Peaks and Valleys: Making Good And Bad Times Work For You--At Work And In Life

Peaks and Valleys Making Good And Bad Times Work For You At Work And In Life Peaks Valleys Making Good And Bad Times Work For You At Work And In Life by Johnson Spencer Hardcover

  • Title: Peaks and Valleys: Making Good And Bad Times Work For You--At Work And In Life
  • Author: Spencer Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781439103258
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Peaks Valleys Making Good And Bad Times Work For You At Work And In Life by Johnson,Spencer 2009 Hardcover

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    • Peaks and Valleys: Making Good And Bad Times Work For You--At Work And In Life By Spencer Johnson
      200 Spencer Johnson
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    Librarian s note There is than one author in the database with this name.Spencer Johnson, M.D left behind a medical career to write short books about life The most famous was Who Moved My Cheese published in 1998 The book became a publishing phenomenon and a workplace manual Over 50 million copies of Spencer Johnson s books are in use worldwide in 47 languages.Dr Johnson s education included a psychology degree from the University of Southern California, a M.D from the Royal College of Surgeons and medical clerkships at Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic.


  • Peaks and valleys: making good and bad work for you - at work and in life, Spencer Johnsonعنوان: قله ها و دره ها؛ نویسنده: اسپنسر جانسون؛ موضوع: چگونه در زندگی با مدیریت بهتر و لحظه های خوب بیشتر و لحظه های بد کمتری داشته باشید. تاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیست و چهارم جولای سال 2010 میلادیمترجم: فریبا جعفری ثمینی؛ تهران، نسل ن [...]

  • خیلی معمولی و کلیشه‌ای. چه حیف که اسپنسر جانسون مدام خط داستانیش رو تو کتاب‌های مختلفش تکرار می‌کنه و چیز جدیدی به خواننده نمی‌ده.--------------------------------------بخش‌های یادگاری از کتاب:همه او را از رفتن به جایی که خودشان نرفته بودند، منع می‌کردند.تو برای تبدیل دره به قله، باید یکی از [...]

  • یکی از بهترین کتاب هایی بود که در زمینه انگیزش خونده ام. شب شروع به خواندنش کردم و ظهر تمام شد. بسیار عالی، به همه توصیه می کنم یکبار بخوانید

  • داستان دره ها و قله ها درباره ی جوانی است که زندگی غمگینی دارد تا اینکه در اثر ملاقات با پیرمردی دانا به دیدگاه جدیدی در زندگی می رسد و زندگی اش متحول می شود . او در این ملاقات می آموزد که لحظه های خوب و بد ، قسمتی از زندگی همه ماست . کلید زندگی بهتر ، درک صحیح تر از این لحظه های خوب [...]

  • Talk about your peaks and valleys, this book is filled with them! Self-help books are usually not my thingd neither was Peaks and Valleys: Making Good and Bad Times Work For You - At Work and In Life blah blah blah, get a longer title why don't you?!. I gave it an extra star because it's not embarrassingly horrible or too preachy, plus there is a redeeming quality to it. It strives and mostly succeeds in making you feel like you just received a promotion with a fat raise and your mom is giving y [...]

  • Peaks and Valleys is a wonderful book. A very quick read - I read it over one of my lunch hours. I have always liked Who Moved My Cheese and repeatedly had brought that book out to re-read when I am feeling a little stuck. Peaks and Valleys encourages me to look at things differently - I may get stuck in a valley occasionally, but it all depends on how I look at it. What maybe a valley, could actually be a peak - it's all in my focus. I encourage everyone to read it and can't wait to start shari [...]

  • I felt like a child when I read this book. The author talks to you as you are lost or you dont know what to do and he keeps repeating the same stuff again and again. The book was boring and very short and did not add anything to my knowledge except for things I knew before but It just reminded me of it. It is a book for someone who had not much experience in life and dont know how to deal with problems. Most of the information included in the book are common sense and you dont need to know it at [...]

  • اسپنسر جانسون معروف به"ساده بيان كردن پيچيده ترين مسائل" است. طورى مسايل را ساده توضيح مي دهد كه در عين قابل فهم بودن، تمام جزييات آن حفظ مى شود. "قله ها و دره ها" كتاب كوتاه بى نظير و مفيدى است براى اينكه بفهميم قله ها و دره ها يا روزهاى آرام و روزهاى سخت زندگيمان را چطور مديريت ك [...]

