Just Another Hero

Just Another Hero Jericho November Arielle and their friends must step up big time to prevent a deadly school tragedy in this harrowing conclusion to Sharon M Draper s Jericho Trilogy Arielle Gresham disliked and m

  • Title: Just Another Hero
  • Author: Sharon M. Draper
  • ISBN: 9781416907008
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jericho, November, Arielle, and their friends must step up big time to prevent a deadly school tragedy in this harrowing conclusion to Sharon M Draper s Jericho Trilogy.Arielle Gresham, disliked and mistrusted by most of the students at her school, has a secret past, an unbelievably complicated present, and a shaky future But no one knows or cares because she has managedJericho, November, Arielle, and their friends must step up big time to prevent a deadly school tragedy in this harrowing conclusion to Sharon M Draper s Jericho Trilogy.Arielle Gresham, disliked and mistrusted by most of the students at her school, has a secret past, an unbelievably complicated present, and a shaky future But no one knows or cares because she has managed to alienate anyone who could help her She tries to cope with problems at school, but difficulties at home almost break her spirit Then, as the school tries to deal with an outbreak of false fire alarms, a series of thefts, and Arielle discovers that one classmate is addicted to prescriptions drugs, and another who is a victim on vicious online bullying Outward appearances are seldom what they seem to be everyone is dealing with something, it s all a matter of how you deal with it, Arielle is figuring out But one kid can t, and as he starts to crack, could he take the school tumbling down with him A hero is needed But what makes a hero

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  • Sharon M. Draper

    Sharon M Draper is a professional educator as well as an accomplished writer She has been honored as the National Teacher of the Year, is a five time winner of the Coretta Scott King Literary Award, and is a New York Times bestselling author She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.


  • Reviewed by Sally Kruger aka "Readingjunky" for TeensReadTooJUST ANOTHER HERO is the final book in Sharon M. Draper's trilogy that began with THE BATTLE OF JERICHO and NOVEMBER BLUES. It takes readers inside a Cincinnati high school to follow the lives of a group of students who are now seniors finishing their high school careers and heading on to whatever their futures may hold.This group of friends has experienced a lot over the years. They have watched out for each other, fallen in love, and [...]

  • Narrated by two of the side characters from book one and book two in the trilogy, Just Another Hero focuses on teens getting there life back together. Kofi has a full ride to MIT but becomes hooked on drugs and Arielle finds herself isolated by her controlling step-father as well as her own mean legacy from the first two books. While the book is entertaining and is written in the ease of teen vernacular, the two main characters are the weakest so far. I don't believe them. Kofi's descent into dr [...]

  • The third book in the Battle of Jericho trilogy, this book follows November Blues. The plotline is definitely more engaging if the first two books were read. The book is marketed as a school shooting book, but really there is a lot more going on. One of the students is battling an addiction to painkillers, all of the students are trying to figure out college plans, there is a theft spree going on and the school is trying to catch the criminal, and Arielle is struggling at home due to a controlli [...]

  • In “Just Another Hero” Sharon M. Draper captures the prominent issues in the teen community today including, bullying, violence, substance abuse, domestic abuse, and early parenthood. The main characters in this book are a group of high school seniors from Douglas High School who throughout the book evolve and overcome different hardships in their lives. Arielle Gresham was one of the two narrators throughout the book who started off as an outcast with no one to really talk to. She had given [...]

  • By examining Just another hero , it becomes clear that no matter how wealthy you are you still have the same problems as people who are unwealthy . This suggest that money overrule everything but your feelings but heart. Just another hero by Sharon M. Draper is the third book in her series of books she created following behind the second edition November Blues. Its about several students at school getting through their senior year passed the death of their friend from the previous book . There's [...]

  • The Book just another hero was a fabulous story about high school students. The main characters include Arielle, Kofi, Osrick, Eddie, Crazy Jack, and Olivia they go through many challenges along the way to becoming young adults.In the beginning of the novel a kid named Eddie comes back from a Juvenile detention facility and is intimidating to everyone. Meanwhile A bunch of students electronics and other items are being stolen. During all the commotion the school fire alarm was pulled by a studne [...]

  • The third in the Battle of Jericho/November Blues series, Just Another Hero shows November returning to school after having her baby, Sunshine, the boys from the Warriors of Distinction who have disbanded after Jericho's death in the first book, and the relationships between students, teachers, and life. Arielle is living with a stepfather who controls the money and essentially their lives. This was a unique storyline, as both Arielle and her mother must turn in their receipts from the allowance [...]

  • My teacher Mrs. LeVassuer recommended this book to several of my 8th grade classmates. I thought I should give this book a try since I've read all of her previous books. Just by the title the book seems really engaging. Sharon M.Draper is a very talented author. Since this book is the last book in her trilogy, I believe this book will be perfect for her last ending.

  • this book is full with love,happyness and more on.but they are some sweat drama going on,the girl who dident like november is now lonely.if you love to read you have to read this book by sharon m.draper:)

  • Just Another Hero was a shocking novel with an amazing ending that will captivate the reader and provide a fitting finale to Sharon Draper's trio of novels. The main characters are teenagers, each dealing with their own issues and are examples of these people within the real world. Their characters are shown and explained with such detail that someone completely unaware of their issue, will be interested and want to help. Arielle has an abusive step father who is routinely strict and maintains a [...]

  • What would you do if a gun was five feet away from you? Would you do what the kids in an urban Cincinnati high school did when Crazy Jack brought an Ak-47 to school, or would you run? Well, you can find out what happens if you read this book. I think this book is full of awesome twists and turns and is overall a great book. I think this book does really well on making you feel the emotions that the characters are feeling. Some examples are when Kofi doesn't get accepted for the McDonald's schola [...]

