Mastering The Art Of A Three Ring Circus

Mastering The Art Of A Three Ring Circus Perhaps some promises should be broken TheophileThe price of freedom was as simple as a promise Fifteen years in jail or a marriage I agreed and didn t look back until the circus came to town Wolfga

  • Title: Mastering The Art Of A Three Ring Circus
  • Author: A. Wilding Wells Tracy Porter John Porter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Perhaps some promises should be broken.TheophileThe price of freedom was as simple as a promise Fifteen years in jail, or a marriage I agreed and didn t look back, until the circus came to town.WolfgangLeaving England behind for a small town in Wisconsin meant two years of freedom for my family, which is my everything Then I met Theophile, an irresistibly intPerhaps some promises should be broken.TheophileThe price of freedom was as simple as a promise Fifteen years in jail, or a marriage I agreed and didn t look back, until the circus came to town.WolfgangLeaving England behind for a small town in Wisconsin meant two years of freedom for my family, which is my everything Then I met Theophile, an irresistibly intriguing woman whose heart I will claim, regardless of the fact that she made a promise to one of the greediest and wealthiest men on earth my father, King Valentine.A deeply moving and gripping modern day fairytale about a spirited woman whose scruples are tested when her life is turned upside down by a larger than life candy heir and his eccentric circus family A gut wrenching, sweet, and magical read filled with humor, tragedy, and a cast of endearing characters that will steal your heart 2 in the Wild Things series stand alone Note This book does not have an ISBN or ASIN

    • Mastering The Art Of A Three Ring Circus ¦ A. Wilding Wells Tracy Porter John Porter
      378 A. Wilding Wells Tracy Porter John Porter
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    A Wilding Wells is an author, storyteller and creative visionary that writes provocative adult contemporary romance novels She describes herself as a passionately obsessive, balance seeking, oxymoron living, modern day dirty minded woman She lives on a ranch on the west coast with her husband, four boys and about enough animals to sink an ark.Follow me on TWITTERtwitter awildingwellsFollow me on FACEBOOKfacebook awildingwells Follow me on PINTERESTpinterest awildingwells Follow me on INSTAGRAMinstagram awildingwells Follow me on You TUBEyoutube channel UCEIfAWW s newest novel will release on April 11, 2016 How to Tame Beasts and Other Wild Things An artsy young woman, given the impossible task by her estranged father to score her widowed brother in law a wife, instead finds love, self discovery and redemption Tender, textured, suspenseful and triumphant A mind blowing, fast paced, sexually tense passion, that is an emotional ride of second chances, healing and redemptionW s first novel, A Mess Of Reason, is now available The sexy and compelling story of the brilliant and sassy Tess Harlow and her best friend, Scout Steele country rock star Friends since forever, they ve never found their time Now she s about to marry Scout s nemesis But not if Scout has anything to say about it His best friend may soon become his best lover.


  • It's LIVE & on Blog Tour! (giveaway included)This was my first jaunt into the wonderful world of A. Wilding Wells and what a fantastical journey it was!! MASTERING THE ART OF A THREE RING CIRCUS had incredible world building, the plot was easy to follow, the characters were bizarrely beautiful (yes, even Duchess), and the love found between its pages was utterly life-altering!Theophile was one tough cookie. The horrors that she faced as a child were heartbreaking. No child should ever have t [...]

  • I'm going to start this review with a direct message to any one of my BookSisters who have not yet read any work of art from the story-telling, magic-weaving, spirit-lifting, soul-feeding, word-Goddess that is AWildingWells : WTF are you doing???!!! You are robbing your hearts, minds, souls & spirits of the countless rewards that come from immersing yourselves between the pages of the rich tapestries that are very much alive within her books. Seriously!! Robbing yourselves!Now, The Art of Ma [...]

  • "Swaypole * A high, flexible, vertical pole atop of which an acrobat performs various balancing tricks"( may I just say that at the beginning of each chapter we get a new word and description and this so much fun and I absolutely love it!)Ok first Arc was provided for an honest review and I absolutely love this book it is fun and quirky and so extravagant there so many moments I had to put my tablet down because I was laughing so hard I couldn't catch my breathe A Wilding Wells is a breathe of f [...]

  • Lemme just start off by saying I loved this story more than cake! This has been such a beautifully written story filled with love, trust and laughter. Three wishes ready, set, go, 1. Can I have a Queenie & Rain of my own please? 2. Wolfgang needs to be real because swoon and 3. I want to live with Bubble, Theophile, Dutchess & Wolf. I loved that even though this is a standalone we get to have Balthazar, Matilda & the boys in the story too. My heart broke hearing what Theophile was pu [...]

  • *4 I love you more than cake stars!!!**ARC generously provided by author*I've said it once and I'll say it again I love every single word A Wilding Wells writes!!! Mastering The Art Of A Three Ring Circus was so cutesweet.lly and so whimsical. When picturing this book in my head all I could see was beautiful bright colors I saw pinks, blue, yellow and every shade of purple that's how wonderful this story was. As always in her books her main male character is a little crazy but a whole lot of sex [...]

