The Red Threads of Fortune

The Red Threads of Fortune The Red Threads of Fortune is one of a pair of unique standalone introductions to JY Yang s Tensorate Series which Kate Elliott calls effortlessly fascinating For of the story you can read its twin

  • Title: The Red Threads of Fortune
  • Author: J.Y.Yang
  • ISBN: 9780765395399
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Red Threads of Fortune is one of a pair of unique, standalone introductions to JY Yang s Tensorate Series, which Kate Elliott calls effortlessly fascinating For of the story you can read its twin novella The Black Tides of Heaven, available now.Fallen prophet, master of the elements, and daughter of the supreme Protector, Sanao Mokoya has abandoned the life thaThe Red Threads of Fortune is one of a pair of unique, standalone introductions to JY Yang s Tensorate Series, which Kate Elliott calls effortlessly fascinating For of the story you can read its twin novella The Black Tides of Heaven, available now.Fallen prophet, master of the elements, and daughter of the supreme Protector, Sanao Mokoya has abandoned the life that once bound her Once her visions shaped the lives of citizens across the land, but no matter what tragedy Mokoya foresaw, she could never reshape the future Broken by the loss of her young daughter, she now hunts deadly, sky obscuring naga in the harsh outer reaches of the kingdom with packs of dinosaurs at her side, far from everything she used to love.On the trail of a massive naga that threatens the rebellious mining city of Bataanar, Mokoya meets the mysterious and alluring Rider But all is not as it seems the beast they both hunt harbors a secret that could ignite war throughout the Protectorate As she is drawn into a conspiracy of magic and betrayal, Mokoya must come to terms with her extraordinary and dangerous gifts, or risk losing the little she has left to hold dear.

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    • The Red Threads of Fortune ¦ J.Y.Yang
      134 J.Y.Yang
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    JY Yang is the author of the Tensorate series of novellas from Tor.Com Publishing The Red Threads of Fortune, The Black Tides of Heaven, and two slated for 2018 and 2019 Their short fiction has been published in over a dozen venues, including Uncanny Magazine, Lightspeed, Clarkesworld, and Strange Horizons.In previous incarnations, they have been a molecular biologist a writer for animation, comics and games and a journalist for one of Singapore s major papers Currently they are a science communicator with Singapore s Agency for Science, Technology and Research A STAR.JY identifies as queer and non binary Find them online at jyyang or on Twitter as halleluyang.


  • This one is the second in the series, and it's more of a monster-hunt than the first book which is a coming of age and resistance story. I think for me personally the monster-hunt element wasn't my favourite, but the themes of the story are still super interesting and there's some great sections which deal with leniency, judgement, and trust. I really enjoy that this is an LGBTQ+ storyline, and I look forward to seeing more of the world in the future novellas too :) 3.5*s for this one from me.

  • I read this in a sitting with its companion novella. They're very different: book 1 covers the best part of 40 years, 2 focuses in on Mokoya after she's lost her child, left her husband, and gone hunting naga (dragons ish) in the desert. All the joys of the first book: set in alt Asia, nonbinary characters, loads of strong women, positive queer and nontraditional relationships abounding, just none of the routine assumptions of so much fantasy, plus a great tale of treachery and monsters and bere [...]

  • I loved it even more than the first one.The Red Threads of Fortune is set after The Black Tides of Heaven, and it follows Mokoya's PoV. She has left her husband Thennjay in the monastery, and now she's chasing a giant Naga trough the desert with the help of a pack of raptors.Yes, that's not what I expected (giant raptors?), but it works.I loved how this book focused more on the magical creatures. There were some in Black Tides too, but they were never really developed and they definitely weren't [...]

  • After I finished off the first book in the series, I took the opportunity to read what some other popular review sites had to say about the Tensorate saga. Just about every review had positive things to say about the novellas' unique structure, compelling world building, and exploration of sexual identity and orientation. So, I guess this series just isn't for me?Certainly, The Red Threads of Fortune is my preferred of the two books. Instead of compressing 35 years and two POVs into 160 pages, t [...]

