The Oracle Betrayed

The Oracle Betrayed The High Priestess interprets the wishes of the god as conveyed through the Oracle Mirany serves the High Priestess But when the god speaks to Mirany she realizes that the High Priestess does not hea

  • Title: The Oracle Betrayed
  • Author: Catherine Fisher
  • ISBN: 9780060571597
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • The High Priestess interprets the wishes of the god as conveyed through the Oracle Mirany serves the High Priestess But when the god speaks to Mirany, she realizes that the High Priestess does not hear him, that she is manipulating the choosing of a new God on Earth for her own gain.Mirany must join forces with Seth, a young tomb robbing scribe who knows the secrets andThe High Priestess interprets the wishes of the god as conveyed through the Oracle Mirany serves the High Priestess But when the god speaks to Mirany, she realizes that the High Priestess does not hear him, that she is manipulating the choosing of a new God on Earth for her own gain.Mirany must join forces with Seth, a young tomb robbing scribe who knows the secrets and hidden passages of their land, if she is to defeat the treachery that grips the kingdom But they have powerful enemies who will stop at nothing to destroy them.

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    Catherine Fisher was born in Newport, Wales She graduated from the University of Wales with a degree in English and a fascination for myth and history She has worked in education and archaeology and as a lecturer in creative writing at the University of Glamorgan She is a Fellow of the Welsh Academy.Catherine is an acclaimed poet and novelist, regularly lecturing and giving readings to groups of all ages She leads sessions for teachers and librarians and is an experienced broadcaster and adjudicator She lives in Newport, Gwent.Catherine has won many awards and much critical acclaim for her work Her poetry has appeared in leading periodicals and anthologies and her volume Immrama won the WAC Young Writers Prize She won the Cardiff International Poetry Competition in 1990.Her first novel, The Conjuror s Game, was shortlisted for the Smarties Books prize and The Snow Walker s Son for the W.H.Smith Award Equally acclaimed is her quartet The Book of the Crow, a classic of fantasy fiction.The Oracle, the first volume in the Oracle trilogy, blends Egyptian and Greek elements of magic and adventure and was shortlisted for the Whitbread Children s Books prize The trilogy was an international bestseller and has appeared in over twenty languages The Candleman won the Welsh Books Council s Tir Na n Og Prize and Catherine was also shortlisted for the remarkable Corbenic, a modern re inventing of the Grail legend.Her futuristic novel Incarceron was published to widespread praise in 2007, winning the Mythopoeic Society of America s Children s Fiction Award and selected by The Times as its Children s Book of the Year The sequel, Sapphique, was published in September 2008.


  • The Oracle Betrayed sat in my tbr pile for about three years. Finally, last weekend, I brushed the dust from it (note to self: dust tbr pile more often), and actually read it.And it was really, really good.It takes place in an ancient Greek kind of place, where a young girl, Mirany, is one of chosen Nine who serve the Oracle. Her land is dying from droughtbut though the Archon, the god-king, gives his life as a sacrifice, the drought continues.Mirany can hear the god speaking through the Oracle. [...]

  • Проста, але гармонійна суміш міфологій Нового Світу та Близького і Далекого Сходу, що виливається у рефлексійний та дуже атмосферний дитліт. Тут вам і релігійні інтриги, і підняття питання віри, і класова нерівність, і образність, образність, образність. Шкода лише, що розм [...]

  • So this was an awesome book! I didn't think it would be so great - I mean, check out the cover! But it exceeded my expectations! I've noticed that about books I read - if I expect less of it initially, but it turns out to be better, I give it a high rating. Likewise, if I thought the book would be awesome but it sucks, I give it a low rating. I don't think I'll change that - if you're supposed to be good and aren't, that's your problem; and if you don't seem to be good but really are kudos for y [...]