  • As usual, the author had to implement a tale to deliver some important points in an easy and clear fashion.Normally, I would give a 5-stars rate only when I feel I learned something valuable and helpful, which I did in this case. But what I didn't like is that reading this book was like reading " The Present " for the same author, both books shard almost the same tale with almost the same circumstances! I kind of felt sad because I wanted to read something new and genuine, especially when you ai [...]

  • A beautiful book spreading the philosophy of life during bad and good times. How one should look at his/her own life when they are in trouble, when they are having a difficult time and also when they are in peaceful state of mind. Theories of how to maintain the peaceful state of mind for long time and so on. Overall I would recommend this book to everyone. The time invested in reading this small book will be very useful. Go ahead and pick up your copy.

  • دره، نه تنها كنايه از دوران سخت زندگي و قله، نه تنها كنايه از دوران خوش زندگي دارد، كه نشان دهنده احساسات دروني ما و واكنش مان به اتفاقات بيروني نيز هست. قله ها و دره ها به ما مي نماياند كه چگونه بيشتر بر قله بمانيم و چگونه زودتر از دره بيرون بياييم.

  • what an amazing book the beginning i thought it was a fiction and it doesn't speak reality.but now, after i finished, i know how to use my moments very well.cially i am a very moody person.

  • Short story but had some real golden nuggets in here, as do all his books. Can't recommend this author enough. There's a reason why he's the number one best selling author on of all time.

  • Why isn't there an option of Zero star?Well Self-Guide books aren't really my type. but this book was boring & the story couldn't get any more monotonous. it was supposed to encourage you & empower you through your ups & downs in life (so the idea wasn't actually bad), but instead it seemed like a childish story.

  • A new book which took author Spencer Johnson over 20 years to write, just like his previous bestseller, Who Moved My Cheese.This is another parable which happens to speak to our current economic state, as well as life in general. It was not a plan to release this book during this time of upheaval in America, it just turned out that way. I've come to believe that everyone is going through something major just about everyday of their life. Certainly with what's happening in our culture, economy an [...]

  • This book can be read in one sitting -- and that would be a mistake. My first read through I rated the book three stars. I gave the book a second chance by rereading it in fifteen minute increments, first thing in the morning. Then, I upgraded my rating.Sometimes simple is better. This book provides a simple approach to keeping your head on straight. Perhaps individual personality can't be changed, but outlook on life can be altered. The secret lies in learning to take advantage of bad times.We [...]

  • I really liked this book! The author DOES follow a pattern and his story IS very predictable, yet (at least to me) it was an inspiring read.As the very title says, the story speaks of one's up's and down's in life.ures and successes (peaks and valleys), and about the "art" of achieving equilibrium in life. One of the basic characteristics of life is RHYTHM. This principle says, that even if we are in the valley today, we may reach the peak one day, only if we are willing to work on ourselves, be [...]

  • Even though the concept of this book was simple it's message was very inspirational. Highly recommend for high schoolers.

  • Habis sempena Maal HijrahSo, esok baru aku kena berhijrah dalam kerja. HeheheP/s : Who moved my cheese? lebih menarik.

  • Peaks and Valleys, by Spencer Johnson, is a great and inspiring book. It is all about the "peaks and valleys" in our lives and how truly important each one of those are. We have to have both peaks and valleys just like a heartbeat in order to live a healthy life. It is just such an inspiring book. I enjoyed this book because I liked how you could really apply every scenario and situation in this book to your own life. You can use all the information in this book and really learn from it. It show [...]

  • I took my time reading and processing this, even though it's a quick read. While some of it may be common sense, the point about turning your valleys into peaks really resonated with me, and made me reflect upon my choices and mindset regarding work in the past couple of years.The book's philosophies are a bit overly simplified and may not be easily applied in every situation - for instance, I don't believe success at work is within the reach of every single person on earth, due to varying socio [...]

  • Invaluable wisdom explained easy peasyGood monthly read to stay on track with Peaks and Valleys. Simple language that has powerful words that stick in your mind long after reading.

  • Remember reading this a long time ago after a friend recommended it. It's a very inspirational fable meant to teach a life lesson about the highs and lows of life. Took a star off just because the advice wasn't as practical as I had hoped.

  • excelente libro, de lectura muy suave y con varias reflexiones que nos ponen a pensar en nuestra realidad y la forma en cómo a la afrontamos y como deberíamos hacerlo lo recomiendo

  • nastal čas čítania kníh do práce. a beletria to už (bohužiaľ) nie je. čo ale neznamená, že sa aj z tohto nedá vyťažiť čo najviac.

  • ولی مهم تر این بود که دریافت، ترس هایش بیشتر دره های زندگی اش را به وجود آورده است.

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