The Collected Short Stories

The Collected Short Stories Millions of readers around the world have relished Jeffrey Archer s shortstories Now for the first time all three collections are gathered together inone handsome volume One of the most acclaimed au

  • Title: The Collected Short Stories
  • Author: Jeffrey Archer
  • ISBN: 9780002256179
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Millions of readers around the world have relished Jeffrey Archer s shortstories Now, for the first time, all three collections are gathered together inone handsome volume One of the most acclaimed authors writing today, JeffreyArcher is a dazzling storyteller A master of character and suspense, he has agift for the unexpected plot twist that has catapulted all three oMillions of readers around the world have relished Jeffrey Archer s shortstories Now, for the first time, all three collections are gathered together inone handsome volume One of the most acclaimed authors writing today, JeffreyArcher is a dazzling storyteller A master of character and suspense, he has agift for the unexpected plot twist that has catapulted all three of his shortstory collections A Quiver Full of Arrows, A Twist in the Tales, and Twelve Red Herrings onto international bestseller lists and earned himwidespread critical praise The stories from A Quiver Full of Arrowstake is on a tour of ancient heirlooms and modern romance, of cutthroat businessand kindly strangers, of lives lived in the realms of power Fortunes are madeand squandered, honor betrayed and redeemed, love lost and rediscovered AsPublishers Weekly said about this collection, Somerset Maugham neverpenned anything so swift or urbanely witty as this The spellbinding storiesfrom A Twist in the Tale leads us on a journey of thwarted ambition,undying passion, and unanswered honor to placers we ve never visited and peoplewe ll never forget Readers will meet an extraordinary cast of diversecharacters a philandering husband who thinks he s committed a perfect murder, aself assured chess champion who plays a beautiful woman for stakes far higherthan the secrets of a Swiss bank The New York Times raved about ATwist in the Tale, Jeffrey Archer plays a subtle cat and mouse game with thereader in twelve original stories that end, often than not, with ourcollective whiskers twitching in surprise From his inventive thirdcollection, Twelve Red Herrings, comes a dozen delectable morsels inwhich human beings are given opportunities to seize, crucial problems to solve, ordangers to avoid And buried in each is a red herring Archer challenged hisreaders to uncover In these stories things are never quite what they seem animprisoned man is certain that his supposed murder victim is very much alive, afemale driver is tailed relentlessly by a menacing leather jacketed figure in a pursuing vehicle a young artist gets the biggest break of her career, an escapedIraqi on Saddam Hussein s death list lands unexpectedly in his homeland TheDaily News Express hailed Twelve Red Herrings as OutstandingWhite knuckled suspense and witty denouncements Thesethirty six tales are Jeffrey Archer at the peak of his form Wonderfullyentertaining, The Collected Short Stories will astonish, delight, andenthrall Archer s many fans, both old and new.

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    Jeffrey Howard Archer, Baron Archer of Weston super Mare born 15 April 1940 is an English author and former politician.He was a Member of Parliament and deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, and became a life peer in 1992 His political career, having suffered several controversies, ended after a conviction for perverting the course of justice and his subsequent imprisonment He is married to Mary Archer, a scientist specialising in solar power Outside politics, he is a novelist, playwright and short story writer linkuscmillan author jeffre


  • Some great stories. Liked Old Love (sentimental), Cheap at Half the Price (neat trick), The Perfect Murder (liked the twist), The Loophole (any day the people can get back some of their money from the government is a good one), The Steal (another good twist and a classic example of Archer's showing up the rude and unrefined), Christina Rosenthal (sad), Colonel Bullfrog (good yarn), Not For Sale (sentimental twist), A La Carte (Archer is also good at stories at people finding their niche and risi [...]

  • I have extremely fond memories of this book as it got me round New Zealand. My boyfriend and I rented a campervan and drove around NZ for a month and unfortunately NZ radio rarely worked and we didn't have an adapter for our ipod so there wasn't a lot to pass the long journeys with. We popped into a Charity shop and found this hidden amongst the shelves. We've both read Archer's short stories before and thought it would be great to read each other the stories as we drove.They turned out to be pe [...]

  • This is my first Jeffrey Archer book, and if it hadn't been for a certain person, I might not have ever known of JA. Also before this, I hadn't been interested in short stories, and after reading just a few short stories from the first collection, A Quiver Full of Arrows, I was already in love with JA. At the end of his stories I find myself always at awe because it was not only written so well, but simple to comprehend when the story itself if full of twist and turns. JA really does have a "mag [...]

  • The only thing delightful about this book is finally finishing it. Terribly delightful Sir! The master of suspense and plot twists Sir Mr Right Royal Wanker Archer is not. Edit: just read /review/show It seems Jeffy Archy boy's (sorry that should be 'lad's') fav character or ideal self is a tall (over 6'3" at least! Which is way above the English average LOL), Oxford educated Blue (rowing or cricket, or BOTH!), with a lovely housewife set up in a nice cottage. From good blood too obviously. Both [...]

  • Jeffrey Archer is an author that always got me hooked up with his novels. I've started with Kane & Abel and I didn't stop until I got a bit of a disappointment with "Shall we tell the president". When I got across this book, I wasn't sure I was going to like it because in "Only time will tell" I started recognizing a lot of the twists and plots in other novels. I figured that the short stories were going to be all more or less the same. But I was on holidays in a small town in Spain, and the [...]

  • What a beautiful and fluid book! I loved every story even though some of them were much better than the others. Archer has a gift for doing unexpected things with the storyline. It is a wonderful experience to come across his twists. The language and the environment (especially British) gives me a good feeling, since a lot of my formative years were spent reading classics originating from England.Old Love, Broken Routine, The Perfect Murder, The First Miracle, Just Good Friends, Do Not Pass Go a [...]