  • All the cake in the world, all the penny gumballs on the planet don't even come close. Just when I thought, CERTAINLY I couldn't possibly love this author anymore then I already do, just when I thought there wasn't any spots left in my heart that her words and characters hadn't already invaded she goes and creates this world so beautiful, so full of magic and wonder, I just want to live here forever and ever and ever! The amount of love on these pages, its astounding. There is this subtle myster [...]

  • Mastering the Art of a Three Ring Circus*a one of a kind love story that you don’t want to miss•This book is just pure magic. The writing, the characters and plot are wonderful and unique. •This book is a breath of fresh air. I love Theophile and Wolfgang. Their storyline was really good, the dialogue between them was great and I loved their chemistry which was so hot and beautiful. Readers will be entranced from the very first page. •I love this book more than I love cake and I'm sure y [...]

  • **ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review**4.5 stars"I've lived a thousand fantasies about you in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, when I'm near you, I say nothing, and in the quiet, I feel you. You fill every bit of silence."Mastering The Art Of A Three Ring Circus is my new favorite book by A. Wilding Wells. I love how she comes up with the most fun and crazy books filled with amazing and unique characters. It is like I am on a fun rollercoaster every time I read a book by this [...]

  • 4 beautiful stars!Three wishes ready set go! God I love that line between father and daughter, I also adore the relationship they have it's honestly very cute! I also love how @awildingwells is so free in her writing as in she holds nothing back and doesn't apologize for it! That shows courage and Confidence and you have both! I love Wolfgang! This book is definitely fairy tale related just modernize which I loved!

  • I received this ARC in return for my honest review. This novel is written in dual POV's and is Book 2 in the Wild Things standalone series. THREE WISHESReady, Set, GO!!!1. That A. Wilding Wells will ALWAYS continue to write such amazing, loving, raw, steamy, and emotionally inspiring novels!2. That I will ALWAYS be able to read her novels and experience these many emotions, while also taking something amazing from them for my own personal gain!3. That everyone in the world will experience a deep [...]

  • What an awesome and entertaining story this was!! Absolutely love the characters from the animals to the humans!! Duchess was a hoot!! Then all the secrets unfolded, and Theophile and Wolfgang got there HEA!!!

  • 4.5 "Three wishes. Ready, set, go!" starsWow A. Wilding Wells has done it again gifting us with a funtastical whimsical one of a kind story that left you scratching your head thinking how the hell does she come up with this stories and wishing I could have a peek inside her mind. But in a way I'm thankful that we do, by reading her stories. Let me tell you when I first started reading this I was a little scared I wasn't going to love Wolfgang because he went from 0 to 100 in an instant but I lea [...]

  • Sweet Lord! This BOOK! What! OMG, this book was ah-mah-zhing! Holy freckles, books written by A.Wilding Wells are my EVERYTHING! I don’t know how to live without them. My life is like a black hole when I don’t have a book from her in it. I can’t even find the right words to describe my feelings. This book was a hurricane. I’m still smiling like a goddamn idiot. Maybe, I’m a lost case, but it feels so good to be lost in a story like that. It’s unbelievable what this phenomenal lady do [...]

  • PDL's Rating: 6 Awe-Struck Stars (like WHOA)I have mentioned this before and apparently it hasn’t changed since then. When I fall in love with a book, I tend to not be able to write a review for it. I get tongue-tied and become speechless. Mastering The Art Of A Three Ring Circus will end up without a full length review because it’s my 6 Awestruck Stars read of 2017!That alone says a crap load because if I am lucky enough, I may have only a handful of 6 Stars read in a year time span!!What m [...]

  • My Review:A. Wilding Wells (My #Stingqueen) makes broken beautiful yet again, I honestly don't know how she does it, but she does I was wrapped up in elephants, tigers and quite a quirky circus of characters which was so refreshing and real.Right from start to finish I lived and breathed Theophile and Wolfgang calling them intriguing is one of the many ways to describe these two destined soul-mates! More like utter perfection pretty much sums them up for me personally, even though they both are [...]

  • A. Wilding Wells did it again. 5 ★'s for this beautiful modern fairytale. It was so easy to fall in love with Wolfgang Valentine and his entourage. And of course Theophile. " "Your turn," she says. "Three wishes Ready, set, go!" She snaps her fingers."Your eternal belief in my fathering skills. A soul mate. And for you to stop growing up." "- Bubble and Wolfgang Valentine-Life has a way to prepare you for certain situations and people that enter your world, so you are ready for them. "There's [...]

  • Where do I even begin with this book?!? This book is the most crazy, twistiest, insane, high-flying book I ever read! This is my first read of 2017 and it sets the bar very high! Wolfgang-how I love thee! What is NOT to love about him?!? He's sexy and sweet (literally-he's a candy man)! And then we have Theophile-a girl who has secrets so deep and a love she finds that's also deep! I love a circus theme for a book, it's always enchanted me. And this book with every page was full of color and fun [...]

