Tiny Titans, Volume 1: Welcome to the Treehouse

Tiny Titans Volume Welcome to the Treehouse You ll see what life is like for the very young heroes of Sidekick Elementary and learn what could go wrong when the kids of Sidekick Elementary spend an afternoon in the Batcave in this new graphic n

  • Title: Tiny Titans, Volume 1: Welcome to the Treehouse
  • Author: Art Baltazar Franco
  • ISBN: 9781401220785
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • You ll see what life is like for the very young heroes of Sidekick Elementary and learn what could go wrong when the kids of Sidekick Elementary spend an afternoon in the Batcave in this new graphic novel.These all ages tales from the DC Universe, beautifully written and illustrated by Art Baltazar and Franco, will entertain new readers and seasoned fans of comics.CollectiYou ll see what life is like for the very young heroes of Sidekick Elementary and learn what could go wrong when the kids of Sidekick Elementary spend an afternoon in the Batcave in this new graphic novel.These all ages tales from the DC Universe, beautifully written and illustrated by Art Baltazar and Franco, will entertain new readers and seasoned fans of comics.Collecting Tiny Titans 1 6

    • Tiny Titans, Volume 1: Welcome to the Treehouse ¦ Art Baltazar Franco
      193 Art Baltazar Franco
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  • This is so cute I almost couldn't take it. The art and writing (and mazes and puzzles!) present this as a children's comic, and it really could be. But there's jokes that require some pretty decent backstory. Fortunately, somebody who's watched the Teen Titans cartoon would probably be doing fine. Would a young child who didn't know all of that enjoy it? Probably. It's cute and fun and is much more about kids being kids than superheroics.

  • Most of the Tiny Titans will all be members of the Teen Titans at some point (not all necessarily at the same time.) They all go to school together at Sidekick City Elementary. They also go on field trips, play in their tree house and even in the Bat Cave. Everyone gets along for the most part and even those characters with the saddest and darkest stories get a chance to have fun and be goofy in this series.Tiny Titans was meant for much younger children then I thought it would be. It's full of [...]

  • Adorable! Fun for the whole family! That's all you really need to know!That said, a little bit of comics wonkery. What's interesting about this series is that it strips the Teen Titans down to their bare essentials. Instead of an action-driven comic with powers and tactics and convoluted storylines, it's a funny comic with personalities and two-page stories. Powers get used once in a while, and there are no fights at all -- but Darkseid is the school janitor at Sidekicks Elementary, and the hall [...]

  • this is such a feel-good comic. it's a nice break from all of the fightings and mess going on in the new 52 comics. love the dynamic between raven and her dad and (because i'm biased) robin/nightwing with batgirl darlings :")

  • I really don't understand this. It's clearly intended for very young readers, but are they going to have any idea what is going on? Why include so many characters? I lost count, there are at least 20 different Titans and villains from 40+ years of Teen Titans comic books (including two different Wonder Girls). All are included with little or no hint of who they are. Some aren't even named until many pages in. And at least of few of the punch lines would be lost on anyone who hasn't read the Wolf [...]

  • I really, really wanted to like this because I love comics and want my four and a half year old son to have superhero comics he can read that are age-appropriate. But the writing in this book is just so mind-numbingly dull. The humor is painfully lame, even for humor geared toward children. The pictures are cute, but that's about it. The female characters are often portrayed in stereotypical "girly" ways, like playing Barbies and talking about cute boys. The character of Beast Boy is occasionall [...]

  • I keep waffling back and forth between two and three stars for this. The art is ridiculously cute and it's strangely amusing to see scenes like Robin being mobbed by a flock of robins or trying to change his superhero identity to Nightwing. But, having only watched a few episodes of Teen Titans and never having read any of the comics, I felt like there were times when I was probably missing the punchline. Which I'm assuming might be the case for the target audience of this book as well, which ju [...]

  • This was pretty good, I don't know very many DC comic characters so that was a little confusing, but it was a pretty good and funny comic.

  • Grade school Justice League? lol The perfect intro to DC superheroes for my girls, lots of bright colors, the content is pretty silly from playing Freeze Tag with the Flash to throwing rocks and Kryptonite on the playgroundI am very happy with this.

  • I picked this book out because I thought it would be an interesting read, with familiar characters that are put into a fun school setting. This comic consist of short plots involving famous DC Characters, mostly around the Teen Titans, who children might relate to more because of the various TV Shows revolving around those characters. The concept is cute and the art is adorable, and the plots are something young children could find hilarious. The school environment allows young children who are [...]

  • As an adult reader, Tiny Titans did nothing for me. I wasn't really drawn in, and I have no real desire to read more if it is a series. The premise seems to be that all these kids are super heroes, or sidekicks Batman, Alfred and Commissioner Gordon make appearances. I can see why young kids might enjoy this graphic novel, with the bright colors, action and creative super heroes and animals throughout. The super powers make for some interesting action sequences. It also briefly outlines what mak [...]