  • got this from the library, wanted to see what Jeffrey Archer is all about. Maybe the novels are better. These stories all have "surprise" endings, including one in which the narrator turned out to be a cat. Mostly, they are nasty, misogynistic, and often cruel. I read about half, and happily returned the book.

  • I never read any book of Jeffrey Archer before but after reading this mammoth book of short stories , i can only regret why i din't. Not even one story was boring or a waste of time. The best part of each story was the twist in the end ;-) SIMPLY LOVED IT .

  • Another terrific set of stories from the master of short stories. I love the twist in the plot that every story contains that leaves you thinking "I didn't see that coming!" I always feel so smart if I figure it out before its stated, but I'll admit thats rare. A great collection.

  • PLOT OR PREMISE:This book is an amazing collection of 36 shortstories from a master storyteller combining romance, history, danger, twists, international intrigue, and domestic angstWHAT I LIKED:"A really nice mix, particularly some of the ones with twist endings. Here is an overview of each of the stories and the ratings for each- NEVER STOP ON THE MOTORWAY: Woman driver is chased by a van down the motorway, with the context backlit by recent rapes and murders. Fantastic twist. 5.00- OLD LOVE: [...]

  • A re - read for the year. It was great to revisit some of the most amazing stories I read as a teenager. I recommend Old Love and Christina Rosenthal, most favorite of the lot.

  • I have fond memories of this book as it was the first one I bought and read from JA. As a fan of his magical writing which keeps one glued to the plot , i recommend this one for all. Beleive me, this collection has a story for all to reflect upon!

  • Once again Archer rocks. I already read his "The new collected stories" and this time also he come up with his magic wand. The stories are addicting as well as mesmerizing. I don't believe that I have completed this 960 pages within 7 days. My favorites are: The coup, The Perfect Gentleman ( I unable to believe its end ;-) ), The Century (Obviously liked by any Indian!), Old love (I'm just addicted to this like the Love at First Sight in "New collected stories") in A Quiver Full of Arrows. Then, [...]

  • People either love Jeffrey Archer or they hate him. I don't hate him.He is often accused of turgid prose and pretentiousness but that has never stopped me from reading his short stories; I read them for the plot. He is the "M. Night Shyamalan of Literature" but in a good way. His twists still delight and confound as much as they ever did.This collection contains the best of his short fiction and each story stands out on his own. Everyone will have their favorites and mine were Old Love and Clean [...]

  • Some of the short stories are your standard short stories with twists -- but they are enjoyable nonetheless. For people who like storytelling and know what Jeffry Archer usually offers, this is a great book to read during daily commute (as I did), on a journey, while waiting, or something to read before you go to sleep. (I usually finish a short story every one bus trip.)My favorite is A La Carte, it has a heart and humor, as well as the theme being a father and child relationship, which is a pe [...]

  • An amalgamation of several themes. A few did not make that great a point but some of them caught my eye.My favorites - Old Love, You'll never live to regret it, The Hungarian Professor, Christina Rosenthal, Not for sale, The Steal, Just good friends, One man's meat and The century.I am not a big fan of short stories because they're usually disappointing, but Archer keeps you hooked till the end and surprises you almost everytime, with the very last sentence!

  • He takes you in different dimension every time you read his work and writing. You simply cant imagine whats gonna come and hit you. Chinese statue, An eye for an eye, Luncheon, The Perfect Gentleman and Timeo Danaos are evidence of perfect blend of THOUGHTFUL MIND and ON THE TRACK WRITING. My thumbs up to this work.

  • This is my first experience of Jeffrey Archer. I found the book completely engaging and of a different but truly wonderful style from the other authors i have come to love (Stephen King, Ken Follett to name two). I have already gotten Sons of Fortune and plan to read as many of his books as I can get my hands on. Good one!

  • Jeffrey Archer is undoubtedly an excellent storyteller and this book is one hell of a collection.Almost every story is equally good and mesmerizing and they will keep you glued till their end.Definitely a page-turner and a highly recommended book to every reader who loves to read short stories(those who don't get enough time to read novels).

  • The man be an odious twit in real life, but he sure can tell a cracking tale.He spins both short and longer stories to their taught crisp conclusions.This collection of all his stories is well worth a read. Just make sure you have some tissues ready for when you read 'Christina Rosenthal'. I have read this story many times over the years, and each time, I sob.

  • Selectively re-read old favourites from "A Quiver Full of Arrows" & "A Twist in the Tale" while embarking upon"Twelve Red Herrings" for the very first time.Have always maintained Lord Archer is a better short story writer than he is a novelist. And despite a few misses here & there, this is probably the best of the lot.4 and a half stars!

  • This book & i didn't start off well as the first story 'Never stop on the Motorway' is a complete rip off of an urban legend however, it does get better but it's not riviting stuff some are clever, some are funny but most are easy to guess & are therefore just so-so an ok filler to pass the time.

  • Its fun to read this book! I loved the short stories! Also, there is always always a Jeffery Archer specific punch at the end of every story.I found myself smiling at the end of every story.A must read!!My personal favorite:1. Just good friends2. Broken Routine

  • The book was great. While some stories are a bit drag, most of them were enjoyable enough to keep me glued. Archer's got a knack of ending his stories in an unexpected manner, which which is why his stories get the cachet they deserve.

  • collection of short story by the master story teller jeffrey archer. each of the stories are written in a beautiful manner and i liked all of them. the author is a real genius. to find more about the book you can read it. i don't want to spoil the plot.

  • The short stories in this book weren't as good as the first one Jeffrey Arche wrote; 'To Cut a Long Story Short'. There was only one story that I really enjoyed which was called 'Just Good Friends'. A little disappointing after throroughly enjoying his first collection of short stories.

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