The Frugal Gourmet

The Frugal Gourmet This collection of than four hundred recipes features ethnic and low salt dishes and offers numerous ideas on creating interesting classy but low cost meals

  • Title: The Frugal Gourmet
  • Author: JeffSmith
  • ISBN: 9780345335234
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • This collection of than four hundred recipes features ethnic and low salt dishes and offers numerous ideas on creating interesting, classy but low cost meals.

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    Jeffrey L Smith was the author of a dozen best selling cookbooks and the host of The Frugal Gourmet, a popular American cooking show.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See authors with similar names.


  • i am so sentimental about this book. i remember the tv show. i remember the cookbooks on my parents shelves. and there are a few recipes in here that i go to frequently (esp. the hollandaise). however, looking through it now, it's definitely no longer gourmet (if it ever was). these are simple recipes for people just learning to branch out with cooking. and there are some great meat dishes i remember from my childhood. however, those aren't for us anymore

  • A cookbook, history book, and sociology book in one volume! Jeff Smith's cookbooks read like historical novels because he seriously writes about the background of the ingredients, the dish itself, and the region/people where the dish originated. Some of the recipes are not what my family eats, but those I have tried and used were very good.

  • This cookbook would seem very basic now, but in the 80s, it was very popular. Smith had a cooking show on PBS that taught many a college student to be competent in the kitchen (and in the grocery store.) It's the kind of cookbook that beginner cooks could feel confident using until they suddenly realize they don't need it anymore because they understand the skills and techniques behind the recipes. It probably would rate much lower if I were reading it for the first time today, so my rating is b [...]

  • The Basics: This is a true recipe book---no gimmicks or flashy photos since that would take away valuable room from the 400+ recipes included. In addition, cooking tips and tricks and recommendations are liberal throughout and the introduction spells out the goal: to make cooking accessible to families and bring them back around the table with minimal fuss. Popular for his cooking show on PBS during the early 1980s, Smith provides a broad variety of recipe ideas, many of which were featured on h [...]

  • Long before the Food Network gave us a a dozen cooking shows a day to choose from, the Frugal Gourmet was "must-see-TV' for me! Jeff Smith was a font of wonderful insights on just about every area of food preparation----from utensils to spices to wines to ingredients both exotic and mundane, Smith gave me tons of wonderful advice that I use every day. I hate how his career ended. If the allegations brought against him are true, it gives me decidedly mixed emotions about him, his books, his show, [...]

  • As the man recited often, "frugal" doesn't mean cheap, it means that you don't waste food or time. Here's a cookbook for real folks who aren't into salty prepared foods and canned goods. If you never get past the soups that open the book you'll find it a good addition to your kitchen bookshelf. Smith advocated spending most of one day cooking a week's worth of meals then doing little more than finishing the meals the rest of the week. You can do that or cook them one by one as I do. He wrote sev [...]

  • Jeff Smith is a strange but entertaining guy. I watched his show on PBS for years.This book is great for some very simple to prepare classic dishes. Small book, and does not cover complex techniques, but there are recipes here you will turn to again and again.This is a good addition to a library for someone who likes simpler recipes, and has a cookbook that covers technique already.It is a bit dated.

  • I have very vague memories of watching Jeff Smith on television when I was quite young, and enjoying it, even when I didn't have the slightest idea of how to cook anything.This book remains one of the most helpful in my collection of cookbooks; it's one of the places I turn when I want to find the simple way of doing something, rather than the method involving 10 extra ingredients or some entirely new tool for doing a simple task.

  • Loved watching his show on PBS for years as a child. We never did make anything out of the cookbook though, as it seemed we needed to buy so many specific hard to find ingredients or tools at the time to make something.We lived in a small town in the middle of cornfields in the 80s wasn't like we could just run out to whole foods or something.

  • I like the chattiness of Jeff Smith's style. One can tell he was a minister and professor because each section comes with something of a short sermon discussing the history and cultural points of interest. It is written in an older style with no photos but occasional hand drawn or woodcut illustrations. It was also cozy to sit and thumb through the cookbook.

  • Not bad for it's time but I don't eat that much meat anymore. Old school measurements, no pictures and no total prep time listed.My Standard Cookbook Rant

  • I adored this guy when I was a kid I looked forward to this show! I wouldn't say it's beginner cooking, but I'm finding some good recipes. A lot of basics, but a good staple for any cook's bookshelf.

  • Jeff Smith presents classic and simple recipes from his entertaining TV series "The Frugal Gourmet". His enthusiasm inspired many (including me) to push themselves deeper into the culinary arts. The classic recipes from the TV show are here.

  • I was given this book as a gift and really have never developed a love for it. While I have made a couple of recipes out of it, I didn't see them as really standing out compared to all the other cookbooks or to the hype of the cookbook had received.

  • Seems like a good enough general book, but not really to my taste. Feels like it tries to cover too much ground and offers only a few recipes in each section. Might have been better with less breadth and more depth and variety.

  • Jeff Smith's cookbooks are great. Sometimes famous chefs have cookbooks with recipes that wouldn't be used by real people, but these recipes are great.

  • A gambit of recipes that include many varieties of food types. The recipes are easy to read and follow. There are brief discussions about the foods of different ethnic groups.

  • I have to admit Jeff Smith is a good writer and most of his recipes are excellent. I had nearly all of his books, and gave them away because I found I rarely if ever refered to his books.

  • I bought the original book in the 80's and taught my boys to read recipes and cook from this book. It is simple and good food . They still turn to it when they want to be creative in the kitchen.

  • If you enjoy cooking books, this is a must buy for your library. Jeff Smith was a very fun show to watch and his books are just as entertaining.

  • Gourmet? Reminds me of a fast-food joint in town, that features "Gourmet hotdogs".Maybe a good primer for someone who cooks vegetarian for the first time. So frugal you'll outgrow it fast.

  • My mom handed down her copy to me a few months ago. It is a great cookbook with yummy recipies and lots of basics! I love it!

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