The Exile of Sara Stevenson

The Exile of Sara Stevenson In Sara Stevenson the well bred but high spirited daughter of celebrated Scottish lighthouse designer Robert Stevenson falls in love with a common sailor Thomas Crichton On the day of their c

  • Title: The Exile of Sara Stevenson
  • Author: Darci Hannah
  • ISBN: 9780345520548
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1814, Sara Stevenson, the well bred but high spirited daughter of celebrated Scottish lighthouse designer Robert Stevenson, falls in love with a common sailor, Thomas Crichton On the day of their clandestine elopement, Thomas mysteriously disappears, leaving Sara heartbroken, secretly pregnant, and at the mercy of her overbearing family Refusing to relinquish her hopeIn 1814, Sara Stevenson, the well bred but high spirited daughter of celebrated Scottish lighthouse designer Robert Stevenson, falls in love with a common sailor, Thomas Crichton On the day of their clandestine elopement, Thomas mysteriously disappears, leaving Sara heartbroken, secretly pregnant, and at the mercy of her overbearing family Refusing to relinquish her hopes that Thomas will someday return to her, Sara is banished to an eerie lighthouse on lonely and remote Cape Wrath There she meets William Campbell, the reclusive yet dashing light keeper who incites her ire and interest Soon Sara begins to accept her life on the cape and her growing attraction to William until a mystifying package from an Oxford antiquarian arrives, giving intriguing clues to Thomas s whereabouts Through her correspondence with the antiquarian, Sara slowly uncovers the story of her beloved s fate But what she doesn t immediately grasp is that these letters travel an even greater distance than she could have imagined as the boundaries between time and space unravel to forge an incredible connection between a woman and a man many years apart.

    • The Exile of Sara Stevenson BY Darci Hannah
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    Darci Hannah, born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and a graduate of Indiana University, has skied, paddled, sailed and hiked a good chunk of North America while toting her favorite, dog eared works of historical fiction along with her As a self proclaimed student of life who is far from passing the test, Darci continued her self education after college by indulging her passion for travel, history Scottish history in particular , as well as her interest in those mysterious happenings, myths and tales that challenge the imagination Shortly after graduation, Darci married her college sweetheart It wasn t until after the birth of the couple s third son that she finally decided to combine her adventurous spirit with her life long passions and put pen to paper Many years and rejection slips later, The Exile of Sara Stevenson, was finally published in 2010 by Ballantine Books, a division of Random House, followed by, The Angel of Blythe Hall, published in 2011.It isn t surprising that Darci Hannah s works, combining her unique interests and storytelling ability, don t fit neatly into any one genre While being firmly rooted in history, they are unwinding journeys of adventure, romance, mystery and suspense that deftly bring the reader to the edge of belief and beyond Hannah s stories are filled with palpable emotion, richly drawn characters, evocative settings, visceral historical detail and intriguing, unpredictable plots They speak to the romantic to the adventurous soul looking to be whisked from the twenty first century and transported to Scotland of the past Whether to a forlorn lighthouse teetering on the edge of Cape Wrath, or to the tumultuous Borders in the reign of James IV, Darci Hannah s inspired historical tales will continue to linger in the imagination long after the last page is turned.Darci Hannah currently lives in Michigan with her husband and three teenaged sons.


  • Note: Spoilers included.Sara Stevenson: I'm a beautiful self-centered girl. Ooh, he's hot.Thomas Crichton: By the way, even though I've only seen you twice and had a conversation with you once, I love you. (disappears)SS: Oops, I'm pregnant.Her Family: Off to Cape Wrath with you: I'm miserable, but strangely attracted to this weirdo lighthouse keeper.William Campbell: I am a total jerk, but strangely attracted to that obnoxious girl living by my lighthouse: I want Thomas.[Reader: Spare me.]Alexa [...]

  • (3.5) Edinburgh, 1814. Sarah Stevenson is the pampered daughter of Robert Stevenson, builder of lighthouses. Whilst on a boat tour, Sara meets and falls in love with sailor Thomas Crichton. Since Sara's parents would never consider Thomas a suitable match for her, the two plan to elope - but Sara ends up waiting in vain as Thomas never shows. Did he truly love her or was he just using her? A pregnant and broken-hearted Sara is banished by her family to the remote lighthouse at Cape Wrath, along [...]

  • I really wanted to like this book. Even when the editor's note compared it to novels like Wuthering Heights and The Time Traveler's Wife (both of which I loathed,) I persevered in my hope that this would be a good read indeed. And while I didn't find this novel as objectionable as the others, I did it find it sorely lacking in several areas.The first was characterization and, possibly due to this, sheer likability. There is nothing to recommend the protagonist beyond the author's putting admirin [...]

