Magnolias, Moonlight, and Murder

Magnolias Moonlight and Murder When military wife mom and professional organizer Ellie Avery stumbles across two dead bodies in her new neighbourhood murder becomes a clear and present danger Can Ellie solve the crimes

  • Title: Magnolias, Moonlight, and Murder
  • Author: Sara Rosett
  • ISBN: 9780758226815
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When military wife, mom, and professional organizer Ellie Avery stumbles across two dead bodies in her new neighbourhood, murder becomes a clear and present danger Can Ellie solve the crimes

    • Magnolias, Moonlight, and Murder Sara Rosett
      150 Sara Rosett
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    USA Today bestselling author Sara Rosett writes cozy mysteries Her books are fun escapes for readers who like interesting settings, quirky characters, and puzzling mysteries Publishers Weekly called Sara s books, satisfying, well executed, and sparkling Sara loves to get new stamps in her passport and considers dark chocolate a daily requirement Find out at SaraRosett and sign up to get a free ebook from Sara.


  • Mitch has been transferred to a base in Georgia. The decided to lease a house in a new development. Ellie takes walks in the,area and discovers a grave that has been disturbed and now has 2 skulls in it. Later learns the news that there is a missing girl and the Avery's have leased her home. Ellis has plenty to keep her busy; but offers her skill has an organizer to the campaign to bring Jodi home.

  • Loving this quirky series. Well written and actually keeps me guessing. I have read so many I can usually see the end coming but these keep me guessing!!

  • A woman disappears and her parents rent out her house just after 3 weeks? Not likely.An 11 month old baby pushes his lawnmower in the front yard? Most 11 month babies can't walk let alone push a toy over an uneven surface such as a lawn.A "professional" organizer who is always saying how messy her house is? I wouldn't hire her that is for sure.Finding a skull and not call the police immediately - going home first?Yep, Ms. Rosett is right on track with another book full of discrepencies and ideas [...]

  • Ellie Avery mysteries are based upon a stay at home military wife who finds herself caught up in the middle of murder plots and conspiracy while her family moves about the country wherever her husband gets re-assigned. This story isn't unique but it keeps you guessing on “Who Done It” well enough, that you do care that the victim receives justice and the family has closure.Sara Rosett has a different twist to her murder/mystery writing; she gives you tips at the end of most chapters in her E [...]

  • Rosett's engaging fourth Mom Zone mystery (after 2008's Getting Away Is Deadly) finds super efficient crime-solver Ellie Avery living in a new subdivision in North Dawkins, Ga near Taylor Air Force Base with her air force pilot husband and their two children. While taking the family rottweiler for a walk, Ellie discovers skeletal remains in a forgotten cemetery at first suspected to be those of their home's first occupant, Jodi Lockworth, a freelance reporter who's been missing for 10 months. Bu [...]

  • I picked up this book because I liked the cover. Its got a pumpkin on it, which means that it takes place during the Fall, and I love Fall. This is the latest book in the series, but unlike some series, you don't need to read the others first to understand what is going on. The story is about Ellie who is the wife of an Air Force officer and it takes you into the world of what life is like for their wives. I enjoyed it. Wasn't sure if I would or not. Ellie finds a dead body who everyone thinks b [...]

  • This is a light summer read. It's part of a series and has 'two hooks'. The amateur detective is a stay-at-home Military spouse with young children. That has enabled Rosett to set the series in various locales. Ellie's work from home profession is as an organizer. Similar to other 'occupational' mysteries, some of the chapters conclude with organizing tips. Those tips however, seemed exceedingly lame to me, perhaps because I fancy myself as an organizer too!

  • 4th book in series. Ellie is a army wife and has 2 kids. They moved to a new base and Ellie is spending lots of time at home with the little kids. But, she is trying to ge her organizing business going again. She finds out that the house they are renting was previously owned by a girl gone missing. Ellie offers help to the missing girl's parents and finds herself in a hunt for the missing girl and the killer of an old local mystery.

  • Air force wife Ellie Avery, adjusting to a new post in Georgia, learns that the missing woman whose image decorates every lamppost used to live in Ellie's house. Reluctantly, Ellie becomes involved in the search for Jodi, although her first attempt leads to the solution of a quite different mystery. This series is making enormous strides and should be on your to-read list.

  • Interesting mystery. about being a busy young mother than the mystery. The clues were there later in the book and it was pretty easy to see where she was going with it. It is not badly written but not the best I have read either. Part of the problem is that I read in bits and pieceso much Christmas stuff to do and no time to read!

  • A simple walk causes Ellie to stumble on a body and the knowledge that a missing woman lived in her rented house. The red herrings in this book are incredible and yet very realistic. You find yourself thinking you know what's going on only to be fooled.I love that Ellie is a mom first. Her kids' lives intrude on everything including the murder investigation.

  • A cozy with a milieu of clutter organizer, young mom with toddlers. Every so often, instead of a recipe or something, there is a hint of technique for part planning. Given the crime, these techniques seemed out of place and even bothersome. The mystery itself was fairly interesting. I'll probably try some more by this author.

  • I think she is getting better the more she writes. Sometimes the later books in a series tend to repeat and become boring. Not so here. And Ellie seems to be realizing that there can be danger and isn't so foolhearty! Very nicely done.

  • 4th Mom Zone Mystery is an amateur sleuth and light storyline starring Ellie Avery, a military spouse. Story line is fast-paced with a look back to 1919 and 1955, adding a historical perspective to the story. Enjoy Ellie's Steel Magnolia resolve for each case she 'happens' upon.

  • The unorganized organizer was making me nuts. As were the not-related-to-the-storyline organization hints (which were beyond generic). Most cozies that include hints/recipes/etc. make them less jarring and related to the story.

  • Arriving at Taylor Air Force Base in Georgia with new baby Nathan and 3 year old Livvy in tow is challenge enough for Ellie. At least she would like to think so. Her landlady has other plans for her and soon Ellie is totally entrenched in finding out what happened to Jodi, the landlady's daughter.

  • Enjoyable storyI enjoyed this story quite a bit. It revolves around a missing person and the secrets that a small community tries to conceal.

  • This is a fun and clean mystery series. I like that it has a lot of twists and I couldn't figure out the end.

  • Thought I'd be more excited about this series being an retired Air Force dependent, but not all the storyline is believable.

  • Um this book was better than the first one in the series. It still doesn't hold together under close scrutiny, though.

  • This was an interesting murder cozy. It had elements of missing persons, new neighbors, and stolen identities.

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