  • I.LOVE. Sharon. Draper. Out of the three books I’ve read this semester of hers (Battle of Jericho and November Blues), I think this one takes the cake for me. Kofi’s battling a new drug addiction while dealing with his crazy immature parents and trying to find a way to pay for the college he just got accepted to. Arielle hates her crazy stepfather and the control freak that he is, but is excited to be mending friendships she had previously burned bridges with. And November is loving being Su [...]

  • "Four senior high school students are dealing with intense personal problems, ranging from abusive parents to drug addiction. Still, they are coping and working toward graduation, until the day a bullied student brings a gun to school. Each realizes how much there is to learn about each other's pain." (Annotation created for my booklist "25 Books about Teens and Bullying)

  • A great ending to the Jericho Trilogy. This story, again, flips between two main characters in a way that both satisfies and builds suspense. Absolutely loved the series. Highly recommend!

  • It is senior year,. Arielle is coping with issues at home and school. Her mother’s new husband imposes rigid controls, and in addition, she has not always been a good friend to the girls in their circle so she worries about being accepted. Kofi, a brilliant science student, battles a secret addiction to prescription drugs as he frets about paying for college. burglaries at school casts suspicion on various individuals and the school community works together to try to tragedy. The characters ar [...]

  • This book was kind of disappointing. It definitely did not live up to The Battle of Jericho or November Blues. The thing that really sucks is I bought this book for like $25.In retrospect, one of the things I disliked about this book was how Draper wrote. For one, it was all in third person which was totally unnecessary considering the fact that the POVs changed a lot. I also wasn't a big fan of Arielle (or however her name is spelled). I understand that Draper set out to show that there was mor [...]

  • This book is about a group of friends that have been together all throughout high school, they have had each others backs since the first year. They have had some good times but their last year together, they face some big challenges. One of the main characters is Arielle, she has a step father that isolates her from everything, he has rules and she needs to follow or her life gets worse. Kofi, he is a smart student that gets accepted to MIT but his addiction for drugs get worse. If you want to [...]

  • Draper, Sharon M. Just Another Hero. New York: Atheneum for Young Readers, 2009. Print.Genre: Realistic Fiction/Young AdultSummary and Analysis: The story follows a group of high school seniors who are still recovering from a tragic hazing incident, which left a club disbanded, several students injured, and Joshua dead. Arielle Gresham and Kofi Freeman alternate the narration of the story. Arielle was the popular and cold girl who suddenly finds herself broken after breaking up with her boyfrien [...]

  • Just Another Hero the final book out of the Jericho trilogy shows what its like to be in Arielles situation. Her mom has recently married a wealthy and controlling man that treats the family like garbage. There are other situations like drug addiction and school pranks that go horrible wrong. I would recommend this book to teenagers from 14 - 18 because most people are in high school during that age and they can relate or notice the same events that are in the book to real life.

  • The author, Sharon M. Draper’s purpose in writing her book Just Another Hero, is to attempt to connect with the teenagers generation on a more personal level. Just Another Hero shows its readers to never give up even during the most tough situations. Readers will constantly feel a sense of hope while reading. Draper’s second purpose was to entertain its readers by making the story a mystery. One of the characters Olivia states, “don’t go accusing him yet” (Draper 113). Readers will be [...]

  • The Jericho Trilogy: First came a story that tackled the issue of hazing, The Battle of Jericho, and then Sharon M. Draper addressed teen pregnancy in November Blues, and now Just Another Hero deals with violence in school Arielle Gresham and Kofi Freeman are both having problems at home. November Nelson is dealing with being a teen parent and doing her best to keep up her grades so she can graduate with the rest of her class. And Jericho Prescott and Olivia Thigpen are still together. It's seni [...]

  • I enjoyed this book because of it's adventure and it's cliff hangers which made me think what would happen next. Everyone thinks Arielle has a perfect life but she doesn't. Her controlling rich stepfather is specific about his money which drives Arielle to the edge. Arielle lost her friends because of her attitude so she mostly stays quite. Crazy Jack is a weird boy who make.n troublenoise in the hallway, everyone knows he is the one pulling the fire alarm which causes the whole school to get in [...]

  • This is the conclusion to the Jericho Trilogy that began with The Battle of Jericho and November Blues. After the deadly hazing incident when Josh lost his life, and after November’s pregnancy with Josh’s baby, these friends need to find a bit of peace. It is senior year, and Arielle and Kofi take center stage. Arielle is coping with issues at home and school. Her mother's new husband imposes rigid controls. She has not always been a good friend to the girls in her circle so she worries abou [...]

  • Just Another Hero is a book about the life of Ariel, a teenage girl, and how her and her friends overcome many common problems of high school kids. The other main character is kofi. Who lives with dysfunctional parents who cant keep up with the bills, so he isforced to work a job at mcdonalds to make ends meet, while maintaining his good grades at school.Ariel lives with her mom and her boyfriend, who treats them pretty well, exept that he isa giant control freak. He will give Ariel $100 for a w [...]

  • This book was so amazing. I literally read it in 2 days becaue i was so attached. Sharon M. Draper has a fantastic way of communicating a great story line with fantastic details. She uses 2 main characters to tell the story. I think she picked them because they both had very hard lives. Their familys were not functioning very well. Arielle had a mean stepfather that gave both her and her mom "allowence", and tallied up their reciepts from a whole week every Sunday. This is just crazy to me. He t [...]

  • I just finished reading the book titled, "Just Another Hero," By Sharon M. Draper. This book was about Arielle, November, Kofi and Dana. For Arielle it's all too real. Having to deal with a over controlling step father living by his rules and his way of life. Also having to deal with all her friends she hurt while chasing after a boy. Dissing them and even calling them out of their name, turns towards them for forgiveness. Even with that on Arielle's plate, her and her mother have a rude awaking [...]

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