  • So I've tried Catherine Fisher's Incarceron before this book, and it didn't impress me all that much. This one was better, though it still didn't blow me away.SummaryMirany is one of the sacred nine priestesses that serve the scorpion god (he's never explicitly named). She serves as Bearer, meaning that she carries a bronze bowl containing the god in scorpion form during holy processions and rituals. The High Priestess, Hermia, hears the god's word through the oracle and interprets it. However, [...]

  • I decided to read this after I read Incarceron. I enjoyed this book more, but I have to admit that it has some of the same problems that Incarceron had. First, the setting. I do not usually like long winded, overly descriptive novels that tell you what city is north of what body of water, but the setting seemed almost nonexistent in The Oracle Betrayed. From what I understood it is an ancient Egyptian or ancient Greek type of setting. It is certainly set in a desert environment, but I would have [...]

  • THE ORACLE BETRAYED (originally known as THE ORACLE) by Catherine Fisher is a wonderful book for Middle-grade kids, about an unknown place set in the ancient past where Greek religious rites are blended with Egyptian ritual. There’s been a drought and the Archon is being sacrificed to make rain. But who is to be the next Archon? And has the process of choosing him been corrupted by some ruthless individuals who are in power?What struck me about this book, which was shortlisted for the Whitbrea [...]

  • This book reminds me of another Catherine Fisher book, Incarceron. Both stories involve political intrigue, such as false rulers and assassination attempts. I liked this book much more than Incarceron because I felt like more thought was put into creating the setting and characters. The society in the Oracle series was created with a great attention to detail. The reader gets to hear about local customs and mythology. With Incarceron, we didn't get much insight into the characters' rituals or be [...]

  • One of the things I like about Catherine Fisher's work is that it uses familiar stories or locations, but comes at them kind of sideways. Here, the culture is a hybrid of Greek and Egyptian; the setting, the people and the economy resemble those of ancient Greece, while the religion, with its elaborate death rituals and taboos, comes straight out of our stories of ancient Egypt. I like that Mirany, most timid of the God's priestesses, has to learn to believe in her God, while Seth, self-sufficie [...]

  • I first read this book when I was 10 or so. Now almost a decade later, it's still really really good.The world building is impeccable and is probably one of the best I've read so far. Catherine Fisher is not an extraneous writer, which I have a great appreciation for since adjectives and lengthy description irk me greatly.Her writing actually reminds me somewhat of Suzanne Collin's, in that they're both really, really good at moving plot. There's just something about this book that is relentless [...]

  • The Speaker is corrupt, the Oracle has been betrayedd I need to get my hands on the sequel. Slightly reminiscent of Megan Whalen Turner's The Thief in terms of alternate mythology, gods who speak to the characters, and intrigue. Hard to put down, and it will make you grateful for every drop of water you have access to.

  • The ancient greek/ancient egyptian motifs drew me in, and the story solidified it. The setting and imagery of this book is phenomenal, the characters are interesting and believable, and the story is intriguing. 5/5

  • Fischer did a great job!! It seemed to have elements of both Greek and Egyptian mythology - a very pleasant and exciting read!

  • So fun! The main character has the reputation of a mouse but she just needed the right incentive to become rather kick ass. The world building is interesting, the characters are varied and the story fun.

  • I read and loved Fisher’s book Incarceron, which I found to be a very smart fantasy book, so I was interested in reading what else she’d written. Mostly so I could fill the gap between Incarceron and Sapphique. This one caught my eye due to the unique mix of Greek and Egyptian cultures. Plus, working to overthrow a conspiracy? Sign me right up. I was entertained by The Oracle Betrayed, but it didn’t quite blow me away. That’s not to say it was horrible or mediocre, but it definitely didn [...]

  • I picked this novel up because of the author, Catherine Fisher. This series preceded her popular Incarceron/ Sapphique series by a couple of years, but I had never heard of it at all. IMHO it is FAR superior material. I was delighted with the intensity of the plot, with its many threads, the development and growth of the characters, the ordinariness of our motley crew of heroes, and the writing itself. (I swear her descriptions of the drought made me thirsty.) Mirany is a shy and somewhat awkwar [...]

