Animorphs Animorphs RM is an exciting series for young adult readers about five teens who are given the power to morph into any animal they touch and then to absorb its DNA This power is granted them by a dying

  • Title: Animorphs
  • Author: K.A. Applegate Katherine Applegate
  • ISBN: 9780590112055
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • Animorphs RM is an exciting series for young adult readers about five teens who are given the power to morph into any animal they touch and then to absorb its DNA This power is granted them by a dying Andalite alien named Elfangor, who also warns the teens that Earth is being threatened secretly by a group of aliens called Yeerks This high interest series is currentlAnimorphs RM is an exciting series for young adult readers about five teens who are given the power to morph into any animal they touch and then to absorb its DNA This power is granted them by a dying Andalite alien named Elfangor, who also warns the teens that Earth is being threatened secretly by a group of aliens called Yeerks This high interest series is currently a successful television show and will be sure to intrigue even the most reluctant readers.

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  • (Spoiler-free review)In my life, there have only ever been two book series where I spent my time impatiently awaiting the release of the next installation. This was one of them. I grew up being absolutely obsessed with this series. I was there right from the beginning along with several of my friends. Whenever a new book came out, we were there that day to buy it and we usually devoured it in one or two sittings and then spend the next month talking about it, all the way up until the release of [...]

  • It's easy to look at the premise of this book--pre/teens transform into animals to fight alien invaders--and scoff, or write it off as juvenile nonsense. However, in doing so you'd be dismissing what is actually a very deep and rewarding series of books, a series that has the utmost respect for its audience.Firstly, there's the aliens. Far from generic bug-eyed monster, each race has a distinct ethos and biology, with their own culture, traditions, life cycles, idiosyncrasies, and prejudices, ex [...]

  • I read all of these on PDF files I stole from the internet, since a 54-book series is expensive to buy in one sitting and impossible to find in completion at my local libraries. Believe me, I tried. It took me about three days to finish the lot, mostly because they're easy to read, but also because for 90% of the books the first few chapters are a generic introduction to the series. Why Applegate felt the need to do this is beyond me. When you read the books one after the other it just comes off [...]

  • I don't know how to express how much this book series changed my life. It's almost impossible to describe. When I first started reading avidly, around age six, I just couldn't really get into a book series. I'd read a book, but I wouldn't think about it again afterward. Then I found Animorphs. And I fell in love. I read, and I read, and then I'd read the books over again. I became obsessed with the lives of the characters, and determined to find out how their stories would end. Over the course o [...]

  • I was eight years old when I read my first Animorphs book. Animorphs was the first science fiction series I ever read, and (let’s see) seventeen years later, it’s still one of the best. I know a lot of people my age say that Harry Potter was the series that shaped their childhood, but for me Animorphs was that formative series.Animorphs pretty literally shaped how I view the world. It starts with a very black and white kind of world and then it slowly breaks that apart. It’s the kind of se [...]

  • I remember reading a lot of these as a kid. I can't believe there's 54 books. -.-'

  • I read every book in this series, including all the Megamorphs, Andalite Chronicles, Hork Bajur Chronicles, etc. I love this series! A way better alternative to the Goosebumps, in my opinion.

  • despite how long this series ran and how many books fit into its canon, there's not many people i know who picked these up as kids like i did, and most scoff at the premise now. it's easy to, what with the silly covers and the plot revolving around teenagers who can turn into animals to fight off an alien invasion. what is overlooked, however, are the mature and at times very dark themes that run throughout the series - PTSD, depression, torture, dehumanization, moral ambiguity, death, loss of i [...]

  • *** ALERT. MAY. CONTAIN. SPOILERS.***A book I first saw when I was in elementary school in the catalog. Incidentally, do those still exist? Anyway, I had read maybe the first 5 books, after which I read some random ones in the series. It wasn't until last year that I realized I had never finished the series nor bothered to even find out if it had an actual ending. So I set off to the library like any good bookworm and borrowed the books 10 at a time. It's a series I think most people do not rea [...]

  • I started reading this series back when I was in junior high. It finished when I was a freshman in college. This series is outstanding. I doubt many people allowed themselves to really get into a series that lasts almost 60 books, but the entire thing is phenomenal. It's a must read for anyone who wants to get a glimpse of what kids go through while fighting a war. KA Applegate didn't allow herself to compromise the truth for happy endings. These kids are fighting an overwhelming enemy, the Yeer [...]

  • Okay, these books made my childhood! Too bad they had the worse ending of a series EVER! It was the first book I cried over, and I cried for days (give me a break, I was 11!). It didn't help that I was at camp in a cabin of non-readers, trying to explain why I was crying. Besides the end (which come on, did ANYONE like?) the series was one of the best for that age group. I have the urge to go back and read them all again now

  • Was surprised and impressed how well the books held up. After starting I quickly realized there was much more to the story than a few kids turning into animals. The story delves into complex moral issues and lets the reader decide the 'right' thing was. Loss of innocence, life and death, free will, war, depression, family, loyalty. I enjoyed different books this read through than I had when I read through the series more than ten years ago. Couldn't recommend the series highly enough.

  • Một thời mê mẩn với bộ này, hồi Animorphs mới xuất bản ở Việt Nam, mình còn nhớ đó là năm mình học lớp Năm. Cùng thời gian đó, Trẻ cũng xuất bản Harry Potter theo kiểu từng cuốn nhỏ nhỏ bỏ túi chớ không được nguyên tập như bây giờ, thành ra một tập gốc thành hai tập nhỏ, về sau họ mới in hẳn nguyên một tập. Mình hỏi một đứa bạn cùng lớp cũng đọc bộ này, học giỏi nhất nh [...]