  • *ARC PROVIDED BY AUTHOR FOR AN HONEST REVIEW*A whirlwind. A masterpiece. A circus. Nothing less than perfect! My need to touch her? Essential as air. Theophile was different female character. She had no love growing up and meeting Wolfgang opened her eyes and her heart. I loved how she gave him the chance to own her once and for all. She tried to fight him tooth and nail, but I am happy she failed. She gave herself the chance, she set herself free. Theophile was strong and brave. I loved her cha [...]

  • If i could give it more than a 5 star rating i would. Okay this book is a standalone but if you want to which i highly recommend because its a damn good book also, but read How To Tame Beasts And Other Wild Things. You do see Matilda, Balthazar, and the twins in this book. Okay now onto this amazing book. I won't be going into to detail about the book, at least not yet. When it gets closer to the book going live indefintely will change up my review. A. Wilding Wells is an amazing author. Not onl [...]

  • ***** ARC received for an honest review! *****WOW! Amazing book once again from this author! If you haven't read any of A. Wilding Wells' books yet, what the hell are you waiting for?! The imagination and story-telling magic of this author is amazing! This is book 2 in the Wild Things series and it does not disappoint. Theophile and Wolfgang are 2 of my favorite characters ever. So complex and larger-than-life. Yes, as usual, her characters are little crazy and unusual, but that's what is so add [...]

  • I already love you more than cake!This book sucked me in from the start. It's very refreshing and the writing and characters are very unique. Many time I thought to myself - what the heck am I reading and then OMG what is going to happen next. The main guy Wolfgang is dreamy. He treats his family and friends like gold and you can't help but love him. He spoils his daughter and several times in the book asks her to name 3 wishes! The characters are eclectic to say the least - think ponies with pi [...]

  • WowI loved this book more than cake! This book was sexy, hot, quirky, sweet and definitely whimsical. A Wilding Wells you've certainly done it again! I loved Theophile, she may have had a bad start in life but it certainly didn't stop her becoming an independent strong women. Then we have Wolfgang Valentineyou just want to marry him yourself! I'd help him out at the circus any day :). Oh could I have my very own Queenie and Rain!?! This book is definitely worth 5 big circus top stars *****

  • I'm catching up on my reviews starting with this one!tly amazing writing again from the phenomenal A Wildingwells, the story was funny, with dark pieces, and a right little twisterI was like oh sh#t I didn't see that comingI loved that we got to hear from Balthazar Matilda and those adorable twins, what more could you ask for, I loved this book more than cake and bubble gum, this is a definite must read!

  • Received ARC for an honest review!!This book was a f*cking shock to my life!Love Wolfgang and Theophile's relationship,but I didn't see that twist coming,just the way I like them,I recommend this book to my fellow lovers of Odd/complicated love relationship, you'll love this.

  • 5, "I love you more than cake" Stars!!"Life is short, Live the opera."The eclectic queen herself is back again playing Ring Mistress to her readers with this Amazing, Colourful, Eccentric, Wonderful Read. After reading this book i want my own crown and to sip my vodka out of a Gold high heel shoe! I shit you not!! the Women in this book are Queens to me, I Adored them. Then we have The Candy Man himself Wolfgang Valentine he was the Sweetest, Most Outrageous, Eccentric Alpha Male i've every read [...]

  • A Wilding Wells did it again!! I don't even know where to start with this review!! From beginning to end, I was captivated by this book! It's whimsical, quirky and just amazing! I loved the larger than life characters and of course the animals! I really want my own elephant!! Wolfgang Valentine is sexy, sweet, dirty talker and goes after what he wants! He's so protective and loves deep. Total swoon worthy! I wish Wolf was real!! Total book boyfriend! Theophile is a beautiful girl who is outspoke [...]

  • I'm at a loss of words. Mastering The Art Of A Three Ring Circus by A Wilding Wells is the first book I have read by this author, and it will definitely not be my last. A good friend of mine has been telling me non-stop that I have to read this book, she took no for an answer! I started last night and stayed up till dawnWhen I finished I could not help but have a big ole grin on my face. I was captivated with this story from the very beginning. Wolfgang Valentine Every-time I say that name my he [...]

  • I received this ARC for a honest review. I will never tire of reading this amazing authors words, all of her books are so different from one another & I love that. She has one of the most creative minds out there. "Mastering The Art Of A Three Ring Circus" is one of those books you can't put down (& you won't want to either), it has drama, love, suspense, sex & yes a circus. I'm not one to tell all before you have a chance to read for yourself, but you will fall in love with the thre [...]

  • **Thank you A. Wilding Wells for sending me this ARC for an honest review**5 stars hands down again!!!!“I love you more than cake and bubble gum…”Loved, loved, loved this book. And it did tug on all my emotions. Absolutely amazing read!!!Well done!!!I can't wait for the next.

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