  • "The Oracle Betrayed" is an interesting mix. It takes place in an ancient Greek/Egyptian setting, Greek style names and temples but with Egyptian-ish burial practices. Mirany is one of the Nine, the priestess at the top of the social order and right below the Archon, the incarnation of their god. Together, the Nine and the Archon are supposed to rule the land, but things have gone amiss in the Nine, and as punishment, the land has suffered from a severe drought. Mirany must work with several oth [...]

  • Щось мені дедалі частіше трапляються книжки, які мають познайомити дітей або ж підлітків з метафізичними концепціями. От цього разу ноосфера зайшла з боку повсякчасно-приземленого божественного. В "Оракулі" маємо щось середне між "Small Gods" Пратчетта та богічним циклом Джейм [...]

  • In my oppinion, 'The Oracle Betrayed' it's a great book; it has action, the characters are well defined, funny and really interesting. It's like you always say, there! I know what's going to happen, but the BAM! Something incredibly amazing happens, and you say you must read just one more chapter, one more chapter, and then you reach the last page-when did that happen?-.The Oracle Betrayed is the first of the Oracle Prophecies Trilogy. It's about this shy girl, called Mirany. -awesome name, if y [...]

  • A light, entertaining read, good for spending a quiet afternoon or two.There is a conspiracy for power in the Temple(of course) and the only ones who can put a stop to it are Mirany, the quiet, shy girl who never wanted that life (of course), Seth, the roguish young boy who is reluctant to help but does anyway because of his good heart (of course) and the drunken musician with a mild disposition towards violence (of course). However, despite the parade of tropes, the characters are compelling en [...]

  • POPSUGAR 2017 Reading Challenge prompt 'A book recommended by a librarian'I originally read this series in highschool. It was the first book series I'd read that had anything that could be described as political intrigue, and I really enjoyed those aspects of the book. Mirany's struggle echoed mine as a teen, and watching her be successful through the course of this book was wonderful. I hated Seth, and the tiny hints of pairing Mirany and Seth up were irritating.

  • This series is a great choice if you're looking for some beautiful world-building and properly fleshed-out characters!Bonus points if you like:(a) deserts in need of rain(b) temples and tombs(c) blend between Greek and Egyptian mythology(d) conspiraciesMirany, is a shy but courageous priestess that was just recently promoted. Just before the current Archon (vessel of the god) dies, he tells her the current Oracle doesn't hear the god's voice at all and has been faking it. Guided by the god's voi [...]

  • A dying God, a twisted priestess and a general wanting control of an empire. Catherine Fisher has created an amazing world which seems to blend elements of Ancient Egypt, Classical Greece and her own imagination. The Two Lands are ruled by the Priestesses who live on the Island. They serve the Archon who embodies the God and there are only nine. One of the youngest is appointed to the role of Bearer of the God which carries with it many dangers as the God appears as a scorpion or a snake. Howeve [...]

  • Wow. This book was surprisingly good. I enjoyed The Oracle Betrayed much more than I did Incarceron, which was also written by the same author.I hadn't realized Fisher had been the same author, but I mostly picked this story up because it was a different historical time period than what I've been reading lately. It was an ancient Egyptian teen fantasy, and it was greatly crafted, illustrating so many aspects of the ancient world. The pacing was fast but easy to follow, and the story was enjoyabl [...]

  • This was a nice little book. I'd read Catherine Fisher before and enjoyed Incarceron so when I learned it wasn't her first novel I was curious about her other books. Turns out this was her first book published in the US.The story is pretty simple. But the characters are interesting if not entirely deep they're well developed enough to support the story. The mythology of the world is interesting, something a little like The Thief but somehow both more involved and less profound.The allusions to t [...]

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