  • Rather than rate each Animorphs book individually, I just gave the entire series 5 stars. First of all, these books aren't directly targeted for a mature adult; they are mostly written for kids. Actually, they are perfect for preteens, these books got me into reading in the first place. Not saying an adult can't enjoy them, I started reading them when I was about 9 or 10 and finally read the last one when I was 22, because they most certainly can. The books start off where every good preteen sci [...]

  • It's that same old story. Aliens invade Earth and this group of kids are the only ones who can stop them, right? Okay, sure, but the coolest thing about the Animorphs was the power of morphing. Not only did it empower them to become any animal via a simple touch, but they got a firsthand peek into the minds of other creatures, and by extension, so did the readers. As educational as it was exciting, Animorphs is really a book series that many ages can enjoy. The writing can have its ups and downs [...]

  • Wow. What a series. I started reading these book sporadically and non-chronologically in grade 7. 11 years later, I sat down and read them all, including Megamorphs and Chronicles. Believe me, these books are every bit as enjoyable for an 'old' adult as they are a young one. I was surprised at how dark they can get (minus Marco's insistence on cracking jokes even in the most dire situations). Thoroughly enjoyable. Towards the end however, each character's traits are dominated by a single recurre [...]

  • The entire series is something I think youth can enjoy. It's very accessible, and you get drawn in through the variety of characters. You're on this journey with them, and throughout the series you watch them go from overwhelmed young teenagers to warriors, with real and deep problems. Tensions increase and relationships strain as the kids wage war against impossible odds. Of course, I was sad for the way the series ended, but realistically, war is about death.

  • Ah, Animorphs. You completed my childhood. How could I not love the combination of fighting aliens and turning into animals?Honestly, it was like this series was created just to appeal to the childhood me. My love of it is therefore a combination of that and the nostalgic value it provides me.Of course, I never did read the last few bookswell, there's next summer's project

  • Det skete. Langt om længe skete det. Efter næsten 60 bøger, flere måneder, mange tusind sider og utallige karakterers prøvelser og pinsler er jeg færdig med Animorphs. Det ville føles upassende bare at hoppe videre til en anden serie uden at give denne nogle ord med på vejen, for det er denne series natur. Om du vil det eller ej, nægter Animorphs at give slip på dig; selv efter du har vendt den sidste side og læst det sidste ord. Den vil for altid ligge i dit baghoved, i din moral, di [...]

  • I remember reading this in my years of elementary school and I LOVED them. The plot was interesting, the characters were memorable, and the story was unpredictable that I had no idea how it was going to end or where this series was going. These kinds of books I LOVE!!!!!!The plot is pretty basic and good for a series for kids. Aliens are using human bodies to take over and it's up to human kids with the power of alien technology to stop them. What's not to love?*sniffs* Why aren't most books thi [...]

  • Listen. LISTEN. These books are incredible. I'm not saying they don't have their flaws - formulaic writing style, and a storyline involving the "New Animorphs" that actually threatened to ruin my enjoyment of the books it was so ableist, but honestly?? There are 54 books in the main storyline, not including the periphery books, and as a child I wanted to read every single one of them. Money and incomplete library collections made this impossible, but the good kind of children's lit, the lasting [...]

  • This review may be blurred by nostalgia, but, to be honest, I don't care. This series was awesome. It was my first introduction to science fiction and I don't think I could have asked for a better one. Each of the characters had a traits that made them heroes, in one way or another; but they were not perfect. And the series made sure that we knew that they had their shortcomings. Making these characters realistic made them that much easier to identify with, even with the crazy plot. Even though [...]

  • I think modern YA needs a lesson from Animorphs! Instead of being preoccupied with bland romance and people staring at each other breathlessly all the time, the characters deal with hard decisions that don't have a clear "right" answer, warfare is shown as merciless and psychologically damaging, and the bad guys aren't all just cleanly shoved into a category of "evil, will stomp puppies and burn orphanages."It's a long series that is occasionally ghost-written so it had ups and downs for me (the [...]

  • I have been a bookworm for my entire life, and yet this series really got to me. I read one book when I was a kid and since I am now on a quest to reread all my childhood books in my early twenties I stumbled upon this series.From start to finish it is amazing (ok, the ending not so much, I felt a tad robbed). I fell in love with the characters and got to the point where I could almost predict what one of them would say beforehand. Don't just wave this off as a another stupid kids series because [...]

  • There may be a point in my life that I may consider to reread it again. Somehow (maybe by destiny) that the series became my first book instead of Harry Potters like most of the kids back then. I still remembered how I enjoyed some moments of it, how it shape my perception more "opened" and "broadly" about good and evil back then. And yesterday it came across my mind as I saw a book in the bookshelf on a coffee shop.OH yeah, I still keep 80% in my shelf right now lol

  • This year I made one New Years Resolution, and that resolution was to reread all of the Animorphs books. It was a great choice. My life has been made better for it.I grew up reading these books and anxiously waiting for each month's new release at the library. I remember the children's librarian even holding the books for me even before I could reserve them because she knew I would come in looking for it as soon as I was able. I loved these books as a kid and I'm happy to say I still love them.T [...]

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