  • This, along with The Black Tides of Heaven, is an absolutely phenomenal story. From the way Yang combines various influences into a compelling world and society to the way gender and sexuality is treated, you can feel how much care they put into their writing. This novella is more of a monster-hunting story but there's still room for emotional scenes between the characters that pull on your heart-strings and fascinating exposition about how the magic system of this universe works. The Tensorate [...]

  • I feel like I could easily repeat my review for The Black Tides of Heaven and that would be sufficient. To summarise: • I enjoyed the world but thought it was undeveloped. I had hopes that with the second novella the world will be fleshed out more. However, I am still confused as to the magic system of the world.• The question of gender was such a new and exciting way to read. However, following the story of multiple characters who prefer non-binary genderless pronouns made it difficult to f [...]

  • For the links and better readability, I suggest going to Just Love.I’ll organise this review by first writing about what concerns both books, like the fantasy world, writing style, and the concept of gender and transgender in this series, and then I will have a short look at both books individually. I’ll try to keep it manageable in length, promise.When I saw the covers in a tweet, I couldn’t but find out more about the books behind them. I read an interview with the author and was even mo [...]

  • More or less the same concepts and ideas. Just not the coming of age building blocks plot. Has a Naga (a dragon or monster) hunt adventure as the plot of the story. The world building developed a fraction as compared to the 1st novel, but still limited to the novell size which is a pity. Probably wont continue with this series as I dont believe the author has finished it as of yet.

  • I received this ebook through the publisher via Netgalley.Yang has created an evocative Asian-inspired world in her Tensorate series. The setting is so immersive that I was slightly disoriented to start, but I soon found myself hooked. Mokoya is a former prophet, embittered by the loss of her child. She busies herself with hunting naga, and is looked after by a friends who love and accept her, abrasive as she is. Rumors of a massive and aggressive naga drive her deep into danger--and into a new [...]

  • Please read this book after you read The Black Tides of Heaven. While the novellas are marketed as companion novels (aka twins aka the main characters), I have to say that reading this book first and Black Tides second will leave you confused for no good reason. Having that said, let's start the short review.I ADORE BLACK TIDES AND AKEHA. I gave that novella 5 stars for the characters, the plot, development and the world. This novella is the ugly runt. Mokoya wasn't likeable as she was in Black [...]

  • Full review ishere on my blog. It's a review of both novellas.I took this one a bit slower, as it didn’t capture me quite as easily as the first did. This volume takes place about 40 years after the first (hence why I recommend reading The Black Tides of Heaven first) and follows Mokoya’s story starting about 4 years after the first novella.Mokoya has fled from the capital, her husband, and everything else in her life following the loss of her daughter. Her gift for prophecy is gone as well, [...]

  • I read The Black Tides of Heaven first, and absolutely adored it. What's not to love? We've got non-binary characters and lots of magic, plus it's set in a non-Western type world, which feels so *right* for these novellas. We meet Mokoya and Akeha as children who have yet to choose their genders in the first novella, which is more of a coming-of-age story. This novella is more of an adventure story, but follows along with the same storyline. Now Mokoya is a grown woman, running away from the pai [...]

  • That was the first of the Tensorate novellas I've picked, and did I love the worldbuilding. I loved the fact that its protagonist is a broken woman trying to find herself anew, and her relationship with Rider was fascinating. The language, though, felt somewhat clunky - I really think these novellas could use some more imaginative neologisms, I can't treat "Slack" seriously - and there were some metaphors that made me go, "wait, what, what did I just read". Still, a powerful debut.

  • Brilliant and inventive story in a unique fantasy setting.I read RED THREADS OF FORTUNE before BLACK TIDES OF HEAVEN, and I sort of prefer it that way. Red Threads is definitely a contained adventure story, whereas Black Tides is more the slowly unfolding backstory of the twin characters in these twin novellas.So make of that what you will - if you want to jump right in with a tightly plotted and emotionally moving adventure and get your backstory later, start with Red Threads. If you want to kn [...]

  • This is my 200th read book on . Very exciting!This book has a rich fantasy world and friendly dinosaurs and twists and a They-pronouned non-binary person and polyamory and snake-dragons attacking shit. What more could you want?