  • Rating clarification: 2.5 starsWhile I do appreciate the thought and intriguing concept that went into Darci Hannah's debut novel, I wasn't as thrilled with it as I quite honestly expected to be.The plot: Sara, Stevenson, a young woman from 1814 Scotland, falls in love with an unsuitable man (sailor Thomas Crichton), plans to elope and finds that she has been abandoned and left pregnant by her erswhile lover. Her angry parents banish her to Cape Wrath, a remote lighthouse off the rugged Scottish [...]

  • I really enjoyed the first 3/4 of The Exile of Sara Stevenson. It's not high literature nor is it a particularly informative work of historical fiction - I'd classify it as a historical romance. However, I enjoyed the picturesque setting of the coastal Scottish Highlands of the early 19th Century. The novel is about a young woman, daughter of a famed lighthouse designer, who finds herself in an awkward predicament for a wealthy 19th century woman from a Calvinist family: she is pregnant and unma [...]

  • This is an advance copy of a novel to be published in July 2010. The story is set on Cape Wrath, an actual lighthouse, built by author, Robert Louis Stevenson's grandfather, in Scotland. The novel takes place in 1814-1815, whereas the actual lighthouse was not built until 1823. The story encompasses two wars: the Napoleanic Wars of 1793 to 1815, and World War I from 1914-1918 via a ghost/angel that transcends the years. While reading the story, I thought of Robert Nathan's, The Portrait of Jenni [...]

  • discovered this new novel somewhere along my travels and quickly marked it down on my 'to read' list. So, I was excited when I saw it being offered on the Vine program, I quickly snatched it up and eagerly anticipated reading it. Unfortunately, I found very little that engaged me in this story. The characters aren't particularly likable or interesting, they all seem rather stereotypical. The story moves rather slowly and there just wasn't anything that interested me enough to keep me reading. I [...]

  • MAY BE SOME SPOILERSLove, mystery, secrets, betrayal, ghosts, letters, smugglers, Scottish history and life in the 1800'sSara Stevenson was a privileged Scottish lass who wasn't one to conform to the norms of Scottish rules for young ladies.Her father was a famous lighthouse engineer and had Sara accompany him on a boat trip when she was 18 years old. While on the voyage, she fell in love with one of the sailors who of course was not of her social rank. Her father suspects this love affair and i [...]

  • Set in 1814, The Exile of Sara Stevenson is a richly woven historical fiction novel told from the viewpoint of the titles namesake, Sara Stevenson.Banished to the Cape Wrath lighthouse on the blustery northern point of Scotland, Sara is punished for falling in love with a sailor, and ending up pregnant with his child. Miserable, forced to make company with the other unhappy residents of the lighthouse, Sara believes her lover, Thomas Chrichton, will rescue her. The days drift by until a mysterio [...]

  • I am oddly conflicted on what to say about The Exile of Sara Stevenson. On the one hand, I found the story interesting, if predictable, and read it very quickly. On the other, it was by no means an intellectual endeavor, and the story was rife with clichés and some particularly obnoxious plot devices.Sara Stevenson was, to me, too perfectly cliché. She was exactly what you want in a protagonist, and then a little more so. Smart, witty, beautiful, charming, charismatic, literally everyone loved [...]

  • Girl from a well-to-do Edinburgh family falls in love with a sailor boy that her family doesn't like. And when she finds herself up the proverbial creek, and that he's vanished on the very night that they were to run off to Gretna Green, what's a family to do, but ship her off to the country to hide the shame. Only in this case, it's 1814 and the family's trade is building lighthouses, so she's banished to the furthest outpost, a lonely lighthouse on Cape Wrath. There, not only must she contend [...]

  • This was a really great book- I loved the main charecter Sara and how she stood up to her family and friends in a time when women weren't supposed to have a mind of their own. I thought the supernatural aspects of the book were well played too. Without giving too much away, the first line of the book is "Someone once told me that every tower had a ghost, and every ghost had a story", so going in I was prepared for some ghosts. However, Hannah used the idea of ghosts reaching out to those still a [...]

  • This was such a great book! With the stroke of her pen, Darci Hannah brings to life memorable characters in a mysterious story that will keep you reading long past bed time. The story takes place around 1814, shortly after the Napoleonic Wars. Young, wealthy, and spirited Sara Stevenson is forced to move from her home in Edinburgh to a remote lighthouse on Cape Wrath after her family discovers she had fallen in love with Thomas Crichton, a common sailor, and was pregnant. The night before they w [...]

  • This was a book I won through a Giveaway. It was a good historical novel with a bit of a twist. I loved the author's writing style which made the characters and the setting very vivid and compelling.Sara Stevenson is sent to the coast of Scotland, a place called Cape Wrath, after she falls in love with a sailor and becomes pregnant by him. Her family is appalled and sends her to have the baby in secret. While at Cape Wrath, Sara falls for the mysterious lighthouse keeper, William Campbell even [...]

