Expecting Someone Taller

Expecting Someone Taller All he did was run over a badger sad but hardly catastrophic But it wasn t Malcolm Fisher s day for the badger turned out to be none other than Inglof last of the Giants With his dying breath he r

  • Title: Expecting Someone Taller
  • Author: Tom Holt
  • ISBN: 9780312014261
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Hardcover
  • All he did was run over a badger sad, but hardly catastrophic But it wasn t Malcolm Fisher s day, for the badger turned out to be none other than Inglof, last of the Giants With his dying breath, he reluctantly handed to Malcolm two Gifts of Power, and made him ruler of the world.But can Malcolm cope with the responsibilty Whilst averting wars, plagues and famines, heAll he did was run over a badger sad, but hardly catastrophic But it wasn t Malcolm Fisher s day, for the badger turned out to be none other than Inglof, last of the Giants With his dying breath, he reluctantly handed to Malcolm two Gifts of Power, and made him ruler of the world.But can Malcolm cope with the responsibilty Whilst averting wars, plagues and famines, he also has to protect himself against gods, dwarves, valkyries and other nefarious manifestations of the Dark Ages none of whom think he is right for the job

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    Tom Holt Thomas Charles Louis Holt is a British novelist.He was born in London, the son of novelist Hazel Holt, and was educated at Westminster School, Wadham College, Oxford, and The College of Law, London.Holt s works include mythopoeic novels which parody or take as their theme various aspects of mythology, history or literature and develop them in new and often humorous ways He has also produced a number of straight historical novels writing as Thomas Holt and fantasy novels writing as K.J Parker.


  • I was a little put off at first, afraid that Malcolm would remain clueless throughout the plot like Arthur Dent in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. Fortunately, he didn't try my patience for long and was soon addressing the challenges of his new life. The humor was not laugh-out-loud caliber (for me), but pretty consistently funny with a main character I found myself surprisingly attached to.

  • My first exposure to the literary genius teetering on madness that is the mind of Tom Holt. I got this from the library way back around the late '80s, not knowing quite what to expect and was more than pleasantly surprised by it.It tells of Malcolm Fisher; just an ordinary guy trying to get home one night when he drives over a badger. So far, so ordinary. But the badger turns out to be nothing more than a Norse giant in disguise and before he realises what is happening, Malcolm becomes embroiled [...]

  • Full disclosure: I know The Lord of the Rings better than the mythological stories behind the Ring Cycle. Holt provides a very short synopsis of the myths for folks like me and I was grateful for it. Otherwise, I would have not understood what on earth was going on.Holt is an English fantasy-humorist and, like Pratchett's many offerings, I enjoy books like this but I never have laugh out loud moments. I don't know if the humor is lost-in-translation or what my deal is. I expect that those who ar [...]

  • Expecting Someone Taller is based around Wagner’s Ring Cycle; the first thing to realise is that it is a story based upon real events and genuine characters. The hero - Malcolm Fisher - finds that he has inherited the mantel of Siegfried, that is the shape-shifting and teleporting Tarnhelm plus the riches-inducing (but ultimately cursed) Nibelung’s Ring after he runs over a badger. Can a man known affectionately by his family as ‘Only Malcolm’ come to terms with his new found position as [...]

  • This was a fun, light read that explored Wagner's Ring Cycle in "modern" (to when the book was written in the 1980s) times.The author has a distinctive voice for parody that is similar to Terry Pratchett's, although slightly less absurdist.

  • Badgers are not always what they appear to be. If you tried reading Lord of the Rings and felt guilty because you couldn't get through it, read this hilarious retelling of the real Ring Cycle , the one Wagner made so famous a long, long time before Tolkein ever picked up pen and paper.

  • 'Expecting Someone Taller' is a book with a great premise that it never really lives up to. Malcolm Fisher, a pathetic young Englishman, accidentally kills the last holder of the Ring of the Nieblungs and finds himself unwillingly responsible for the well being of the entire world. A variety of supernatural beings then descend on him to try and claim the Ring for themselves. Placing the ridiculous characters from Wagner's Ring Cycle in the sleepy English countryside should be a riotously surreal [...]

  • Our unlikely hero, Malcolm Fisher, runs over a badger, discovers he's inherited the Ring of the Tarnhelm, and the magical powers that come with being the rightful Ruler of the World, and suddenly has a whole lot of hitherto unnoticed Norse Gods and legends to contend with.This book is written as "a comic variation of Wagner's Ring Cycle" (according to Kirkus Review) which is where I felt I let the book down, rather than the other way around as I only have a cursory knowledge of The Ring Cycle, a [...]

  • Usually I review exciting new indies, not reprints of ancient texts that underpin Waterstones, but I have re-visited Expecting Someone Taller by Tom Holt because I remember it as an effortlessly entertaining and informative read, yet couldn’t quite recall what it was about the style and technicalities that left such an impression in my mind. Having done so now, re-read it with a brain that’s a few years more developed, I have noted:The writing is conversational, with a sort of fifty-fifty sp [...]

  • Why did the badger cross the road? Is perhaps the only question the story leaves unanswered. In short, this book is witty, fast-paced and a real page-turner. The concept of a world tied to the whims and moods of Malcolm Fischer of Somerset, England is enjoyable, palpable and extremely hilarious. A driving force in this story is the 'alternative fact,' -wink- that Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelun) is a loosely written true story conveyed to Wagner by a bird. Yes, you read [...]