  • Check out my book blog for more book reviews and other bookish posts!I received an ARC of The Red Threads of Fortune from NetGalley. I requested this novella, and its twin novella (The Black Tides of Heaven), because the covers were both amazing and I was intrigued in the stories after reading the blurbs.This book is #ownvoices for South-East Asian representation. The book is set in an alternative world.__I was reading this book, and while reading, I kept thinking, why am I enjoying this so much [...]

  • 'Cheebye,' she hissed at herself, as if she could swear herself into calmnessKOYA IS BADASS, 'NUFF SAID.However, I think I was slightly less emotionally invested in The Red Threads of Fortune than I was in The Black Tides of Heaven and mainly because this one takes place over such a short amount of time and repeats something in relation to Mokoya that also happened in The Black Tides of Heaven that I didn't care for. Still, it's definitely more adventurous of the two because we have Mokoya in a [...]

  • Listen. There's basically a 100% chance that anything Kate Elliott calls "effortlessly fascinating" is going to be wonderful, so it's no surprise that this pair of novellas by J.Y. Yang are pretty close to perfect. Yang has crafted a meticulously beautiful fantasy world that cleverly melds science and magic together with a central sibling relationship that sustains the heart of both books. Much will surely be made of Yang's treatment of gender and sexuality, and any accolades on that score are w [...]

  • This series is MAGNIFICENT, everyone should read it.[A note: I have shelved this book as -trans because even though Mokoya reads to me as cis (however it’s very possible that she’s not and I’m misinterpreting this), the world these books take place in is transnormative. Children are not gendered until they gender themselves. In addition, Rider is nonbinary and they have an extremely important role in the narrative even though they don’t have a POV. It’s also shelved as both -bisexual a [...]

  • 4,5/5 starsI love this author! I love their way with words and the world they've created. I do not love how short these books are. Seriously. This could easily have been 400 pages and I think the story would've been better for it. As it was, some scenes and developments felt rushed for the sake of the novella format. I really wish each of these books (the two I've read so far) had been full-length novels. I want to spend more time in this world with these characters!!

  • In my 2017 award recommendations:bogireadstheworld/hugoSource of the book: Print reviewer copy from the author

  • While Black Tides of Heaven covered a span of decades and spent a good portion of the time in developing and creating its world, Red Threads of Fortune takes place over the course of a few days (or weeks?), and mainly follows Mokoya's journey in working through her grief over what happened in the previous novella. While I did enjoy reading this novella, it didn't engage me as much as the first book. I wanted the world building to continue to expand, and it did a little, but still felt a bit stag [...]

  • tbh I didn't realize how annoying they/them pronouns would be (I kept misinterpreting who the text was referring to) and I found that character and their interactions unbelievable (not for pronoun reasons, just generally) but it's a fun new world and I'll read more of their work!

  • As anyone reading this probably already knows, The Black Tides of Heaven and The Red Threads of Fortune are paired novellas, each one being about a different twin. For that reason, I’ll use the same review for both of them. Any spoilers are behind spoiler tags. Definitely read Black Tides first, because it is about the twins growing up and Akeha’s young adulthood, while Red Threads takes place after the events of the first novella. I really ended up enjoying both novellas, especially Red Thr [...]

  • I loved this book from start to finish. What sparkling, effortless worldbuilding - and such a colourful, fascinating world to dive into! I WANT MORE. (Luckily there is more, as I have not yet read the companion novella The Black Tides of Heaven.) And the prose, aahh, the prose: what a pleasure to read a book where each sentence is a thing of beauty, even as the prose in no way overshadows the plot and characters. Brilliant. Mokoya was such a great protagonist. So broken in so many ways, and yet [...]

  • The Red Threads of Fortune is a masterful juxtaposition of magic and technology in a fantasy world rooted in Asian culture. Even though the main plot is the hunt of a massive flying animal on the loose, there is a strong tug of emotions throughout the story that makes it feel both personal and achingly beautiful.J’s writing is that skillful mix of efficient and elegant that marks a gifted writer—they spin an entire world with just a handful of sentences. I especially loved the tug of emotion [...]

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