On The Pulse Of Morning: Inscribed

On The Pulse Of Morning Inscribed A beautifully packaged hardcover edition of the poem that captivated the nation and quickly became a national bestseller From the Trade Paperback edition

  • Title: On The Pulse Of Morning: Inscribed
  • Author: Maya Angelou
  • ISBN: 9781853816949
  • Page: 147
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  • A beautifully packaged hardcover edition of the poem that captivated the nation and quickly became a national bestseller.From the Trade Paperback edition.

    • On The Pulse Of Morning: Inscribed : Maya Angelou
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    Maya Angelou, born Marguerite Ann Johnson April 4, 1928 in St Louis, Missouri, was an American poet, memoirist, actress and an important figure in the American Civil Rights Movement In 2001 she was named one of the 30 most powerful women in America by Ladies Home Journal Maya Angelou is known for her series of six autobiographies, starting with I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, 1969 which was nominated for a National Book Award and called her magnum opus Her volume of poetry, Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water Fore I Die 1971 was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.


  • without a doubt some of my favorite excepts out of Dr. Maya Angelou's inaugural poem to William Jefferson Clinton on January 20, 1993:So say the Asian, the Hispanic, the JewThe African and Native American, the Sioux,The Catholic, the Muslim, the French, the GreekThe Irish, the Rabbi, the Priest, the Sheikh,The Gay, the Straight, the Preacher,The privileged, the homeless, the Teacher.They hear. They all hearThe speaking of the Tree.Today, the first and last of every TreeSpeaks to humankind. Come [...]

  • Maya Angelou recited her poem "On the Pulse of Morning" at the Presidential Inauguration of Bill Clinton on 20 January 1993. She was the second poet to recite a poem at a presidential inauguration after Robert Frost recited his poem "The Gift Outright" at the Presidential Inauguration of JFK on 20 January 1961.A Rock, A River, A Tree Hosts to species long since departed, Marked the mastodon, The dinosaur, who left dried tokens Of their sojourn here On our planet floor, Any broad alarm of their h [...]

  • On the Pulse of Morning was read at President Clinton's 1993 inauguration. Being a supporter of President Clinton I was excited to read this. I hope my political views do not taint this review.Prior to On the Pulse of Morning I had only read I know Why The Caged Bird Sings, which I enjoyed, but had never ventured into her poetry. Maya Angelou's poem was beautiful, a flow of thought-provoking inspirational words. I am not an "inspirational" reader. I usually find them sappy and Hallmark Channeles [...]

  • I feel mixed about this final poem by Maya Angelou. Its conceit is that the things that outlive men and nations, such as rocks, trees, and shores, look askance at our foolishness. Fine. Angelou's approach does not work for me because it is so serious. This conceit might please me with a lighter tone for the ideas is essentially comic, but this poem is as heavy as lead. The weight of human folly seems to be upon Ms. Angelou's shoulders, transfered to the lines herein. This poem was written for an [...]

  • All poets remind us of our dreams. This poem, read at the first inauguration of President William Jefferson Clinton, January 1993 reminds us of the dream of freedom. Maya Angelou is a model poet.

  • I'd never sat down and read this before. It's infinitely more powerful to hear it recited than to read it off the page, to be honest.

  • I was browsing through the library stacks, in the poetry section- 811.5- when I saw a skinny book. It didn’t have a title on the spine but it read “The Inaugural Poem: On The Pulse of Morning” by Maya Angelou. I remembered watching President Obama’s second inauguration and how Richard Blanco’s “One Today” was much talked about and highly praised. I went to see if that was available in book form. It was. And, so I sought what other inaugural poems had been published and came up with [...]

  • I snuck in and read this while it was at Spike's house. It's a very pretty little book and the poem was OK: I'm not a fan of 'occasional' poems, which is why, when I write them, they're always doggrel. Anyway in this the fabric of the country - rock, river, tree - calls to the people of the country to have the courage to dream and reshape the life of the country (or at least that's how I now interpret the jottings I made at the time, a couple of months ago). A good way round methinks.Here on the [...]

  • maya angelou's extraordinary biographies, including "i know why the caged bird sings," were already part of college english and humanities courses when former president bill clinton tagged her to write "on the pulse of morning" for his january 20, 1993 inauguration ceremony. despite debates regarding whether angelou is a better prose writer than she is a poet, her inauguration poem is among few, penned by modern poets, that can claim the status of "modern classic." the poet's recital of the work [...]

  • i was in a hotel room in Wichita, KS on the day that Bill Clinton was inaugurated as president. i had been having a big struggle with some personal stuff and was wallowing in the midst of that and not really listening to the t.v. all of a sudden, it's as if the volume got cranked WAY UP when Ms. Angelou spoke these words, which easily make up my favorite quote of all time:History, despite its wrenching pain,cannot be unlived,yet, if faced with courage,need not be lived again.i truly don't rememb [...]

  • Bill Clinton's election for president in 1993 brought back memories of the profound excitement I felt when J.F. Kennedy was elected president. I don't think I was the only person believing in deep change happening at that time. Clinton revived some of that feeling. As he did revive the tradition of an inaugural poem being written for and read at the inauguration ceremony.I know some people later labeled Maya Angelou's On the Pulse of Morning touchy/feely but when I read about not hiding beneath [...]

  • One of my all-time favorite poems. I used it in my commencement address, and used it as the basis for my first upper English course in college. When I was younger, I didn't even know what the references were, but as an adult I appreciate it (and have learned what those references are!) For me, the title sums up the beauty and simplicity of the poem: that every day is a new beginning; that greatness is near; and we all are connected through blood, culture, or shared experiences.

  • "History, despite its wrenching pain,Cannot be unlived, but if facedWith courage, need not be lived again."What glorious words for a people, for an individual, for a world."Here on the pulse of this new dayYou may have the grace to look up and outAnd say simplyVery simplyWith hope --Good morning."

  • I thought this book was sort of meh. Not a bad poem, not a great poem, maybe it would have been better is I had heard her read it at Clinton's inauguration (on Youtube) but I just couldn't bring myself to be especially impressed, although it was good.

  • All at once a reminder of the past, a challenge to the present, and a call to the future. Inspiring in its wording and message which melds words together in a beautiful message. I remember this being read at the inauguration, but I got much more out of it in its written form.

  • Maya Angelou's Inaugural poem is beautiful in its entirety. She gives something no other poet can give and digs deep in the depths of every single heart providing ultimate comfort. This poem is one of a kind, raw, and inspiring!

  • This is the poem that Maya Angelou read at Bill Clinton's inauguration in 1993. I was there when she read it, but I couldn't hear her over the noise of the giant crowd. It is filled with such beauty and hope for our country, and I weep every time I read it. She is a national treasure.

  • This poem was first read by Maya Angelou at President Cliton's inaguration and it is my favorite poem, although I am not poetry expert ;-)But it is a great poem nonetheless. It's my favorite piece from Maya Angelou and to me it captures the essence of her writing style and spirit the best.

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