it might have some good information on how diet affects mood. If it were just about that, it might have been halfway decent, but instead, the author goes WAY too far, saying that many physical and mental illnesses "don't exist" and that most medicines are unnecessary- ignoring that in many cases, medication for mental illness is life-saving. He also spouts a bunch of bunk about how "toxins" are r [...]

  • The Ultra Mind solution is a good companion to read AFTER Ultraprevention (by the same author). There is some repition, but they are good points and so making them stick would be beneficial. Dr. Hyman does explain and define his terms used in both books very well in ultraprevention, and so if you do read that one first you would go into ultra mind with a better understanding. While ultraprevention focused on getting healthy in order to live a disease free life, ultra mind of course focused on ge [...]

  • The UltraMind Solution is a highly informative book about osteopathic/holistic/alternative medicine. It includes excellent information and advice that, if applied, may result in dramatic improvements to one's overall health and well-being. This book was recommended to me by one of the top physicians in Lubbock Texas. My only complaint is related to the author's writing style. He mixes science with hype. The scientific findings that are reported are excellent, but there is also a lot of exaggerat [...]

  • I really wanted to give this book 5 stars because it was the launching pad for me to finally get to the bottom of my health issues and for that I am sooooo grateful. However, the writing is horribly redundant and I found myself saying "ok I get it just tell me what to do now!" I finally realized that it's likely because the author knows not everyone is going to read it cover to cover as I'd planned. And honestly, I skipped about 100 pages in the middle.I think it's good for a starting point for [...]

  • The information contained within the book is both excellent and fascinating, and I would encourage everybody to read it if it were not for the repetitive style and self-promotion contained within. It does feel as if the book easily could've been half the length. A wary reader will find plenty to chew on though. I've experimented with a lot of the advice and must admit I feel MUCH better for it.The companion pdf guide to the book is freely available from Hyman's website and I'd recommend potentia [...]

  • Excellent book of the interconnection between bodily processes and mental wellbeing and what each and every of us can actually do to enhance her/his health. The biochemical, genetic and metabolic processes are explained in an easy to follow way and are illustrated with many success stories. The best part of the book is a very concrete 7 weeks action plan to overcome illnesses and enhance mind-body functioning. Why only 4 stars? Certain aspects are repeated too many times for my taste and the one [...]

  • This is a very thought provoking book, especially for a therapist. I'll never look at a client's issues without first thinking of their eating and other lifestyle behaviors. I gave it four stars because the author tends to repeat himself quite a bit. The book could have been shortened by about 1/3 and still you'd get all the information you need. His passion for the topic makes him seem a bit preachy at times.

  • My diet is terrible. I eat out at restaurants all the time. The rest of the time I order take out. No fruit. Not a lot of vegetables. I drink lots and lots of Coke. I trained for and ran a marathon but afterwards my brain still felt foggy and my body felt weak. So I decided to start learning about nutrition and this is book #1. It has scared the shit out of me.

  • I'm throwing in the towel. There may be some good info in here but not enough to keep my interest, and I feel like following my instincts will work just as fine!

  • So I read this because even though I’m very wary of pseudoscience, I wanted to see if Hyman had any real nuggets of wisdom. In sum, Hyman says eat whole, organic food and don’t eat tuna (and other mercury laden fish). Take a shit ton of vitamins and supplements. Exercise. And meditate. His 6-week plan is essentially an elimination diet. He’s got a lot of good, homey, what your grandmother already told you, kind of advice. Some of it is backed up in science and some of it is not. He’s som [...]

  • Highly recommended for people who think they have any brain disease or feel somehow things are not right in their way of thinking, and health. You may have many "aha" moments while reading Mark Hyman's book. He gives details about why today's medicine can not solve problems although billions of dollars is spent. Read slowly and you will have crucial information for your brain health. However implementation seems far more important what Mark advices more than what you read. It can be challgenging [...]

  • Take vitamins after you eat Whole Foods and go to the doctor to be told, tested and corrected. Some good advice in this book, but my non medical degree mind is looking to be healthy without being dependent on paying medical providers for information. I’m not sold on the need for every vitamin under the sun. Taking vitamins is a new concept in human history. I prefer the idea of food being our medicine. I do agree that our minds are in need of change from the SAD diet.

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