  • Tiny Titans is basically an extended riff on the DC Comics universe, populated by child versions of the sidekicks and younger heroes from that world. They attend school at Sidekicks Elementary, have a Pet Club where the first rule is you don't talk about Pet Club (but everyone talks about Pet Club), and they get in trouble with Alfred for flooding Wayne Manor when they try to wash squid ink out of their uniforms (Aqualad put the whole box of laundry soap in). When I started reading it, I wasn't [...]

  • 1. The panels are vibrant and full of detail, but not overwhelming. I think it will be easy for students to understand, as long as they’re aware that it’s not one whole story - it’s a combination of several Tiny Titan comics. Every 4-6 pages will be a completely different story. At first, they look like chapter headings, but they’re not - they’re completely new stories. 2. I would give this graphic novel to a reluctant reader, boy or girl, who likes reading short books. I found that it [...]

  • A two-time winner of the Eisner Award for Best Series for Kids, the Tiny Titans comic book series re-imagines a variety of DC superheroes--from pop culture icons like Wonder Woman and Robin to obscure characters Starfire, Raven, and Miss Martian--as young children attending Sidekick Elementary.The grown-ups in the Justice League of America say they’re not old enough to fight crime yet, so the brief stories revolve around the kids playing with pets, hanging out in their treehouse, and debating [...]

  • *This review will cover all of the Tiny Titans series (unless I feel inclined to write more about them in future volumes)Tiny Titans is fucking ADORABLEThe art is very cute, I love how Balthazar drew it to look like a CHILD drew it with a crayon. Honestly, if it was drawn any other way, it wouldn't fit this series.The writing is very believable, everyone is still like "themselves", but with the twist that they're actually little kids now.But personally, I don't think the writing is too "silly" a [...]

  • This was so, so cute. It probably helped that I already knew who the characters were and bits and pieces of their backstories, but I think just about anyone could pick it up and enjoy it. Old fans will appreciate some of the jokes about who the teachers are and Raven's life at home and Robin changing his costume and becoming Nightwing, but you don't need to know about all that beforehand to enjoy the stories. I think this could be an excellent introduction to comics (and the Titans) for kids, be [...]

  • While the art in this was super adorable and fun, I wasn't at all fond of the little vignettes. To me, a truly wonderful children's work is one that balances its appeal to both children as well as adults and this didn't deliver on the latter. The punchlines were either non-existent or just not funny. The activities included in the book were cute and a good idea considering the targeted age-group, so I thought that was clever. Overall, it was okay, but I'm not chomping at the bit for more. It was [...]

  • We all loved this one! Shannon Hale recommended these graphic novels/comic books on her blog, and since I'm all about S.H. I asked my library to get some of these in. This is the first that we've tried of the series, and I read it once out loud to the kids and we all laughed. Then they re-read it. Both of them have read it multiple times, and to me that's success! The characters are kids, funny ones, and it's very child-appropriate. I have another of these on reserve at my library and we're all [...]

  • This book is a collection of the first six small volumes of Tiny Titans. Short episodic stories introduce the Tiny Titans, their personalities, and their abilities. They do a lot of typical kid stuff: open doors they shouldn't (but with spectacular results, since they're playing in the Bat Cave!), play with toys in the treehouse, tell jokes, stand up to playground bullies, etc. The extra entertainment factor lies in their special abilities, costumes, and superhero grownups in the background. See [...]

  • This was cute but very simplistic. It has many tiny titans. It is a bit confusing who is the child of who. Some are obvious but some aren't and since it's for kids it should have a guide or something, since kids won't know the backstories of all the characters. I don't even know. The illustrations are adorable and the titans play in the treehouse, or school or the batcave. I like the Raven parts cause she is my fav. but they were all cute. I got this for my 5 year old son and I think he will lik [...]

  • I was looking for good "all ages" comics, and this fits the bill. The superheroes are tiny - and in elementary school. Tree houses, crushes, and playground battles fill this first trade. Silly and cute, with adorable illustrations, there are enough inside jokes to make this fun for an adult comics fan to enjoy sharing it with the children in their lives.

  • This is a fun little ofshoot of DC comic book characters for younger kids to read. I found it cute and funny at times and my 6 year old loved it. The blurbs are short and easy to read and the pictures are more than appropriate for all ages. This is a cool way to get kids interested in reading, even if it is a comic book.

  • This was cute, but I don't know the Teen Titans so it seemed like a lot of characters that I didn't try to keep straight. There's no storyline, just a collection of comics, though a few are inter-connected. My 8-year-olds love this series, though I suspect there are parts they don't get.

  • If you have a little one who loves heroes, especially the DC heroes, this is the book for him. My son is 4.5 and even my 2 year old was absorbed as we read the graphic novel together. We'll definitely be getting the next ones.

  • The art was good.The jokes were pretty weak and many relied on having an intimate knowledge of dozens of DC characters of little prominence. Not really sure who the target audience is, because they were also pretty bland jokes for the most part.

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