Coyote Cry

Coyote Cry The coyote is my enemy says Antonio And when he finds coyote tracks near where a collie pup has disappeared his hatred grows But Antonio is in for a surprise a startling event that will change his f

  • Title: Coyote Cry
  • Author: Byrd Baylor Symeon Shimin
  • ISBN: 9780688516246
  • Page: 121
  • Format: None
  • The coyote is my enemy, says Antonio And when he finds coyote tracks near where a collie pup has disappeared, his hatred grows But Antonio is in for a surprise a startling event that will change his feelings forever from the back of the book

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    • Coyote Cry Byrd Baylor Symeon Shimin
      121 Byrd Baylor Symeon Shimin
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    Byrd Baylor has always lived in the Southwest, mainly in Southern Arizona near the Mexican border She is at home with the southwestern desert cliffs and mesas, rocks and open skies She is comforted by desert storms The Tohono O odham people, previously known as the Papagos, are her neighbors and close friends She has focused many of her writings on the region s landscape, peoples, and values Through her books of rhythmic prose poetry, written primarily for children, she celebrates the beauty of nature and her own feelings of rapport with it Byrd has written many books for children Her books have been honored with many prestigious children s book awards, including the Caldecott Award and the Texas Bluebonnet Award All of her books are full of the places and the peoples that she knows She thinks of these books as her own kind of private love songs to the place she calls home.


  • Coyote Cry by Byrd Baylor is the story of two shepherds, Antonio and his grandfather. Antonio is angered by the distant cries of coyotes he only sees as his enemy. One night while he is asleep a coyote steals into the camp and makes off with one of his dog’s puppies. They spend the next few days looking for the pup, Antonio only expects the worse. His grandfather who sees the coyote as their “companero” instead of enemy believes the coyote has taken the pup for its own. One day they find t [...]

  • Coyotes are often viewed so negatively that it's nice to read a story that features a coyote as one of the characters. What I particularly like is that a boy with strong negative feelings changes his mind. Change is an important part of growing and learning, and kids need to know that.

  • Touching story of tolerance. The previous review says it all.Makes me think of how wolves are shoot-on-sight in many places.

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