  • Young, wealthy,Sara Stevenson has been banished to a remote lighthouse on the northern tip of Scotland after her parents discover her failed attempt to elope with a 'common' sailor. On the evening of their elopement, Thomas Crichton mysteriously disappears leaving Sara pregnant and alone. Sara pines for him to rescue her, but she does not know if he is alive or dead. Darci Hannah's writing is fabulous. I loved her characters, descriptions, and dialogue. Each was very believable and engaging. The [...]

  • I won an advance reading copy from in a giveaway (thank you!).I enjoyed the book and the characters. The writing is vaguely reminiscent of books written a hundred or so years ago, sort of Louisa May Alcott-ish. I don't really know how to explain it further. There is a twist to the story such that I find that I cannot say too much about the story without giving away spoilers so be warned. I had no idea what this book was about other than the blurb provided here. I was expecting it to be a straig [...]

  • The cover is misleading as the woman is not wearing the style worn in 1814 which is the year the novel starts.A poignant story and deftly plotted, it begins commonly enough with the exile of a pregnant unwed woman to a lonely lighthouse on the northern coast of Scotland. The lighthouse keeper, William Campbell is a dark and brooding man much like the Rochester Of Jane Eyre. Yet Sara Stevenson discovers another side to his secretive personality.The arrival of a mysterious package containing a gif [...]

  • I received a free copy of this book from the publisher from the July newsletter. I enjoy reading historical fiction, and this book falls into that category; however, it's a bit unusual as it's also a love story, a ghost story, and a bit of a mystery. Set in Scotland in the early 1800's, it's the story of Sara Stevenson, who meets a sailor employed on her father's boat. Against her family's wishes, Sara falls in love and establishes a relationship with him . and faces the consequences. The remai [...]

  • This is a very good first novel, and I am honored to have received an advance copy. Darci Hannah has written a very readable story, set on a desolate portion of the Scottish coastline, and a plot that keeps one guessing until the very end. Her dialogue for the most part is natural and believable. I should have loved this novel since I loved the books it is compared to such as the Time Traveler's Wife and Gabaldon's Outlander series, but I didn't really like the main character. She had no strengt [...]

  • I'm declaring this a DNF. I tried tho, I really did. I have picked this up on and off for two entire days. I hate the characters Sara is a not the strong, independent woman I was hoping for, but a spoiled brat that cares for no one but herself (and her beloved Thomas with the appearance of a beloved golden haired Apollo. Good grief.) Kate is a you know what and the lighthouse keeper is just plain weird. Also, this love at first sight crap, heavy breathing, and heaving bossums doesn't work for me [...]

  • I liked the premise of this book, and I thought the style was straightforward and clear. The betrayal in the book was rancorous and believable, I thought, even if the betrayer never ultimately had much depth. However, I had a hard time liking the main character until the end of the book, and I found the 'paranormal' elements of the book were too much of an aside and needed to be explained more. They felt like an afterthought. So, too, did some of the supporting characters.

  • I love this book, it something for everyone,love, lost love, mystery. It's a haunting tale of a feisty Sara Stevenson who is exile to a lighthouse on Cape Wrath, one would think life would be boring but not for Sara.

  • Yippie! I won this on good reads! :)I COMPLETELY enjoyed this book, I was so pleasantly surprised!!! Very well written with just enough romance and mystery and excitement!

  • I picked up this one when I read it was historical fiction set in the coastal Scottish Highlands in the 19th century. I wouldn't have classified it as such though as it was far more romance than a general historical fiction (e.g literally "heaving bosom" was used, a myriad of comparisons to Adonis, and lots of "piercing eyes"). Nothing against romance, but when you have "historical fiction" written on the cover, you kinda have expectations that you're about to transport yourself back in time to [...]

  • Mm yeah. No. The Georgian characters were extremely unlikable. I think I liked Mary McKay the best only because she was a secondary character with a tiny role to play. The characters were also very Jekyll and Hyde. Didn't enjoy that. The time travel part of the story was ok. Not done particularly well (a skiff from Heaven, really?) but I could buy it until the end. The over sexualisation of the characters: off putting. It really didn't need it. Anyone with half a brain can see that Sara will end [...]

  • This book started off strong and I couldn't wait to see how it ended. Enticing story line, prideful girl, love lost, new love grew, mystery, etc. I was so disappointed in the ending. Ending had very little story and even less info. I wanted to know more about Sara and her life with her new love, but it made it seem so irrelevant. William became a center of the story with no ending. Very disappointing.

  • I really loved this book and it was definitely different from some of the things I usually read. I love historical fiction and I just loved everything about this book. I really want to find some more books like this

  • Sara has a strong presence and is complimented by the other well developed characters, had romance, intrigue but not predictable. I really enjoyed the setting and twist near the end.

  • If you have a hard time getting into this book, persist. It gets a lot better with many different twists along the way. The ending was a bit complicated for my liking.

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