  • K. J. Parker (Tom Holt's pseudonym) is one of my favorite authors, and he typically writes "speculative fiction" as opposed to straight fantasy - imaginary worlds, but non-magical. Books under Parker's name tend to have a wry sense of humor and a cynical, morally complex outlook. As Holt, he keeps the wry sense of humor, but loses the rest in favor of somewhat silly magical stories. This one's based heavily on Wagner's Ring Cycle, and it's an enjoyable, if rather lightweight, read. If you like D [...]

  • Malcolm Fisher reminds me of Arthur Dent in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Malcolm inadvertently runs over a badger, and the result is that he attains the Ring of the Neibelung and the cap of invisibility/metamorphosis. Wotan and the other gods are after him in order to get the Ring while Malcolm takes his power as the Force of the universe very seriously.If I'd read Expecting Someone Taller in 1987 when it was published, I would appreciate it more; now, I'm coming to it after having read all [...]

  • Wow. This was an awesome book! I loved the way the mythology and real life melded together so well. I was a bit worried if I'd get confused since I didn't know much about the myth of The Ring, but Holt did a really good job explaining it with Malcolm. I also loved the idea of Happiness and Love - how you can't have one without the other.I'm definitely going to read more of Holt's books!

  • Enjoyed this, as I knew I would. Tom Holt's style of writing is just so easy to get sucked into. He's just so matter-of-fact and very funny. Just appeals to my sense of humour. You really end up on Malcolm's side, wanting him to win in the end and he does.

  • Interesting perspective. Not sure why she can read the data better than the other scientists though. It seems like that's a cross-disciplinary skill among people who work with samples rather than an economic skill.

  • Expecting Someone Taller is a comedy-fantasy book by Tom Holt. The book tells the story of Malcolm Fisher who gets the ring of power by accident and has the full control of the world. Even the gods are powerless against him. The plot is funny and interesting, especially the beginning, but it seems that the story goes more from comedy to action as the plot progress. It could be compared to Terry Pratchett apart from the Discworld as the setting is the real world, or at least the bigger part of it [...]

  • My favorite Tom Holt book of all time. Adorable Nerd love story with a LOT of interference from assorted Norse gods. What's not to love?

  • Originally published on my blog here in April 1999.The first of Holt's comic fantasy novels, Expecting Someone Taller is based around the ideas of Wagner's Ring operas. The main character, Malcolm Fisher, is basically a failure, someone that has spent his whole life being compared unfavourably with his elder sister. Then, one night, he accidentally runs over a badger on a country road in Devon; going to see if he can do anything, he is rather surprised to hear the badger speak. It turns out to b [...]

  • This book was a miss with me. Why? Here are the reasons I personally disliked the book and felt it was rather a waste of my time.- Plot or rather the lack of it. In all honesty, I still don't get what this book is all about or why one is expected to read it. There's is no real plot here, nothing to make the reader feel anticipation and want to keep turning the pages. I took forever to read this one and the main reason is this.- Characters. Other than the main guy, all the other characters are ju [...]

  • When the legendary Ring of the Niberlings becomes the possesion of a mild-mannered, rather forgetable, not very driven, almost middle-aged Englishman, the pantheon knows something must be done to stop the inevitable madness. When the world starts going through an unparalleled time of peace and prosperity, Woten and the rest know their worst fears are being realized and decide to stop at nothing to fix this horror. Humorously sarcastic view of "If the meek did inherit the earth"; reminded me stro [...]

  • Holt has written many books of weird fantasy, science fiction, and satire; but his main thing is bringing a fictional world into the modern one. This was actually his first comic fantasy, based on Wagner's Ring Cycle. When a kindly but timid man named Malcolm Fisher accidentally hits a badger with his car, he's surprised to find that the animal is actually the giant Ingolf in disguise, and he is now the owner of the magical Tarnhelm and the Ring of the Nibelungs. This officially makes him master [...]

  • Expecting Someone Taller (1988) by Tom Holt is humorous fantasy book set in the normal world that uses characters and devices from Wagner's Ring Cycle. It's a great premise and a good idea. Writers such as Neil Gaiman and Douglas Adams have explored similar territory with great results. The book's hero is Malcolm Fisher who accidentally winds up as the ring bearer. Various deities and gods then try and get the ring from him. It's not a bad book, but it isn't really funny enough or clever enough [...]

  • It was ok. The rating was descriptive enough. In truth, I loved the way it started. As I have read Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman first, it had that sort of a protagonist, which I did not mind a bit. I enjoy a good bildungsroman. The issue here is that…it fails to deliver.The premise is spectacular, the beginning is promising, the side characters interesting. It’s the main hero that fails to deliver in so many ways. The setup is perfect for many awkward or interesting, even stereotypical moments [...]

  • An easily digestible, oddly shaped book-- with enough clever lines and interesting moments to overcome the motivation or plot problems. The plot is so hollow that it actually becomes rather brave, really. And there's this moment where Flosshilde literally closes a door that just killed me.At first I thought this book was stealing well worn tropes Odin as a grumpy old man in a trench coat? Come on! But Tom Holt wrote this before American Gods, before Sandman, before Good Omens, and before most of [...]

  • Tom Holt is an English author and graduate of Oxford.I found him by good fortune while inspecting the dusty portions of a used book store, and have been a fan ever since.Though he has written "serious" literature, I am only familiar with his works that parody mythic or historic tales. Holt writes his humour with spot on timing and lays the laughs out on many levels.His stuff is treasure, a bit of Tom Robbins & Vonnegut with a nod to Havard's Lampoon.Very few books can make me laugh out loud, [...]

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